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Dhoni Unite With Lay’s For A Very Unique Campaign

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Lay’s has enlisted Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its Brand Ambassador for its latest campaign, titled ‘No Lay’s, No Game. Dhoni partnership with Lay’s in the ‘No Lay’s, No Game’ campaign is making waves. In this innovative Dhoni Lay’s campaign, he surprises fans with impromptu house visits, ensuring they have Lay’s to enjoy the game together. The responses vary from astonishment to sheer excitement as they invite him into their homes, creating unforgettable match-time moments.

What Is Dhoni And Lay’s Campaign?

The Dhoni and Lay’s campaign is a marketing initiative featuring Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the Brand Ambassador for Lay’s. In the campaign, Dhoni takes on a distinctive role by making surprise visits to fans’ homes, checking if they have Lay’s snacks available while they watch cricket matches. As he goes door-to-door, he is met with a variety of enthusiastic responses from fans, including astonishment, excitement, and even some rushing to find Lay’s to share with Dhoni during the game. The campaign showcases the connection between Lay’s snacks and the joy of watching cricket, with Dhoni as a central figure.

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What Do Experts Say About This Campaign?

Dhoni Unite With Lay's For A Very Unique Campaign
Saumya Rathor

Speaking about campaign and introducing MS Dhoni as the brand ambassador, Saumya Rathor, Category Lead – Potato Chips, PepsiCo India, said, “Lay’s, an OG chip, holds a special place in the hearts of countless Indians. The brand is excited to reunite with the beloved cricketer, MS Dhoni, as the face of Lay’s, solidifying the deep bond between the brand and our cricket-obsessed nation. We are confident that this dynamic partnership and ‘No Lay’s, No Game’ campaign will continue to deliver boundless joy to consumers and remind them to continue to elevate their match-viewing experience with Lay’s chips. So, grab your Lay’s, join the game, and make your experience even more extraordinary.”

Expressing his excitement on his association with Lay’s, MS Dhoni, said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the Lay’s family once again. Game-watching and Lay’s indeed go hand in hand, and the ‘No Lay’s, No Game’ campaign brilliantly captures the essence of this unique connection. As someone who has been so closely associated with sports for years, I know that Lay’s makes the moments even more special. So, next time you settle in to watch the game, remember to stock up on Lay’s and enjoy the match with its delightful flavours.”

Dhoni Unite With Lay's For A Very Unique Campaign
MS Dhoni
Dhoni Unite With Lay's For A Very Unique Campaign
Vikram Pandey

Vikram Pandey, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett India, said “Everyone knows, Lay’s is the prefect munching snack while watching the game. The challenge was how do we get them to stock it up at home for sure. The answer was Dhoni knocking at your door! This candidly captured films takes our international ‘No Lay’s, No Game’ idea forward and playfully reminds audience to stock up Lay’s at home.

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In conclusion, the Dhoni and Lays campaign represents a brilliant fusion of sports, snacks, and fan engagement. With Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s charismatic presence, Lay’s has created a memorable experience for cricket enthusiasts. The campaign, aptly titled ‘No Lay’s, No Game,’ has redefined how brands connect with their audience, bringing the excitement of cricket to the very doorstep of fans. As Dhoni’s surprise visits continue to captivate viewers, it’s clear that this campaign has hit a six in the world of advertising, proving that Lay’s is indeed the perfect match for every cricket lover. So, as you savor your Lay’s during the next match, remember, you might just have a cricket legend knocking at your door

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