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Shark Tank India’s New Ad: Mocking Business Legacies

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Sony Network is gearing up for the highly anticipated third season of “Shark Tank India,” their popular show that offers a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and secure funding. To promote the upcoming season, the network has released a humorous advertisement created by Tanmay Bhat and his team, emphasizing how the show makes it easier for small businesses to receive financial support. The Shark Tank India’s new ad cleverly pokes fun at business dynasties while encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to register for the show. Directed by Abhinav Pratiman, the ad brilliantly captures the essence of the show and its potential to transform the fortunes of small enterprises.

Shark Tank India’s New Ad: Narrative

The advertisement unfolds in a corporate award ceremony setting, where a successful businessman is honored for his hard work. During his acceptance speech, he shares his early struggles, highlighting the fact that he had only a few lakhs in his pocket. These funds were generously provided by his father and grandfather, underscoring the significance of familial support in his entrepreneurial journey. As the businessman receives applause for his achievements, the camera shifts its focus to a playful waiter who cheekily remarks that not everyone has the luxury of relying on family and relatives for funding. This cleverly suggests that Shark Tank can provide a viable solution and opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to secure financial support.

1. Conceptualization and Creativity

The ad’s concept was crafted by Devaiah Bopanna alongside Tanmay Bhat, Puneet Chadha, and Anirudh More. Known for their wit and creative genius, this talented team has successfully brought their unique vision to life through the advertisement. The script cleverly juxtaposes the challenges faced by business dynasties with the opportunities provided by Shark Tank India. It effectively highlights the show’s value proposition for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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2. Humor and Satire

Humor plays a central role in the ad’s narrative. The advertisement takes a light-hearted approach by satirizing the business dynasties and their privileged backgrounds. It effectively underscores the advantages provided by Shark Tank India, appealing to aspiring entrepreneurs with its clever humor. The waiter’s sarcastic comment injects humor into the ad, adding a touch of wit. Furthermore, it effectively emphasizes that Shark Tank can be the ideal avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs without access to familial funding. Tanmay Bhat’s comedic sensibilities shine through, infusing the ad with his trademark style.

3. Shark Tank India’s New Ad for Promoting Season 3

Apart from its humorous undertones, the advertisement also serves the purpose of promoting the upcoming third season of Shark Tank India. By highlighting the show’s registration process on SonyLiv, the network aims to attract a larger pool of potential entrepreneurs. This strategic move ensures that the advertisement entertains viewers while also informing them about the opportunity to participate in the show. By effectively combining entertainment and promotion, the ad maximizes its impact and engagement with the audience.


Tanmay Bhat and his creative team, in collaboration with Sony Network, excel in creating engaging and entertaining content. The new Shark Tank India ad brilliantly captures the show’s essence as a game-changer for small businesses seeking funding. With its humor and satire, the ad effectively promotes Shark Tank India as the ideal platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. As anticipation grows for season 3, Shark Tank India continues to empower and also inspire the Indian business community.

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