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Puma went all witty and roped in doppelgangers of its brand ambassadors to promote its Black Friday Sale.

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This quirky campaign of Puma was to highlight the fact that everything can be faked, but Puma’s Black Friday Sale deals are as genuine as they come.

This week, the sports brand PUMA India introduced its spectacular Black Friday Sale Campaign. In this popular sale day event, the brand created quirky marketing to match the deals. In addition to hiring doppelgangers of their prominent brand ambassadors, PUMA produced fake pop-ups with tweaked branding outside a few of its precise locations. Furthermore, it gave its official website,, a fake appearance.

This move was part of a strategy to emphasize that, while everything can be mimicked but the Black Friday deals are as genuine as they come.

For creating a fake appearance of the website they modified the brand logo. Additionally, substituted the pictures of ambassadors Virat Kohli, Mary Kom, Yuvraj Singh, and Sunil Chhetri with pictures of their look-alikes. And it was very shocking for the social media users.

Some Instagram users commented on their social media profiles about their confusion and reactions to the errors they had spotted on the shopping website, which led to the discovery of this attempted cyberattack.

How netizens reacted?

Netizens responded with questions like “Website down @pumaindia”; “So many errors???? All good @pumaindia”; and “@pumaindia What is Going On?” expressing their worry and uncertainty. It was really a very nice move to attract the attention of the audience.

Puma set up doppelgangers of Virat Kohli, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sunil Chhetri, and Yuvraj Singh in specific stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Gurugram, respectively, as part of this quirky campaign to stimulate consumers’ interest.

Black Friday Sale
Shreya Sachdev

Shreya Sachdev, Head of Marketing at Puma India, commented, “The Black Friday sale has emerged as a significant event on the Indian shopping calendar as it marks the beginning of the winter festive season. As a brand, Puma is constantly looking for opportunities to deeply engage with consumers and create quirky and ingenious experiences for them. Ergo, the Black Friday Sale event became a fantastic outpost. We are happy to not only create world-class products but also invest in a one-of-a-kind campaign to connect with our consumers.”

Consumers were also captivated, amazed, and thrilled with the video post that ambassadors Yuvraj Singh, Kareena Kapoor, and Sunil Chhetri uploaded on their social media accounts.

Find below the celebrities’ posts in collaboration with @pumaindia

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Yuvraj Singh

Sunil Chhetri

Puma then announced Black Friday Sale, inviting customers to take advantage of the brand’s top products at unbelievable rates. The event actively engaged with its consumers, grabbed their attention, and indulged them with offers in a creative manner.

The Black Friday event, an innovative yet captivating promotion, attracted a flurry of brand lovers to its stores and internet platform, making the campaign a huge success.

A digital movie – smashing up a fictitious store was also released by PUMA as part of the campaign. In this movie, 6 well-known influencers were featured. Sakshi Sindwani, Agasthya Shah, Srishti Dixit, Devishi Madaan, Viren Barman, and Dhruv Barman. The 45-second movie also featured about 20 more actorsCheck out the link and witness the crazy video of 45 seconds

Campaigns with different and unique strategies always leave a stamp on our minds. And we must say, this outstanding Puma’s Black Friday Sale 2022 campaign is one of them.

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