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Manforce aims to ace up the level of intimacy with its new campaign #LoveUpWithManforce

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Manforce Condoms has launched the #LoveUpWithManforce campaign for Valentine’s Day, which is aimed at spicing up the romantic lives of couples by encouraging them to explore their wildest fantasies.

The campaign’s primary objective is to keep the thrill and excitement alive in the romantic relationships of couples by allowing them to take an unrestrained excursion into their deepest desires. By providing a safe and enjoyable platform to explore their fantasies, Manforce Condoms hopes to reignite the passion and intimacy in couples’ lives.

Manforce has always been committed to igniting the spark between partners and keeping the flame of passion burning. With the #LoveUpWithManforce campaign, the brand has taken this commitment to a new level by encouraging couples to share their wildest fantasies in a safe and enjoyable way.

Recognizing that people may feel self-conscious and hesitant to discuss their intimate preferences, the campaign provides a platform for couples to open up about the desires they wish to explore with their partners. The campaign was developed and executed by Grapes, an integrated marketing agency, with the goal of adding a touch of kink to the romantic lives of couples and enhancing the excitement and allure of the audience.

In addition to arousing sensuality and spicing up romantic relationships, Manforce Condoms took the fun to the next level by hosting contests and activities as part of the #LoveUpWithManforce campaign. The brand collaborated with well-known influencers such as RJ Rahul Makin, and RJ Rochie Rana, and content creators such as Satish Ray, Harsh Gujral, Gaurav Kapoor, and others to engage participants in a fun and exciting ways.

Speaking on the occasion, Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “Manforce as a brand has always sought to promote safe sex while aiming to keep the intimacy and romance high. As Valentine’s Day is marked as a day to celebrate love, we came up with a campaign to give wings to the hidden sexual desires of couples. The campaign was aimed at strengthening the bond between the partners to help them indulge in pleasurable love-making sessions by acing up their level of intimacy.” 

Elaborating on the campaign, Shradha Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Grapes said, “It was very exciting working for the campaign. Considering the stigma prevalent in society around sensitive topics like sex, encouraging the audience to talk about their secret sexual desires was a bit tricky. The team had to brainstorm a lot to come up with a mix of fun and exciting ideas to engage with the audience to help them break free from their intimidation and at the same time not make them uncomfortable. Aligning with the ethos of Manforce that aims to promote exploration of new avenues to always keep the thrill alive in the romance, the campaign was a medium to help partners discover each other to spice up their love life.”        

Alert ! “Where there is buzz , there is Agency Masala”.

Wonder what Agency Masala thinks about this entire campaign? Well, have a look at it :

Manforce’s #LoveUpWithManforce campaign for Valentine’s Day was a great way to encourage couples to share their fantasies and desires in a safe space. The brand did a good job by involving influencers and running fun contests and activities that made the campaign more interactive and exciting for consumers. The brand also added a personal touch to its products through customized messaging, making them more memorable for consumers.

What do you think about this campaign? Do such campaigns are much needed in our society to spread awareness about sex education among people? Drop your opinion below.

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