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Ayouthveda Welcomes Genelia Deshmukh as Its First-Ever Indian Brand Ambassador

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Ayouthveda, the renowned ayurvedic personal care brand, has proudly announced Bollywood actress Genelia Deshmukh as its inaugural Indian brand ambassador for its exclusive face care range. This collaboration marks a significant step for Ayouthveda as it combines tradition and modernity in the pursuit of authentic beauty rituals.

Genelia Deshmukh- Brand Ambassador of Ayouthveda

Genelia, known for her timeless elegance and commitment to wellness, perfectly embodies the essence of Ayouthveda’s philosophy. The actress reflects the brand’s dedication to showcasing the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda in a contemporary and luxurious form. As the face of Ayouthveda’s face care range, Genelia is set to bring a touch of sophistication to the brand’s commitment to radiant and healthy skin.

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Sanchit Sharma’s views

Sanchit Sharma, PhD Phytochemistry, Founder, and Director of AIMIL Ayouthveda India, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Ayouthveda is synonymous with Ayurveda. We are thrilled to have Genelia as our first Indian brand ambassador as her work and values align with our brand’s philosophy. With her, we are able to show our brand evolving with modern times.”

Genelia’s views

Genelia Deshmukh also shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “I am delighted to be associated with AIMIL Ayouthveda, which has a legacy of 40 years in manufacturing and marketing Ayurvedic pharmaceutical products. I have always believed in the importance of Modern Ayurveda as a key step in our commitment to healthy skincare and overall wellbeing, and Ayouthveda face care products just celebrate that.”

Ayouthveda’s decision to choose Genelia as its brand ambassador reflects the brand’s commitment to blending traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern skincare needs. With a legacy of four decades in the field of Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, Ayouthveda continues to evolve with the times, providing consumers with products that cater to their contemporary skincare preferences.

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Wrapping up: Genelia- Brand Ambassador of Ayouthveda

This partnership signifies a perfect synergy between Genelia’s values and Ayouthveda’s commitment to promoting holistic wellbeing through time-tested Ayurvedic practices. As the brand embraces a new era with its first-ever Indian brand ambassador, consumers can anticipate an exciting journey into the realm of Ayurvedic skincare, where tradition and modernity harmoniously coexist, ensuring a radiant and healthy glow for all.

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