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Ande Ka Funda: The Foot-Tapping Culture Anthem of Eggfirst!

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Eggfirst is an advertising agency that has been creating waves in the digital world with its fun and energetic culture anthem, Ande Ka Funda. The anthem has been spreading like wildfire on social media, and it’s not hard to see why. The song is catchy, upbeat, and captures the essence of Eggfirst’s culture perfectly.

The anthem is set to the tune of ‘Ande Ka Funda,’ a popular song from the movie ‘Jodi No. 1.’ However, the lyrics have been modified to reflect Eggfirst’s unique culture. The song is a celebration of the agency’s values, its commitment to quality work, and its fun-loving spirit.

The lyrics of the song, written by Creative Director Patanjali Patnaik, have a Gulzar-meets-Freddy Mercury kind of vibe. They are quirky, insightful, and packed with meaning. For instance, the line “Pagle yahaan panpe” translates to “Here, the crazy ones thrive,” while “Khub khushiyaan yahaan khanke” means “Happiness abounds here.” The lyrics are a testament to the agency’s values and the people who work there.

Eggfirst’s Managing Director and Founder Ravi Banka says that the agency’s culture can be summed up in one word: TGIM, or Thank God It’s Monday. Banka explains that everyone at Eggfirst is passionate about their work and loves what they do. The anthem captures this sentiment perfectly, with its infectious energy and catchy lyrics.

Patanjali Patnaik, the Creative Director behind the anthem, says, “Just being here makes you feel alive. And this culture has been an inherent part of the agency from the very beginning. The youthful energy and grey-haired-wisdom live, brainstorm, work, party, and chill together like a family. And what really binds us all together, are our values of commitment and integrity, which have remained constant through the years.”

The Eggfirst Culture Anthem is a celebration of this unique culture. It’s a reflection of the agency’s commitment to quality work and its fun-loving spirit. The commitment that is spoken about in the anthem is beautifully captured in the positioning of Eggfirst: As good as our word.

In conclusion, Eggfirst’s Culture Anthem is a fun, catchy, and insightful tribute to the agency’s unique culture. It captures the essence of the agency’s values, its commitment to quality work, and its fun-loving spirit. If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen – it’s bound to get you nacho nachoing along!

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