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iD Fresh Unveils “Grandmother’s Approval” Campaign Celebrating Tradition

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iD Fresh Food, a brand known for its fresh food products, recently launched their campaign titled “Grandmother’s Approval.” This campaign is an extension of their ongoing TransparenSee initiative, which focuses on transparency and authenticity.

iD Fresh Campaign- Grandmothers Take Center Stage in Quality Check

To celebrate World Idli Day (March 30th), iD Fresh invited five grandmothers from various backgrounds to their facilities. These “matriarchs” were tasked with a special mission: evaluating iD’s batter-making process firsthand and granting their seal of approval.

The grandmothers meticulously observed every step of the batter creation, from soaking and grinding to the final packaging. Their role held particular significance because homemade idli-dosa batter traditionally involves generations of knowledge passed down through families.

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The Power of a Grandmother’s Approval

According to P Musthafa, the global CEO of iD Fresh, “In the age-old tradition of creating homemade idli-dosa batter, the wisdom of our grandmothers is truly unparalleled.” Their approval carries significant weight in affirming the quality and authenticity of iD Fresh products.

Musthafa further stated, “The fact that we have earned the distinguished title of ‘Grandmother’s Approved Brand,’ only reaffirms our commitment to authenticity, quality and taste. Their presence not only honoured the cherished tradition of homemade batter but also validated iD Fresh’s commitment to delivering products that uphold the essence of homemade cooking.”

Grandmothers: The Ultimate Authority on iD Fresh Food

The campaign highlights the revered position grandmothers hold in Indian households, especially when it comes to food. Traditionally, grandmothers meticulously crafted batter daily , ensuring the perfect selection of ingredients and perfecting the process.

iD Fresh’s decision to invite them reflects their dedication to ensuring their batter resonates with the same authenticity and quality as what grandmothers lovingly prepare for their families.

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Transparency Beyond the iD Fresh Campaign

For the past three years, iD Fresh Food has been opening their doors to the public through live tours as part of their TransparenSee initiative. Last year, iD Fresh’s CEO even conducted a live session showcasing the creation of their idli and dosa batter.

The company actively encourages regular visits from schools and colleges throughout the year. These educational tours provide students with a valuable glimpse into the meticulous processes involved in crafting authentic idli-dosa batter. By opening their doors, iD Fresh not only promotes transparency but also fosters a deeper appreciation for traditional cooking techniques and high-quality ingredients.

Conclusion: Preserving Tradition, Embracing Innovation

In an age of rapid industrialization and mass production, iD Fresh Food stands as a beacon of tradition and authenticity. Through initiatives like “Grandmother’s Approval” and TransparenSee, the brand not only honors the wisdom of our elders but also paves the way for a future where traditional cooking techniques and quality ingredients remain at the heart of our culinary experiences.

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