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Outfits that you can slay anytime-anywhere ft Indian Influencers

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”Fashion is something that comes from within you ”

Fashion has become a form of language which speaks about you and your personality. The way you style yourself, and the way you play with fashion is a very major medium to showcase what kind of personality you carry within. And where comes fashion there come our fashion influencers, serving some of the OG levels of fashion ideas that have helped us a lot of time enhancing our fashion game.

Fashion has not been restricted only to fashion shows, glamorous parties, endorsements, or cinema but it has become a huge part of an ordinary person in his/her day-to-day life. Nobody else can play the game of fashion better than our fashion influencers and therefore they never fail to shock us with their sterling fashion sense that can be tried by anybody anywhere.

Here are some of the outfits served by our fashion influencers that are easy to slay by anybody.

1. Juhi Godambe Jain

Imagine you have to go to a sleek casual brunch date, and you open your wardrobe where all you find is one floral printed shirt and an orange sleek pant. What is the most possible way to style it classy and elegant? Well, for that Juhi Godambe is here for you serving only class and Gucci with her simple yet elegant outfit. To add more edge to it, Juhi style this outfit with a low-rise ponytail and suitcase-sling bag and black shade. Juhi already owns a well-established clothing business named Arabellaa and we can witness the reason behind the success of her clothing line.

To Grab this amazing look, click on the link below

Shirts linkAmazon

Pants linkAmazon

2. Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey and fashion have a relationship of oxygen and life, the mandatory requirement of each other. She’s considered one of the top fashion influencers in the country and has been crowned with several fashions’ specific awards. The outfit she has served this time is easy to carry and crazy enough to slay anywhere anytime by anybody. Blue crop top with beige colored short skirt layered with a black long coat. Style up with black wide-length boots and a black slit sling. Komal is a queen of fashion but she’s also smart enough to play with colors and assemble them into a classic masterpiece.

To Grab this look, click on the link below

Crop Top Amazon

Short slit cut skirtMyntra

Long coatMyntra


3. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana aka thatBohoGirl is super experimental with her fashion sense and has also been crowned with many fashions’ specific awards. Kritika is an inspiration for many young girls, and they look at her for her unique and easy yet sizzling fashion sense. Kritika has come with a very comfy, sporty, and slaying outfit this time. Denim wide-length pants, a black sports bra, carried with a denim shirt, and you are all set to attend another concert with your friends. A great outfit for casual friends meets up where everybody can just be cherished with your comfy and cool aura created by your fashion.

To Grab this look, click on the link below

Sports Bra Amazon

Denim JeansAmazon

Denim ShirtMyntra

4. Aashna Shroff

This winter Aashna Shroff is serving you an outfit where you can look like a white angel covered in snow. Aashna shroff is an OG of fashion and has built a troop of millions of people who look over her for her amicable yet so elegant fashion sense. White long dress, white long coat dress, carried with a white cap looking like a snowball. More magic is added to the outfit by leveling it up with a black bag and black boots. Aashna you are a human size woo nothing else.

To Grab this look, click on the link below

White Wollen dressMyntra

White long coatUrbanic

White Wollen capMyntra

5. Sakshi Sindwani

Have you ever seen a Saree screaming “Slayyyy”!!

But the saree of Sakshi Sindwani wore at Influential Model of the Year screams slay Sakshi slay. Black saree with golden clips at its border, netted black blouse, covered in shimmer, and a heart-shaped shimmer sling bag. That is how Sakshi served a whole bouquet of fashion and elegance at once. If you are thinking to show a saree in a peppy, classy, elegant, and poppy style then Sakshi this look is meant for you.

To Grab this look, click on the link below

Black sareeMyntra

Heart Shape sling bag Myntra

6. Isha Borah

Isha Borah’s feed is like a sweet dessert, serving elegance with cherry toppings. Isha’s and every outfit can be easily created by anybody with literally no effort. But this ready to go for picnic outfit is something you can just create by picking one casual tee and denim jeans and hey, you’re ready to have fun with fashion.

To Grab this look, click on the link below


Mom jeansAmazon


Men and Fashion have always been in talks because when it comes to men’s fashion all we see is pants, shirts and there we are ready for any event around us. But with time, Men’s fashion has got validation to have a new vision to explore. One of the finest men’s fashion influencers Sanket Mehta has made men’s fashion quirky and experimental. This outfit is nothing but serving you a sunny and peppy look. Maroon shirt with white pants and off-white crocks, and there you are ready to capture Venice in your hand just by your graceful fashion.

To Grab this look, click on the link below


Pant Amazon


Fashion can be experimental, fashion can be smart, fashion can be slayer and fashion can be anything you want but, in the end, all it matter is CONFIDENCE.


”Fashion is something that comes from within you ”

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