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Make Your Skin Holi-Ready in 2023 with These Skincare Tips

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Bura naa mano holi hai! Yes, the festival of colors and fun is around the corner. People come together to celebrate this festival by smearing colored powder on each other’s faces, throwing water balloons, and having water fights. While this festival is full of fun and enjoyment, it can take a toll on your skin if you’re not careful. The colors used during Holi can be harsh and damage your skin, and the water used can be unclean, leading to skin infections. So, it’s essential to take care of your skin before and after Holi. Here are some skincare tips for you to be Holi-ready in 2023:

Skincare Tips To Follow Before Playing Holi

1. Moisturize Your Skin

Holi, a popular festival celebrated in India, usually falls in March, which can still be a dry season in many parts of the country. During this time, it’s crucial to take care of your skin, as dry and flaky skin can be a common problem. To keep your skin hydrated, it’s essential to moisturize it regularly.

It’s recommended to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night. For those with dry skin, a heavy moisturizer is recommended, while those with oily skin should opt for a lighter moisturizer. By doing so, you can ensure that your skin stays nourished and healthy, even during the Holi festival.

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Additionally, we recommend another five best moisturizers to use before applying makeup, as suggested by beauty blogger Lavisha Arora.

2. Apply Sunscreen

It’s very important to ensure that you protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun while enjoying the festival. The sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to your skin, leading to tanning, pigmentation, and premature aging. To enjoy the festival without any worries, it’s essential to apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and apply it 20-30 minutes before heading out to play Holi. So, make sure to apply sunscreen to keep your skin protected and healthy while enjoying the festivities of Holi.

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In addition to the sunscreens mentioned above, Sneha Sen has also suggested some other options that you might want to consider.

3. Protect Your Hair

The colors used during Holi can damage your hair, making it dry and brittle. So, it’s essential to protect your hair before playing Holi. Apply a hair oil or serum to your hair and tie it up in a bun or braid to keep it away from your face. You can also wear a scarf or cap to protect your hair from the colors.

4. Wear protective clothing 

Cover your skin with protective clothing when playing Holi. Wear full-sleeved shirts, trousers, and a hat to protect your skin from the sun and the colours. If you want to wear something colourful, make sure you opt for natural, organic colours.

So these are some tips to follow before playing Holi.

Now let’s move on to the tips to follow after playing Holi.

Skincare Tips To Follow After Playing Holi

1. Use A Gentle Cleanser

After playing Holi, it’s essential to cleanse your skin thoroughly to remove all the colors and dirt. Use a gentle cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type. Avoid using harsh soaps or face washes that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Gently massage the cleanser on your face and rinse it off with water.

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2. Use Gentle Scrubs

Your skin may feel rough and dry after playing Holi, but avoid using harsh scrubs to exfoliate your skin. Scrubbing can further damage your skin, leading to redness and irritation. Instead, use a gentle scrubs or exfoliator that contains natural ingredients like rice flour or oatmeal. Gently massage it on your skin in circular motions and rinse it off with water.

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3. Use A Moisturizing Face Pack

After cleansing your skin, use a moisturizing face pack to soothe and hydrate your skin. Choose a face pack that contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, or cucumber, which will help calm your skin and reduce inflammation. Apply the face pack to your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

Check out the video below of a simple yet effective natural face mask.

4. Moisturize Your Body

Once take a shower after playing Holi moisturize your body to keep it hydrated and prevent dryness. Choose a body lotion that suits your skin type and apply it all over your body, paying extra attention to the dry areas like elbows, knees, and heels.

Check out the below video for moisturizers

In conclusion, taking care of your skin and hair before and after playing Holi is crucial to avoid any damage and maintain healthy skin. Following these skincare tips, such as moisturizing regularly, applying sunscreen, staying hydrated, using gentle cleansers and exfoliators, protecting your hair, and wearing protective clothing, can help you enjoy the festivities without any worries. Remember to also eat a healthy diet and use natural, organic colors to minimize any potential harm to your skin. Have a happy and safe Holi!

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