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The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

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Finance influencers play a pivotal role in the digital age, providing valuable insights and advice to individuals seeking financial guidance. In Australia, a dynamic and diverse group of influencers has emerged, each making a significant impact on the financial landscape. Let’s delve into the top 15 finance influencers in Australia and explore their contributions.

What Defines a Finance Influencer

To be considered a finance influencer, individuals must possess a unique blend of expertise, a substantial followership, and a demonstrated impact on shaping financial perspectives. These influencers go beyond mere commentary; they actively contribute to discussions, providing valuable insights that resonate with their audience.

The Rise of Finance Influencers

Gone are the days when finance advice was confined to banks and financial institutions. The digital age has given rise to finance influencers and bloggers who utilize various online platforms to share their knowledge. This shift has democratized financial information, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Top Finance Influencers in Australia

1. Natasha Etschmann

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Instagram: @tashinvests

Tiktok: @tashinvests

Tash doesn’t just talk about investing, she lives it. She has gained attention for purchasing her first apartment when she was just 22. Tash works as a disability support worker and is also studying occupational therapy. Beyond her job and studies, she’s passionate about breaking the silence around money matters and wants to make it easier for people to talk openly about finances.

“I believe that personal finance and investing doesn’t have to be a scary topic and that financial freedom can be achieved without sacrificing the things you love,” she states on her website.

2. Aleks Nikolic

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Instagram: @brokegirlwealth

Tiktok- @brokegirlwealth

Aleks is a 28-year-old lawyer and one of the best finance influencers in Australia who shares her inspiring journey from financial struggles to amassing nearly $390,000 in investments.

In addition to breaking down complex concepts like ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and cryptocurrency, Aleks is dedicated to assisting people in fostering a positive mindset toward money. She openly discusses her own challenges, reassuring her followers that one’s worth is not solely defined by their financial status.

3. Meddy Demars

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Tiktok- @theyounginvestor

Instagram- @meddy_invest

Hailing from France, Meddy Demars, a TikToker now based in Sydney, defines himself as someone who is “making money and investing in it” in his TikTok bio. Through his videos, Meddy dives into topics related to investing, with a particular focus on cryptocurrencies.

In his content, Demars breaks down complex economic factors such as inflation and their impact on savings.

He also shares insights into his favorite stocks and guides how to purchase cryptocurrencies, tailored specifically for an Australian audience. He is one of the best finance influencers in Australia.

4. Justin Baldori

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia


YouTube- @JustinBaldori

YouTuber Justin Baldori creates videos about stock market investments, with a particular emphasis on cryptocurrency. On his TikTok channel, Baldori delves into the advantages of various finance apps. He also shares insights on what he considers the ‘best platform for absolute beginners’, urging viewers to take their time for thorough research before making financial decisions.

5. Queenie Tan

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia


TikTok- @investwithqueenie

Queenie Tan, based in Sydney, transitioned from a marketing manager to a full-time YouTuber a few years ago. Across her various social media platforms, she focuses on simplifying fundamental investing and personal finance concepts. Tan not only provides a breakdown of her net wealth, but also advocates for early investment. Her content extends beyond finances to include lifestyle tips, like budgeting while traveling.

6. Assad Tannous

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @AsennaWealth

Instagram- @assad_tannous

Assad Tannous, the Head Trader and Founder of the boutique investment firm Asenna Capital, brings a wealth of trading experience to the table, exemplified by his impressive track record, including two top-10 finishes at the CMC Trading Competition. With a substantial following of 122K on Twitter, Tannous consistently shares valuable insights through charts and graphs, contributing to the financial discourse within the online community.

7. Effie Zahos

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @effiezahos

Instagram- @effiezahos

Effie Zahos, an influential finance expert and Editor at Canstar, Australia’s premier financial comparison site, stands out as a Finance Influencer in Australia. Renowned for her insightful commentary, Zahos, also the author of “A Real Girl’s Guide to Money,” provides valuable money management tips and hints through her Twitter feed. With a rich background as the former Editor of Money Magazine, she brings a unique female perspective to the largely male-dominated financial sector.

Zahos is not only a seasoned commentator, but also a keen observer of financial trends, consistently offering SEO-optimized content on developments within the financial ecosystem. Follow Zahos, best finance influencers in Australia for expert insights and stay informed in the world of finance.

8. Bessie Hassan

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @bessie_hassan

Bessie Hassan is a money expert in Australia who often appears on TV and radio, talking about the latest trends and research in simple terms that everyone can understand. As a mom of two and a pro at finding great deals, she knows how important it is to save money. Bessie is passionate about helping Australians make better choices with their money. Right now, she’s the Head of PR & Communications at Australia’s largest financial comparison site,, where she shares practical tips to improve your finances.

