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Style Gurus of Instagram: Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers in India to Follow

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In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become a hub for fashion enthusiasts to showcase their personal style and inspire others. Instagram, in particular, has emerged as a breeding ground for fashion influencers who captivate audiences with their unique sense of style and fashion-forward content. While there are numerous fashion influencers making waves on the platform, this article will highlight the top 10 male fashion influencers in India who have captured the attention of thousands of followers and are setting trends like never before.

Instagram has revolutionized the way we perceive fashion. Gone are the days when fashion trends were solely dictated by fashion magazines and celebrities. With the rise of social media influencers, everyday individuals have taken center stage, becoming trendsetters themselves. The popularity of male fashion influencers in India has skyrocketed, as they redefine traditional fashion norms and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Importance of Male Fashion Influencers

While female fashion influencers have long dominated the social media landscape, male fashion influencers have gained significant traction in recent years. They play a crucial role in challenging gender stereotypes and breaking barriers in the fashion world. Male fashion influencers showcase diverse styles, ranging from streetwear to formal attire, encouraging men to experiment with their fashion choices and embrace their individuality. Their influence extends beyond clothing, as they also inspire grooming and lifestyle choices, making them key players in shaping the modern Indian man’s fashion consciousness.

Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers in India

India boasts a vibrant fashion influencer scene, and these top 10 male fashion influencers have made a mark in the industry with their distinctive styles, impeccable fashion sense, and engaging content. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1. Vaibhav Keswani @pehenawah

Location: Mumbai

Fashion Influencers in India

Vaibhav Keswani, a well-known Indian fashion model and influencer, has gained global recognition through his Instagram account, boasting over 530K+ followers, and his YouTube channel with 366K+ subscribers. With his toned physique and stylish fashion sense, he has collaborated with renowned brands such as Armani Exchange, Nautica, Old Spice, and more. Vaibhav shares valuable grooming and styling tips, standing out from other influencers with his engaging presentation and focus on helping his audience. His amazing fashion sense, coupled with his charismatic personality, has made him a highly sought-after model in the industry.

2. Tejeshwar Sandhoo@blueberryblackout

Location: Delhi

Tejeshwar Sandhoo, the mastermind behind Blueberry Blackout, was surprised to discover the scarcity of male fashion influencers while working on an assignment. Overcoming challenges stemming from his sexuality, Sandhoo bravely disclosed his orientation to his family at the age of sixteen, finding unwavering support from his sister. As a prominent member of the LGBTQ community, Sandhoo sees fashion as a form of rebellion and believes that it intertwines with one’s identity. His impeccable sense of style showcased on his Instagram feed is nothing short of awe-inspiring, making him a go-to source for wardrobe inspiration. Follow Sandhoo to witness his transformative outfits and stay updated with the latest fashion takeaways suitable for any occasion.

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Fashion Influencers in India

3. Siddharth Batra- @siddharth93batra

Location: Delhi

Fashion Influencers in India

Siddharth Batra, the style editor at MensXP, is a Delhi boy who made a name for himself as a stylist through his unconventional Instagram feed. With a vibrant personality and a love for Harry Styles, Siddharth is known for his outlandish fashion appearances and experimental style. He has a creative YouTube channel that showcases various aspects of his amazing personality. As an active promoter of gender-neutral beauty, Siddharth challenges stereotypes by normalizing makeup, body hair, and skincare for men. Through his content, he encourages men to embrace self-care and express their unique selves without fear of judgment. Siddharth’s bold fashion choices and advocacy for metrosexuality are breaking barriers in the industry and inspiring his followers to redefine masculinity.

4. Karron S Dhinggra@theformaledit

Location: Delhi

Karron S. Dhinggra is an influential male fashion blogger in India, known for his impeccable style and edgy looks that serve as everyday outfit inspiration. With his expertise, he can help you achieve any desired look, whether casual or formal. Transitioning from a corporate attorney to a full-time lifestyle influencer and fashion stylist, Karron has garnered a massive following of 990k on Instagram, making him one of India’s most-watched male fashion influencers. He shares valuable advice on business attire, low-cost grooming hacks, and the latest fashion trends. Karron believes that grooming is not limited to women and firmly believes that looking good leads to feeling good. Recently, he was honoured with “Cosmopolitan Blogger Award”

Fashion Influencers in India

5. Jatinn J – @thestyledoodler

Location: Mumbai

Fashion Influencers in India

Jatinn Jay, also known as The Style Doodler, is a renowned fashion stylist and lover of street style. With a passion for fashion, style, and travel, Jatinn’s images beautifully capture his love for dressing up and showcasing the latest trends. His unique ability to doodle fashion trends on himself and others demonstrate his creativity and dedication. Jatinn is known for his impeccable fashion sense and expertise in men’s fashion. He inspires confidence in men and provides essential fashion recommendations. Jatinn’s content is relatable, catering to a young audience seeking to add an edge to their style. Jatinn’s journey began four years ago, sharing OOTD pictures regularly. He believes in original content and encourages upcoming bloggers to develop their own styles.

