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Urban Yog Welcomes Tara Sutaria as the Face of Its New Year Campaign

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GlobalBees Brands’ women’s beauty and personal care brand, Urban Yog, is thrilled to introduce actress Tara Sutaria as the brand ambassador for the upcoming #NothingToWear and #JhaaduJaiseBaal campaign in the new year.

Tara Sutaria as the new face of Urban yoga for New Year Camapign

Urban Yog, an Indian women’s beauty and personal care brand under GlobalBees Brands Pvt. Ltd., proudly unveils actress Tara Sutaria as its esteemed brand ambassador for the New Year Campaign. The brand’s choice stems from Tara’s remarkable versatility and professionalism, aligning seamlessly with Urban Yog’s commitment to celebrating women who boldly express their thoughts and drive positive change. Tara Sutaria’s association with Urban Yog further enhances the brand’s mission to empower women through beauty and personal care solutions

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Dedicated to delivering practical solutions for women’s everyday challenges, Urban Yog focuses on result-oriented products. From menstrual to skin and hair care, their bold, affordable, and innovative offerings are crafted without alcohol or parabens, ensuring cruelty-free formulations suitable for all skin types. These products are easily accessible through Urban Yog’s website and Amazon.

Founded in 2019, Urban Yog consistently pioneers solutions for empowered women seeking personal and societal transformations. Their commitment to bold and positive change reflects in every facet of their product range, making them a reliable choice for women embracing self-expression and transformation.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Urban Yog Welcomes Tara Sutaria as the Face of Its New Year Campaign
Tara Sutaria

Talking about the partnership, Tara said, β€œI am glad to partner with Urban Yog as their ideology aligns with mine. When I look at women today, I am so happy to learn and see us achieve so much personally and professionally. For both working women and women who are homemakers, we constantly aim to achieve a lot with our day! And Urban Yog helps us achieve this easily and comfortably with such fabulous products that suit girls and women of all ages and adds value and ease to always hectic schedules.”

Seconding the above statement, Hemant Raulo, founder & CEO, Urban Yog, added, β€œUrban Yog is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle for today’s busy women who not only want to excel at work but also manage their lives along with it. When I think of Tara Sutaria the first thing that comes to my mind is her multitasking approach which suits apt for our brand.”

Urban Yog Welcomes Tara Sutaria as the Face of Its New Year Campaign
Hemant Raulo

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In conclusion, Tara Sutaria’s collaboration with Urban Yog for their New Year Campaign marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey. The union of Tara’s versatile charm and Urban Yog’s commitment to empowering women creates a narrative that goes beyond beauty and personal care. It symbolizes a celebration of women who fearlessly articulate their ideas and actively contribute to positive change. As Urban Yog continues to innovate and provide result-oriented products, this partnership exemplifies their dedication to addressing the diverse needs of bold and empowered women. Together, they embark on a journey of self-expression and transformation, resonating with individuals who seek both beauty and meaning in their personal care choices.

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