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Myntra brings back “Adarsh Balak” for EORS

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Myntra marketing has reached a whole new level and with their latest campaign that features “Adarsh Balak”, they have embraced the power of memes, taking their marketing efforts to an entirely different league. Myntra has teamed up with the renowned artist, Priyesh Trivedi, to delve into India’s pop culture realm and bring back Adarsh Balak for the current edition of the End Of Reason Sale, their bi-annual fashion extravaganza. Through a captivating collection of artwork and comics, Adarsh Balak, the epitome of an exemplary boy, returns with a fresh perspective and a newfound admiration for the world of fashion.

Who Is Adarsh Balak?

Adarsh Balak, refers to a collection of artworks and comics created by Indian visual artist Priyesh Trivedi. These comics serve as a parody of the moral educational posters commonly found in Indian elementary schools. The term “Aadarsh Baalak” translates to “Ideal Boy” in Hindi. Starting in 2014, the artist began sharing his creations, which gained significant popularity over the following years. Priyesh Trivedi is widely recognized for popularizing the concept of parodying the traditional “Ideal Boy” posters.

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Myntra brings back "Adarsh Balak"
Idea Of Adarsh Balak

Priyesh Trivedi’s Adarsh Balak artworks and comics took the market by storm, and the frenzy didn’t stop there! The phenomenal success of Priyesh’s creations sparked a quirky trend, with numerous quirky versions and spin-offs of Adarsh Balak popping up like mushrooms in a comic strip forest.

How Myntra collab with Adarsh Balak

Myntra, recognizing the power of fashion as a means of self-expression and dissent, joined forces with the Talented agency to collaborate with Priyesh Trivedi for a unique campaign during their End Of Reason Sale, their biggest sale of the season. The collaboration resulted in an eye-catching billboard campaign that seamlessly merged the worlds of Adarsh Balak and fashion. These billboards can be seen towering over the streets of Mumbai until the 10th of June, captivating passersby with a series of artworks and comics. This campaign brings back India’s beloved ideal good boy, Adarsh Balak, but with a fresh and fashionable perspective, showcasing his newfound appreciation for all things stylish.

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Adarsh Balak In Myntra Ad
Adarsh Balak Idealogies in Myntra

Adarsh Balak has undeniably been a part of our lives since childhood, popping up in classrooms and the Principal’s office, constantly reminding us of being good boys. However, Myntra, in collaboration with the creative agency Talented, has breathed new life into this iconic character through a series of comic strips. While Adarsh Balak’s charm remains intact, there’s one noticeable twist – his constant distraction by impeccable fashion sense.

In this delightful campaign, Myntra blends humorous situations with subtle messaging about the incredible offers available during EORS-18 (End Of Reason Sale). The result is a campaign that doesn’t feel like a typical advertisement but more like a nostalgic story intertwined with fashion and plenty of laughter. The amalgamation of nostalgia, fashion, and clever storytelling ensures that this campaign captures attention and brings a smile to people’s faces.

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Touching upon the initiatives, Abhishek Gour, director – digital marketing, Myntra, said, “The campaign has been designed to communicate the disruptive EORS propositions with a unique approach, to break the clutter amidst all the noise online and solidify Myntra’s position as the go-to fashion platform in the country. Our collaboration with India’s ideal good boy ‘Adarsh Balak’ by giving him a whole new personality is a testament to our commitment to always keeping EORS-based communication fresh and interesting with a dash of humour as we build deeper resonance with our customers“.

“Symbolism is at the centrestage of art and fashion. The rebellious undercurrent of the Adarsh Balak icon lends itself naturally to the bold world of fashion. So, instead of getting a celebrity to be the face, we picked Adarsh. He is someone modern-day millennials relate to, and be reminded of the unhindered spirit of their youth,” says Pooja Manek, Creative and Founding Member, Talented agency.

She adds, “The brainstorming on this was wild. Funnily, Priyesh is nothing like Adarsh Balak, which was unexpected. An introverted, talented artist, he let us spill all our visual concepts on the table, and patiently fine-tuned them to ensure they stayed true to the Adarsh Balak universe– Fashion campaign but Banksy style. The first sample illustration he made was for the Adidas sneakers billboard, which got approved by Myntra in the first-go, also strengthening everyone’s conviction to this approach. It was a golden triangle–dark humour, rebellion, fashion.”

Myntra Preparation for EORS

Myntra is all set to make a big splash with their upcoming End Of Reason Sale (EORS). They have been executing a series of innovative marketing strategies leading up to the event. In May, Myntra introduced a virtual fashion influencer named Maya to promote their EORS collection. This unique approach leveraged the power of technology to create an engaging promotional campaign.

Further adding to their creative marketing endeavors, Myntra partnered with UClean to utilize the laundry sheets placed within freshly-ironed clothes as a touchpoint to highlight the unbeatable EORS offers. By turning a mundane item into a promotional platform, Myntra effectively delivered their message in a contextual and unconventional manner. This out-of-the-box thinking utilized the inside of people’s homes to capture attention and remind them to shop for trendy fashion at unbelievably low prices.

Now, with the inclusion of the Adarsh Balak campaign, Myntra continues to raise the bar for its competitors. Their marketing team has been working tirelessly to come up with innovative and attention-grabbing strategies. Considering the success and impact of their recent campaigns, it might be an opportune time for Myntra to reward their marketing team with well-deserved salary hikes. This would not only motivate the team but also solidify Myntra’s position as a leader in the industry.

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