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How Brands Celebrated Eid April 2023

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Eid is a joyous occasion that brings together families, friends, and communities to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It is a time of reflection, gratitude, and generosity. And while it may seem like a traditional affair, brands are always looking for ways to inject their unique creativity and flair into the celebrations. From heartwarming ads to special deals and promotions, brands have found innovative ways to connect with their audiences during this auspicious occasion. So, let’s take a closer look at how some brands have put their own spin on Eid and spread the festive cheer.

Here is the list of How Brands Celebrated Eid in April 2023:

1. Julahaa Sarees

Julahaa Sarees touched hearts with their emotional Eid campaign, #RishteBunteHaiDilSeHi, which translates to “Building Relationships from the Heart.” The ad tells the story of a nurse who has to miss Eid celebrations due to her work duties. Despite her disappointment, she receives a beautiful saree as a gift from a grandmotherly figure, who tells her that she is not alone and that they are all connected through their love for each other.

Agency:  in-house

2. Reliance SMART Bazaar

Reliance SMART Bazaar’s Eid campaign urges viewers to spread love and joy during the festival by giving the gift of affinity. The ad tells the heartwarming story of a grumpy teacher who saves every penny before Eid to gift eidis to his students. Despite his initial reluctance, he is eventually moved by the happiness on their faces, reinforcing the message that giving brings more joy than receiving.

Agency: Kinnect

3. Home Credit

Home Credit’s Eid campaign brings a ray of hope to skilled artisans facing tough competition from online competitors. The ad tells the story of a businessman struggling to make sales during Ramadan, but his luck turns around when a customer gifts him a “Ummed ka tohfa” (gift of hope) from Home Credit.

Agency: Social Panga

4. McDonald’s India

McDonald’s Eid campaign emphasizes the importance of togetherness and sharing during the festival. The ad encourages viewers to come together with their loved ones, whether at home or away from home, to celebrate the spirit of Eid.

Agency: OMD

5. Tata Motors

The Tata Motors Ramadan Kareem campaign carries a message of inclusivity and kindness, urging people to “Leave No One Behind” with the hashtag #NekiAsliIbadat (true worship is a charity). The campaign is in line with the spirit of Ramadan, which is a time for reflection, compassion, and giving.

Agency: Social Panga

6. Dunzo

Dunzo’s Eid campaign takes a nostalgic approach by reminding people of the joys of celebrating Eid with friends and loved ones. The ad taps into the shared experiences of people who have grown up visiting their friends’ houses for Eid feasts and encourages viewers to relive those moments by ordering biryani through Dunzo.

Agency: In-House

7. Dominos

Looks like Dominos is spreading the sweetness of Eid with their delicious treats. And they are not afraid to have a little fun with their caption, adding some extra “e’s” to emphasize just how sweet their treats are. The question they ask their audience is a playful one, inviting them to think about who they want to share their sweet treats with. So, who will you be sharing your Dominos with this Eid?

Agency: Schbang

8. Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield Eid campaign takes a creative approach by showcasing the message “Eid Mubarak” on the LED lights of a bike. By associating the brand’s signature bikes with the festive spirit of Eid, the campaign reinforces the brand’s commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting cultural inclusivity. The use of LED lights also highlights the brand’s technological prowess and innovation, further enhancing its appeal among modern, tech-savvy audiences.

Agency: In-house

9. Tide

The Tide Eid campaign takes a playful and creative approach by using the washing machine as a representation of the Eid ka Chand (moon). The campaign features an image of a washing machine with a crescent moon shape cut out, filled with colorful clothes and detergent. The message “Is Eid kapde honge aur bright jab dhulai hogi with Bright” cleverly uses wordplay to associate the washing process with the brightness and freshness of Eid clothes.

10. Oreo India

The Oreo Eid campaign post conveys a message of celebration and playfulness for the festive season, saying “Celebrating with scrumptious treats and even more play this Eid.” The message effectively captures the fun and joy of Eid, which is a time for families and friends to come together, enjoy delicious food, and engage in playful activities.

11. Home of Switz India

The Home of Switz India Eid campaign captures the essence of the festival by offering sweet treats that evoke the Eid vibe. The campaign effectively taps into the cultural significance of sweets during Eid, which is a time for families and friends to come together and indulge in delicious food.


Let’s blow dry the spirit of love, unity, and compassion this Eid with IKONIC PROFESSIONAL’s hair dryer. Eid Mubarak.

Agency: White Rivers Media

13. Universal Pictures India

Universal Pictures India extends Eid greetings to the audience and specifically mentions the Khan sisters from the movie #PoliteSociety. The hashtag is likely a reference to the film, which may feature the sisters as characters.

Agency: In-House

14. Happydent

With their Eid campaign “Aaj chand aur battissi dono chamkege,” Happydent reminds us that it’s not just the moon that shines bright on this special day, but our pearly whites too! So, go ahead and indulge in all the delicious Eid treats, knowing that Happydent has got you covered with their teeth-whitening magic.

Agency: Schbang

15. Hajmola

Hajmola’s Eid campaign, featuring a chand made out of their product, is a creative way to connect with their audience and wish them a happy and joyous celebration. And what better way to celebrate Eid than with some chatpata Hajmola to add some extra zing to your day

Agency: Schbang

Looks like these brands have mastered the art of giving Eidi, because their Eid campaigns have left us all smiling. We saw hair dryers becoming chand, washing machines becoming Eid ka chand, and even bikes lighting up with Eid Mubarak messages! Who knew household appliances could be so festive?

We hope you enjoyed this showcase of creativity and cultural appreciation. Keep spreading the love and let’s make every Eid a memorable one. Until then, keep smiling and Eid Mubarak.

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