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Alia Bhatt’s Titan Ad: A Call to Women to Love Themselves Unapologetically

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Labeling women based on their appearance and emotions is a common and easy practice. Alia Bhatt and Titan are teaming up to give a big “NO” to society’s practice of labeling women based on their appearance and emotions. Instead, they’re encouraging women to give themselves a big “YES” and love themselves boldly and unapologetically. Titan’s Raga campaign, featuring Alia Bhatt, is promoting the message of “Love Yourself Boldly” and encouraging women to embrace their true selves without apology.

The Raga campaign, created by Ogilvy, features Alia Bhatt picking up various Raga watches that symbolize unique qualities. In the film, she discusses how society tends to judge individuals, regardless of their choices. Bhatt then poses the question, “Should we stop loving ourselves because of society?” and encourages women to rise above others’ opinions and boldly live life on their own terms. Alia Bhatt can be seen humming the popular Titan tune towards the end of the video.

Sirish Chandrashekar, marketing head, Titan, said, “We are thrilled to launch the #LoveYourselfBoldly campaign which aligns with the brand’s continued endeavour to normalise a woman’s choice to put herself above all else. The philosophy is reflective of the evolution of our product designs and powerful storytelling, which has found strong resonance with young contemporary women of today. Having broken several preconceptions in her own journey, Alia Bhatt is an ideal choice to augment the message of the campaign.”

Puneet Kapoor, chief creative officer, Ogilvy South, said, “Isn’t it great when a fabulous brand asset, like the Titan tune, can be adapted and used creatively to convey different messages and connect with audiences in new ways? In this case, it delivers a bold ‘no’ in the face of the judgments the world throws at you. Only when you love yourself boldly, can you confidently reject these judgments to cultivate self-love.”

Titan has always been a pioneer in creating impactful and meaningful advertisements that resonate with the masses. The Raga campaign featuring Alia Bhatt is no exception to this legacy, as it boldly addresses the issue of societal pressures and stereotypes that women face on a daily basis. Titan has consistently used its brand messaging to raise awareness around important topics such as women empowerment and gender equality, setting the tone for many other brands to follow suit.

The brand’s ability to tackle sensitive topics in a beautiful and impactful way has always set it apart from the competition. The Raga campaign is yet another example of this, as it portrays Alia Bhatt as a strong, independent woman who embraces her individuality and encourages others to do the same. By weaving in the popular Titan tune at the end, the brand is able to leave a lasting impression on its audience while further reinforcing its message of empowering women.

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