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Linda Fernandes Crasta – The Quirkiest Mamma

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Regular moms are so last season, let’s welcome the quirky mom in the town. We are talking about none other than mom influencer, Linda Fernandes Crasta, the creative mind behind the Instagram account, ThatQuirkyMamma.

Move over Elon Musk, Linda Fernandes Crasta is the real engineering genius. From building Lego towers with her son to creating hilarious content for her Instagram page, ThatQuirkyMamma, mom influencer, Linda’s skills are truly out of this world. From engineering to homemaking, Linda Fernandes Crasta has done it all. But when motherhood knocked on her door, she decided to add a new title to her already impressive resume – content creator.

Linda Fernandes Crasta - An Instagram Influencer

Let’s dive into the quirky life of this quirky mom and see how she adds a splash of humor to every aspect of her life, from parenting to pursuing her passion as a content creator.

Early life

  • Birthdate: 02 August

  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

  • Nationality: Indian

  • Hometown: Mangalore

  • Religion: Roman Catholic
Early life - Linda Fernandes Crasta
Physical Stats - Linda Fernandes Crasta

Physical Stats & Other

Height: 5ft7inch

Hair color: black

Eyes color: Black


B.E in Electronics and Communication


Homemaker and Content Creator


Spouse:  Caine Crasta

Son: Issac

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  • Actor: John Abraham and Akshay Kumar
  • Actress: Karishma Kapoor and Tapsee Pannu
  • Food: not a fussy eater, it should be tasty and not spicy
  • Beverage: sprite
  • Color: Blue
  • Web series: movie buff, will watch anything and everything
  • Fashionista: I love fashion and Masoom Minawala’s fashion sense is absolutely ecstatic
  • Holiday Destination: Anywhere in Europe
  • Hobbies: Reading

Linda Fernandes Crasta Journey

Linda Crasta Fernandes, a quirky mom who is an engineer, homemaker, and content creator, has shared her advice for moms struggling to balance their careers and motherhood. Linda’s journey as a content creator began when a friend suggested she try making reels based on her sarcastic humor, which often made people laugh. She draws inspiration for her content from the real-life experiences of women, including managing their homes, children, and careers.

Linda believes that content creation is a great career option for stay-at-home moms as it offers flexibility with no deadlines or bosses to worry about. She also suggests that after a steady journey of content creation, moms can collaborate with brands looking for mom content creators and do barter and paid collaborations.


Achievements by Linda Fernandes Crasta

Linda Fernandes Crasta has made a significant impact as a content creator, with her quirky and funny humor content earning her over 232k followers on Instagram. While she acknowledges her achievements, she remains humble and recognizes that there is still a lot she hopes to achieve in the future.

Linda Fernandes Crasta’s Social Media

Instagram: Linda Fernandes Crasta (@thatquirkymamma)

Youtube: linda – YouTube

Facebook: Linda Fernandes

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What inspired her to become a content creator?

Linda was inspired to become a content creator when a friend suggested she try making reels based on her sarcastic humor, which often made people laugh. As she started posting her content and received positive feedback from her audience, she realized that her reels were resonating with women who were struggling to balance their careers and motherhood. Knowing that her content was helping others through difficult situations, Linda found the motivation to continue creating content and making a positive impact.

Which content creator does Linda actively follow?

Linda says she follows a lot of content creators, everybody inspires her in different ways.

Challenges and Criticism

Linda shared that one of the challenges she has faced during her journey as a content creator is dealing with criticism and negative comments. She mentioned that when she portrays a situation about any relationship in her content, there are usually some people who like it and some who find it toxic. She acknowledged that it’s impossible to please everyone and that negative feedback is inevitable, but initially, she used to feel extremely bad reading nasty comments. Linda also shared that some comments can get very personal and hurtful, even though the person making the comment doesn’t actually know her as a person. However, over time, she has learned to ignore the negative comments and not let them affect her too much.

How does Linda manage her work-life balance?

Linda, being a stay-at-home mom, manages her work-life balance by prioritizing her mom’s duties and chores. She makes time for her content creation after she is done with all the necessary tasks. As a content creator, Linda enjoys the flexibility of working from home and has a few reels prepared as back up for busy days. This allows her to balance her work and personal life efficiently.

Linda’s advice for budding mommy influencers

Linda’s advice for all the budding mommy entrepreneurs is that content creation gives you the freedom to achieve your dreams from the comfort of your home. However, success doesn’t come overnight, and there will be days that are tough and overwhelming. She suggests that consistency and dedication are the keys to success, and you should never give up before giving your 100%

Sneak Peek at Linda Fernande’s quirky Instagram

Linda Fernandes Crasta is the ultimate mom-boss who’s breaking stereotypes and inspiring homemakers everywhere! With her hilarious reels and relatable content, Linda has proven that being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful career.

From managing her home and children to creating content that resonates with women everywhere, Linda shows us that anything is possible with consistency, dedication, and a good sense of humor! Her journey is a reminder that moms can do it all, and that motherhood can be a source of inspiration and motivation for creating a fulfilling career.

So to all the homemakers out there who think they can’t achieve their dreams, just remember Linda’s story and keep pushing forward.

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