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Empowering Women: #SportThatGirl by Blissclub

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Blissclub, an activewear brand for women, has taken a bold step in empowering women in sports with their two-day campaign, #SportThatGirl, launched on LinkedIn. Recognizing the alarming statistic that one out of every three girls quit playing sports during puberty compared to one out of 10 boys, Blissclub aims to prevent women from giving up on sports and eliminate the associated stigma. This blog dives into the impactful campaign, highlighting the efforts made by Blissclub to inspire and support women in pursuing their athletic dreams.

Day One: A Wave of Change

On the first day of the campaign, female employees from LinkedIn joined forces by changing their designations to indicate careers in sports. This simple act flooded feeds with new job updates, sparking curiosity among readers. Through direct messages (DMs), these curious individuals were provided with a glimpse of what was brewing—an initiative to empower women in sports. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with other community members swiftly joining the movement.

Day Two: The Inspiring Film – #SportThatGirl

Blissclub unveiled a powerful film on the second day of the campaign. The film featured women sharing their personal stories of how they stopped playing sports during puberty, highlighting the significant role that developing breasts played in this decision. The poignant narratives shed light on the challenges girls face and the impact it has on their athletic journey. The film concluded with a thought-provoking message, urging people to imagine the countless athletes and sportspersons that could have emerged if girls were encouraged to continue playing even as their bodies changed. To amplify the message, Blissclub also released an ad film with a similar focus, further igniting conversations around the importance of supporting women in sports.

What the Founder says about #SportThatGirl

Minu Margret, the founder of Blissclub, shared her personal motivation for launching the #SportThatGirl campaign. She said, “When exploring the activewear space before committing to starting up Blissclub, my sister, a very special person in my life, said something that sounded unbelievable in this day and age! “I can’t run or skip, because India doesn’t have sports bras that support my breasts” WHAT! It’s the 21st century and women still don’t have clothes that let them do what they want. The #SportThatGirl campaign has gained significant recognition from industry experts, and there is a growing willingness to overcome stigma and prevent women from quitting sports.”

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Recognition and Growing Willingness

The #SportThatGirl campaign has gained significant recognition from industry experts and the general public. Its mission to overcome stigma and prevent women from quitting sports has struck a chord with many. Through the campaign, Blissclub has succeeded in creating a growing willingness among individuals to challenge societal norms and support women in their sporting pursuits. The positive response and engagement from netizens have further solidified the importance of empowering women in sports.

Joining the Movement

Blissclub has extended an invitation to netizens to change their LinkedIn designations to represent possible careers they may have missed out on, using the hashtag #SportThatGirl to show their support. By participating in this symbolic act, individuals demonstrate their commitment to empowering women in sports and breaking down barriers.

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Our take on #SportThatGirl

The #SportThatGirl campaign by Blissclub is a powerful movement that challenges gender stereotypes in sports. It advocates for inclusivity, support, and empowerment for girls and women in athletic pursuits. By shedding light on the unique challenges faced by girls during puberty and promoting activewear that caters to their needs, Blissclub is driving important conversations and inspiring positive change. Together, let’s join the #SportThatGirl movement and work towards a future where every girl feels encouraged and empowered to pursue her athletic dreams, breaking down societal barriers along the way.

In our final verdict, we wholeheartedly support Blissclub’s commitment to supporting women in sports. Their campaign not only promotes equality and inclusivity but also celebrates the achievements of female athletes. By embracing the #SportThatGirl movement, we can create a world where women in sports can thrive, defy stereotypes, and inspire future generations. Let’s stand together and rewrite the narrative, shaping a future where every girl has the opportunity to shine as a #SportThatGirl.

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