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Zebronics Partners with Santanu Hazarika to Infuse Doodle Art Magic into Tech Gadgets

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Zebronics, the renowned Indian brand in IT peripherals and audio systems, has joined forces with the multifaceted artist Santanu Hazarika. The collaboration marks a revolutionary step in the world of technology, introducing a capsule collection adorned with Santanu’s mesmerizing doodle and abstract art. This unique fusion of cutting-edge gadgets and contemporary art promises to captivate consumers across various categories, from audio systems to smartwatches.

The Artistic Visionary: Santanu Hazarika

Zebronics Partners with Santanu Hazarika to Infuse Doodle Art Magic into Tech Gadgets

Santanu Hazarika, a self-taught artist and master of multidisciplinary creativity, brings a wealth of experience to this collaboration. His artistic journey has taken him across the globe, from the vibrant streets of Mumbai to the remote corners of Siberia. Not only has he played a pioneering role in India’s NFT revolution, but he also boasts accolades such as the Red Bull Doodle Art World Champion 2014 and the Government of Assam award for contributions to the field of art. Hazarika’s enigmatic appeal and three-time TEDx Speaker status underscore the significance of this collaboration.

The Zebronics X Santanu Collection: A Symphony of Art and Technology

The ‘Zebronics X Santanu’ collection is set to debut on December 13, 2023, and will be available on Amazon, Flipkart, and The collection kicks off with the premium flagship soundbar, the Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro Dolby, and an array of new gaming mousepads. Over the next six months, Zebronics plans to introduce a diverse range of products, including audio wearables, portable speakers, smartwatches, and IT and gaming peripherals.

Santanu Hazarika on the Collaboration

Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Santanu Hazarika states, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Zebronics, a brand that consistently pushes boundaries and embraces youthfulness, fun, and innovation. Integrating the intricacy of doodle art aesthetics with Zebronics’ top-notch quality products will not only attract new consumers but also captivate existing ones with a range of trendy, fresh, and unconventional items.”

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Rajesh Doshi’s Perspective

Rajesh Doshi, Co-Founder & Director, Zebronics, said, “We are thrilled to form a partnership with the internationally acclaimed self-taught artist and illustrator, Mr. Santanu Hazarika. I personally admire and greatly appreciate contemporary and abstract art & it felt like a natural step to merge his creative expertise with our products. The result is a captivating and unique fusion of art and technology. These designs boast intricate details within their vibrant and funky patterns, paying homage to the rapidly growing global trend of doodle art that Santanu has mastered. Beyond their finesse and meticulous attention to detail, we firmly believe that our consumers will find themselves genuinely inspired by the rejuvenating designs and aesthetics of our product range, perfectly in line with our motto to be ‘Always Ahead’.


The ‘Zebronics X Santanu’ collection promises to redefine the intersection of art and technology, offering consumers a fresh lineup that seamlessly blends notable artistry with 21st-century tech. As the collection unfolds over the next six months, it is poised to appeal to a diverse, artistic, and fashion-forward audience of all ages. With a commitment to being ‘Always Ahead,’ Zebronics continues to push the boundaries of innovation, creating products that transcend the ordinary and resonate with the spirit of contemporary art.

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