6. Shakti Singh Yadav– @thefebruaryboy

Location: Mumbai

Shakti Yadav, also known as The February Boy, is a fashion influencer with impeccable style. His keen eye for trendy looks and willingness to experiment sets him apart in the industry. Shakti’s blog and website curate the best fashion inspiration, showcasing both on-trend looks and creative fashion experiments. He started as a social media executive and eventually built his own profile, collaborating with brands. Shakti believes in originality and keeping it real with his audience to establish a relatable connection. Shakti’s creativity and relatability set him apart. He maintains editorial objectivity while creating stories aligned with brand objectives. Being recognized as one of the best menswear influencers in a short time validates his hard work.

Fashion Influencers in India

7. Nikhil Khandari- @iamnkhl

Location: Rangareddy (Telangana)

Fashion Influencers in India

Nikhil Kandhari is a popular male fashion influencer, content creator, and digital marketing specialist. His unique style and authenticity make him stand out in the social media space. Known for his suave and trendy fashion sense, he also showcases his musical talent. His passion for fashion began during his college days, where he actively participated in fashion shows and achieved accolades. Nikhil’s primary focus is on street fashion, and he consistently strives to create content that stands out and differs from that of his peers. Nikhil’s impeccable fashion sense serves as an inspiration for others to transform their wardrobes.

8. Sandeep Rai@basicallymenz

Location: New Delhi

Sandeep Rai, an accomplished attorney, ventured into the fashion industry with the launch of his company, Basicallymenz, in 2018. With a passion for production and a keen interest in sartorial and vintage fashion, Sandeep has found success. Despite working with multiple brands, he operates as a one-person team, meticulously handling all aspects of planning and executing his photo shoots. Additionally, he even taught himself various editing software to ensure top-notch photographs. Known for his authenticity, Sandeep carefully selects his brand partnerships and content, always staying true to himself. His open-mindedness and creative vision shine through in every post he shares.

Fashion Influencers in India

9. Amaan & Armaan- @soboguys

Location: South Bombay

Fashion Influencers in India

Amaan and Armaan, the Sobo Guys, are identical twins & leading male fashion influencers from South Bombay, India. With their unique style and extensive brand collaborations, they have become trusted voices in the luxury lifestyle, travel, and menswear blogging scene. Their visually appealing Instagram feed keeps followers updated on the latest fashion trends and provides style inspiration. With their unique storytelling style and integration of brand messages, Amaan and Armaan, continue to inspire and captivate the fashion-savvy community. By following their Instagram profile, you will stay constantly updated on the latest fashion trends, as their visually stunning feed is brimming with style inspiration.

10. Sanket Mehta@sankett25

Location: Mumbai

Sanket Mehta, a top male fashion influencer in India, captivates his audience with a unique blend of street style, modern Indian wear, and traditional Indian fashion. His aesthetic is lucrative and urban, setting him apart from other influencers. With relentless dedication, Sanket has established his position in the male fashion world. Additionally, he effortlessly explores various style variables, consistently delivering remarkable looks. Whether infusing modernity into traditional attire or embracing the bohemian trend, Sanket Mehta excels in every fashion realm.

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Fashion Influencers in India

Embrace Your Style: Follow India’s Top Male Fashion Influencers for Fashion Inspiration

As these top 10 male fashion influencers in India continue to captivate audiences with their impeccable style, fashion-forward content, and unique perspectives, they are rewriting the rules of the fashion industry and inspiring individuals to embrace their own personal style. From breaking gender stereotypes to promoting inclusivity and self-expression, these influencers are making a lasting impact on the fashion landscape of India. So, whether you’re looking for wardrobe inspiration, grooming tips, or simply a dose of fashion-forward content, following these trendsetters on Instagram is a must. Get ready to elevate your style game and embark on a fashion journey like never before, guided by these influential voices of the Indian fashion scene.

There is no top or bottom in the list, we believe every fashion influencer is contributing to something or the other in this industry, pardon us if we have missed you, we would be glad to cover you as well in this list, please share your creds with us at [email protected]

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