9. Jane Slack-Smith

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @Renoqueen

LinkedIn- janeslacksmith

Jane Slack-Smith, a finance broker and property investment educator, shares valuable insights and recommendations on her social media platforms. Known for her positive mindset, she regularly posts uplifting mantras that contribute to her personal goal achievements. Follow Jane for practical advice on finance, property investment, and a dose of positivity to enhance your financial journey.

10. Shane Oliver

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @ShaneOliverAMP

LinkedIn- Shane Oliver

Shane Oliver, the Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital, is a notable figure on Twitter with an impressive following of 22.3K. Through his tweets, he consistently offers valuable snapshots of the Australian economy and keeps followers informed about events in foreign markets. So, follow Shane for timely updates and insights into the economic landscape, tailored to both local and global perspectives.

11. Vanessa Stoykov

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @VanessaStoykov

LinkedIn- Vanessa Stoykov

Vanessa Stoykov, the Founder of No More Practice Education, is a leading figure in online financial education. As the author of “The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings,” she strives to transform people’s long-term financial behaviors. Vanessa’s key motto is ‘unlearn your money,’ and she frequently shares unconventional family finance tips that challenge traditional saving habits. Her Twitter account is also full of retweets from No More Practice Education which regularly focuses on female empowerment within the finance sector.

12. Bianca Hartge-Hazelman

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @LiveFinancy

LinkedIn- biancahhfinancy

Bianca, through her @LiveFinancy Twitter account, is dedicated to inspiring women to achieve their financial goals and live their best lives. As a finance journalist and the founder of, an online money magazine, she has created the Financy Women’s Index—a quarterly measure tracking the economic progress of Australian women.

Bianca’s tweets speak directly to women about crucial financial matters, covering topics like life insurance, financial growth, and breaking into the property market. She provides a wealth of everyday money advice, making finance accessible and relevant to her audience.

13. The Frugal Samurai

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @frugal_samurai

YouTube- @thefrugalsamurai4475

“The Frugal Samurai,” based in Australia, shares personal finance and development insights on his website, Through entertaining and informative posts, he reflects on his life experiences and comments on topical financial issues. The aim is to provide readers with amusing, insightful, and time-worthy content.

14. Edwena Dixon

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter- @EdwenaDixon


Edwena, the founder of Richer Every Day, runs a personal finance blog tailored for high achievers. Drawing from her extensive experience as the Director of Pinpoint Finance, a multi-award-winning mortgage brokerage in Australia, Edwena shares valuable strategies on her blog.

Her insights are crafted over years of navigating the financial landscape, making Richer Every Day a go-to resource for those seeking personalized and effective financial advice.

15. Melissa Browne

The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia

Twitter: @melbrowne

Instagram: @moremoneyforshoes


Melissa Browne is a highly successful entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for women in business. She founded the award-winning accounting firm A&TA, co-founded The Money Barre – a financial planning business for Gen X and Gen Y, and established Thinkers.inq, a play-based preschool.

With two authored books to her name, Melissa, often described as ‘not your average accountant,’ loves pushing boundaries to create tangible change and help others carve out a better financial future.

Wrapping Up: Top Finance Influencers in Australia

In conclusion, The Top 15 Finance Influencers in Australia collectively contribute to shaping the financial landscape. Their diverse expertise, engagement efforts, and influence on financial discussions make them instrumental in guiding individuals towards informed financial decisions.

FAQs on Top Finance Influencers in Australia

Q1. Who is the biggest financial influencer?

Humphrey Yang

Q2. How do finance influencers impact financial decisions?

Finance influencers have a substantial impact on financial decisions through their expertise and insights. They provide valuable information, analysis, and recommendations that followers consider when making investment choices, managing finances, or navigating the complexities of the financial market. Their influence extends to shaping perspectives and guiding individuals towards informed decisions.

Q3. What criteria define a finance influencer?

A finance influencer is typically defined by a combination of factors. This includes their depth of knowledge in finance, a significant and engaged followership, and a demonstrated ability to influence and shape financial discussions. The credibility and impact of their contributions in the finance industry play a crucial role in determining their status as influencers.

Q4. How can one become a finance influencer in Australia?

Becoming a finance influencer requires a deep understanding of finance, a passion for sharing knowledge, and effective communication skills. Building a strong online presence through platforms like social media, blogs, or podcasts is essential. Consistently providing valuable and insightful content, engaging with the audience, and staying updated on industry trends can help individuals establish themselves as finance influencers.

Q5. Are finance influencers limited to traditional media, or do they use social media platforms?

While traditional media outlets still play a role, many finance influencers leverage the power of social media platforms. Channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram allow influencers to reach a broader audience and engage directly with followers. The dynamic and interactive nature of social media has become a powerful tool for finance influencers to share real-time insights and build a community.

Q6. Can following finance influencers improve investment strategies?

Yes, following finance influencers can positively impact investment strategies. Influencers often share market insights, trends, and analysis that can inform investment decisions. However, it’s crucial for followers to conduct their research, consider various perspectives, and tailor strategies based on their unique financial goals and risk tolerance.

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