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Emcure Pharmaceuticals Unveils ‘Cure and Beyond’ campaign with MS Dhoni

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Emcure Pharmaceuticals, a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry, has recently rolled out its ambitious corporate campaign, ‘Cure and Beyond,’ featuring none other than the legendary cricketer, MS Dhoni. This campaign marks a significant shift in Emcure’s approach, as it seeks to transcend the boundaries of conventional pharmaceutical offerings and embark on a journey towards enabling healthier living for individuals. Let’s delve deeper into the essence of this groundbreaking campaign and its implications for the healthcare landscape.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals: The Vision Unveiled

With the tagline ‘Cure and Beyond,’ Emcure Pharmaceuticals articulates its profound vision to extend beyond the realms of mere cure and embrace a holistic approach towards healthcare. The campaign underscores Emcure’s commitment to innovation as the driving force behind its operations, aiming to redefine its role in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market. By showcasing innovation as the cornerstone, Emcure sets out to foster thought leadership and inspire a paradigm shift within the industry.

A Compelling Narrative

Central to the ‘Cure and Beyond’ campaign is a captivating narrative that transcends conventional pharmaceutical narratives. Emcure Pharmaceuticals aspires to do more than just provide products; it aims to support, empower, and educate millions of individuals to lead healthier lives. This narrative emphasizes a broader mission of societal impact, highlighting Emcure’s dedication to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives beyond medical treatment.

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MS Dhoni X Emcure Pharmaceuticals

The choice of MS Dhoni as the face of the campaign adds a layer of credibility and resonance to Emcure’s message. Known for his exceptional leadership both on and off the cricket field, Dhoni embodies the spirit of going above and beyond. His association with the campaign not only amplifies its reach but also aligns with Emcure’s values of resilience, determination, and innovation. Dhoni’s persona reinforces the idea that true success lies in transcending limitations and striving for excellence.

Multi-Platform Outreach

To ensure maximum visibility and engagement, the ‘Cure and Beyond’ campaign is being launched across a myriad of media platforms. From digital channels to television broadcasts and print media, Emcure Pharmaceuticals is leaving no stone unturned in spreading its message far and wide. This multi-platform approach underscores the campaign’s inclusive nature, reaching diverse audiences and also sparking conversations about the future of healthcare.

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A Message from the CEO

Speaking on the occasion, Satish Mehta, managing director and CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, said, “At Emcure, we have always been striving to move the needle. The campaign ‘Cure and Beyond’ is our endeavor to put forth our vision and what we stand for. And who better to take this forward than a man who has gone above and beyond all through his life- Dhoni. With this effort, we want to reinforce our core belief of empowering people and communities through innovation.”


Emcure Pharmaceuticals’ ‘Cure and Beyond’ campaign represents a bold step towards reimagining the role of pharmaceutical companies in promoting healthier living. By embracing innovation, empowerment, and societal impact, Emcure sets a new benchmark for the industry, urging stakeholders to think beyond traditional paradigms. With MS Dhoni as its beacon of inspiration, this campaign heralds a new era of possibilities in healthcare, where the pursuit of wellness transcends the confines of cure.

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