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Cipla Partners With Pocket Aces’ FilterCopy For The #BerokZindagi Campaign

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Asthma, a chronic respiratory condition, affects millions of lives worldwide, and India bears a significant burden of this disease. In a move to address this issue and dispel misconceptions surrounding asthma, Cipla, a leading pharmaceutical company, has embarked on a groundbreaking campaign called #BerokZindagi. Collaborating with Pocket Ace’s FilterCopy, a prominent digital platform, Cipla aims to use the power of storytelling to convey a vital message – that those living with asthma can lead unstoppable lives.

Unmasking Asthma Myths

Asthma in India remains a high-burden disease, responsible for a substantial portion of global asthma-related deaths. Despite its prevalence, myths, misconceptions, and stigmas surround asthma and inhaler usage. These barriers prevent individuals from managing their condition effectively and enjoying a quality of life unburdened by asthma-related concerns.

Cipla’s #BerokZindagi campaign recognizes the need to challenge these myths head-on. It goes beyond traditional awareness campaigns and delves into the world of relatable storytelling. By collaborating with Pocket Aces, Cipla is tapping into alternative content formats that resonate with today’s diverse and digitally connected audience.

#BerokZindagi Campaign: The Power of Storytelling

The heart of the #BerokZindagi campaign lies in storytelling. The partnership with Pocket Aces’ FilterCopy involves creating multiple sketches that convey essential messages about asthma and inhaler usage. These stories are designed to be easily consumable and shareable, making them accessible to a wide audience.

Film 1: ‘A Monsoon Romance: When Opposites Attract’

The campaign’s debut video, titled ‘A Monsoon Romance: When Opposites Attract,’ explores a love story set against the backdrop of Mumbai’s monsoon season. It delivers a powerful message: individuals with asthma can still savor the joys of life, even during challenging weather conditions, with proper doctor-prescribed treatment.

What’s impressive is that these stories will be available in six languages, making the campaign inclusive and accessible to people across various regions in India.

Film 2: The Inspiring Story of Resilience

In addition to the creative sketches, Cipla has released an inspiring ad film as part of the campaign. This film follows the journey of a young schoolboy living with asthma. When underestimated by a rival cricket team because of his condition, the young boy defies expectations. He showcases his talent and determination in the sport, all while emphasizing the importance of adhering to his asthma treatment.

The film features a new rendition of the popular #InhalersHainSahi song, further cementing the message that inhalers are a crucial part of managing asthma effectively.

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#BerokZindagi: Transforming Perceptions and Lives

Achin Gupta, CEO – One India Business, Cipla said, “With India contributing almost 42% of global asthma deaths despite accounting for only 13% of the cases worldwide,[1] Asthma continues to be a high burden disease in India affecting both adults and children. Misconceptions about asthma and inhalers contribute to the imbalance in its prevalence and outcomes, but correcting these can significantly improve patients’ lives. Over the years Cipla has pushed the boundaries with #BerokZindagi, employing a multitude of creative mediums to help combat misinformation, stigmas, and myths about asthma as well as inhalers and connect with today’s audiences.

Aditi Shrivastava, co-founder & CEO, Pocket Aces said, “The Cipla partnership is very special especially since it aligns perfectly with our renewed mission of positive content at Pocket Aces. Storytelling can have a profound impact on dispelling misconceptions, as the Cipla team has already proved with innovative initiatives on their #BerokZindagi campaign. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Cipla to design content pieces that will address different communities and distinct use cases that will reach a massive audience. Via this campaign, we are looking forward to leveraging our channel FilterCopy to educate, break myths, and empower our audiences to live #BerokZindagi.”

Cipla X Pocket Aces’ FilterCopy: #BerokZindagi campaign

Cipla’s #BerokZindagi campaign, in collaboration with Pocket Aces’ FilterCopy, is a pioneering initiative that addresses the asthma epidemic in India head-on. Through relatable storytelling and compelling content, the campaign aims to dispel myths, improve inhaler acceptance, and inspire individuals with asthma to lead unstoppable lives.

By combining creative mediums with a digital-first approach, Cipla is not just raising awareness but also driving a positive transformation in the way asthma is perceived and managed in India. The campaign embodies the spirit of resilience and determination, showcasing that asthma should not hinder anyone from living their best, unstoppable life. #BerokZindagi is more than a campaign; it’s a movement to change lives and perspectives, one story at a time.

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