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Influencer Bunshah turned rant reel into a Lay’s TVC collab 

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Five weeks ago, a simple reel posted by influencer Bunshah ignited a chain of events that ultimately brought back Lay’s beloved Magic Masala flavor. Bunshah’s honest review sparked a conversation among fans, highlighting their disappointment with the new recipe. This online chatter quickly caught the attention of Lay’s, leading to a remarkable collaboration: the Bunshah collab in Lay’s TVC.

This collaboration wasn’t just a marketing campaign; it was a testament to the power of listening to your audience. Lay’s recognized the genuine passion of their fans and took action to bring back the flavor they craved. Through Bunshah’s influence and the brand’s responsiveness, the original Magic Masala returned to its rightful place on store shelves, delighting long-time fans and creating a loyal following among new ones.

Influencer Bunshah turned rant reel into a Lay's TVC collab 
Influencer Bunshah turned rant reel into a Lay's TVC collab 

How Bunshah rant reel turn into Lay’s Collab TVC

1. The Viral Rant

On October 30, 2023, influencer Bunshah ignited a social media firestorm with a viral reel criticizing the new Lay’s Magic Masala flavor. The video, viewed by 7 million and shared 200,000 times, resonated with fans who felt the beloved flavor had lost its magic.

2. Brand Responses and Bunshah’s Loyalty

Lay’s responded quickly, assuring Bunshah that the original flavor would be reintroduced and the new variant was just an experiment. Interestingly, competitor Bingo chimed in, offering Bunshah a truckload of their own Masala chips. However, Bunshah remained loyal to Lay’s.

3. Monk-E’s Opportunistic Approach

The collaboration with Lay’s unfolded after the viral success of Bunshah’s reel. Lay’s, reaching out to Bunshah, confirmed plans to reintroduce the original Magic Masala flavor, emphasizing that the altered variant was experimental. Bunshah documented the revival at a Lay’s factory, sharing the process on social media. Contrary to speculations of a scripted collaboration, Viraj Sheth of Monk Entertainment clarified that the exchange was spontaneous and not pre-planned.

Influencer Bunshah turned rant reel into a Lay's TVC collab 
Viraj Sheth

Viraj Sheth said “Lay’s had already sent a customer support response to Zervaan by that time. So, I thought if I could reach out to someone from PepsiCo, we could make a larger story out of this.”

To keep the momentum going while waiting for the flavor’s reintroduction, Monk-E sent Bunshah to the Lay’s factory. This “sustenance reel” documented the process and reassured consumers, maintaining excitement for the relaunch. “We didn’t want to lose any momentum on this. The original idea was to wait for the flavour to be reintroduced and then we were going to do a reel to remind consumers of how it all happened. But that would have taken time. So, I proposed a sustenance reel, which shows Zervaan going to the factory and representing the Magic Masala lovers.”

4. Lay’s Magic Masala Returns

The original Lay’s Magic Masala finally returned, with Bunshah’s image prominently featured on the packaging. This collaboration signified the power of social media and influencer marketing, demonstrating how brands can listen to their audiences and respond effectively.


In the world of snacks and social media theatrics, the tale of Bunshah collab Lay’s TVC is a flavorful rollercoaster. From a disappointed rant to Bingo’s snack truck offer and a cinematic revival at the Lay’s factory, it’s a saga of chips, twists, and unexpected turns. Whether you’re Team Lay’s or Team Bingo, one thing’s for sure – Bunshah’s journey from a rant to a TVC collab has left us all craving more, both in our snack bowls and on our social feeds. Munch on, dear readers, and stay tuned for the next chapter in the quirky world of influencer collaborations.

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