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Say Goodbye to Zombie Mode with Noise’s #GetYour8 Campaign

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Hey sleepyheads! Are you tired of feeling like a zombie all day long? It’s time to join the #GetYour8 movement.

Noise has launched a digital campaign, #GetYour8, to highlight the importance of getting eight hours of sleep every night. This World Sleep Day, the campaign aims to raise awareness of how our daily routines and behavior can be negatively impacted by a lack of sleep.

Sleep plays a crucial role in our lives, accounting for nearly one-third of our time. Without a healthy sleep cycle, we may feel tired, irritable, and unproductive. The #GetYour8 campaign serves as a visual reminder of the negative effects of sleep deprivation. Through their Instagram video, viewers can witness the impact of not getting a full eight hours of sleep, with a person depicted as lifeless and exhausted, akin to a zombie. This emphasizes the importance of prioritizing a healthy sleep cycle to avoid feeling and looking fatigued throughout the day.

Researchers worldwide have delved into the intricacies of sleep, highlighting the significance of getting a full eight hours of rest. A study by the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) further emphasizes the importance of this recommended amount of sleep, particularly as we age. In fact, the research highlights that getting up to eight hours of sleep each day is crucial in maintaining optimal brain health.

The Noise #GetYour8 digital campaign, currently available on Instagram, comprises a mix of reels and quirky posts related to sleep, serving as a gentle reminder to get a full eight hours of rest. However, it’s not just about hitting the recommended hours of sleep; the quality of sleep is equally crucial. This is determined by factors such as duration, continuity, and depth of sleep.

Noise’s smart wearable technology comes in handy here, helping users track and improve their sleep patterns and cycles. In addition to the feature-rich smartwatches, the NoiseFit app – one of the top health-tracking apps in the app store – offers a comprehensive solution for gaining meaningful insights to enhance sleep quality while closely monitoring sleep patterns.

With the app, users can get their sleep score based on various parameters that inform them about the quality of their sleep while providing suggestions on how to improve it. The app even shows the heart rate variance during sleep, providing users with a complete

Noise #GetYour8 Is a boom for corporate employees. As they wake up early, rush to work, attend back-to-back meetings, and barely have time for lunch. As soon as the day ends, they head home with a never-ending to-do list for the night, leaving no room for adequate sleep. This vicious cycle of sleep deprivation continues, leading to a zombie-like existence, where they drag themselves through each day. But with NoiseFit app, even corporate rustlers can achieve their #GetYour8 goal. By tracking and monitoring their sleep patterns, they can take small steps to improve the quality and duration of their sleep, leading to a more productive and fulfilling day. So, let’s say goodbye to being a corporate zombie and hello to a well-rested and energized self!

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