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Tic Tac and Yashraj Mukhate: The Perfect Combination for a Refreshing #TicTacLife

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Ferrero India’s Tic Tac brand has recently unveiled its latest marketing initiative called #TicTacLife, in an exciting musical collaboration with the internet sensation Yashraj Mukhate.

The #TicTacLife campaign is all about capturing life’s little moments of joy and positivity with Tic Tac. Through this digital campaign, Tic Tac aims to position itself as an inspiration for a refreshing transformation that can bring alive those precious moments of fun and good vibes. By teaming up with the funky and talented Yashraj Mukhate, the #TicTacLife campaign takes boredom to task with the iconic rattle sound of the Tic Tac box. With Yashraj’s unique and lively music, Tic Tac creates a refreshing symphony that uplifts your mood and refreshes your inner positivity. It’s the ultimate remedy to banish boredom and inject some much-needed quirkiness into your day.

The #TicTacLife digital film begins with the talented Yashraj Mukhate nodding off sleepily at his desk. But all it takes is a pack of Tic Tac to instantly refresh him and bring him back to life. With his eyes lighting up in excitement, Yashraj is inspired by the sound of Tic Tac, and he knows just what to do to spread the joy.

Using his Tic Tac box as a musical instrument, Yashraj creates a delightful and rejuvenating symphony that breaks people out of their boredom and injects some much-needed fun and quirkiness into their lives. And with his signature jingle, he invites people to join him in living the #TicTacLife.

The film is a celebration of life’s little pleasures and the moments of joy and positivity that Tic Tac can bring. With Yashraj’s infectious energy and unique style of music, the film promises to uplift your mood and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Commenting on the Campaign, Zoher Kapuswala, Marketing Head, Pills & Gums, Ferrero India said “Tic Tac has always been a ‘Youth-first’ brand, keeping the Consumer at Heart of all its endeavors. Keeping pace with Gen Z & their passion for Music & Fun, we leveraged the magical combination of the viral music sensation- Yashraj Mukhate’s aptitude, & the Brand’s Iconic Rattle sound to create an engaging and exciting symphony that inspires everyone towards a refreshing transformation from boredom to fun-filled moments.”  

Sharing his view on the collaboration, Yashraj Mukhate said, “I’m very excited to collaborate with Tic Tac on its new digital campaign #TicTacLife. Playing with interesting sounds has been a running theme on my profile and the amazing rattle sound of Tic Tac box has given me the inspiration to make this refreshing jingle. I encourage everyone to join me in living the Tic Tac life and break out of the dull day-to-day boredom.”

With Yashraj Mukhate at the helm, the brand has created a lively and refreshing symphony that’s sure to beat the boredom blues. The campaign is all about spreading joy and positivity through Tic Tac, and what better way to do it than through the sound that’s synonymous with the brand? So, get ready to groove to the beat of Tic Tac and join the #TicTacLife movement.

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