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MyGlamm collaborates with Karan Johar to launch MyGlamm Pout

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, renowned Film Director and Producer, Karan Johar, has joined forces with MyGlamm to introduce the MyGlamm POUT collection. This innovative range of pigmented, plumping lipsticks is designed to provide instantly voluminous and glossy lips. What makes this launch even more exciting is the accompanying #WhenInDoubtPout campaign, aiming to transform the phrase “when in doubt, pout” into a popular mantra that celebrates inner beauty and confidence.

The #WhenInDoubtPout Campaign

At the core of this collaboration is the disruptive #WhenInDoubtPout campaign, a movement challenging norms within the beauty industry. This campaign encourages individuals to embrace their unique beauty and express themselves confidently, even in moments of uncertainty. By associating the act of pouting with celebrating inner beauty, the campaign takes a bold and empowering stance on self-expression.

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The Vision Behind MyGlamm POUT

Sukhleen Aneja, CEO, Good Brands Co., Good Glamm Group expresses excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled about our collaboration with Karan Johar, resulting in an iconic collection. MyGlammPOUT presents innovative, high-quality lipsticks catering to diverse preferences. Through the #WhenInDoubtPout campaign, our aim is to redefine a POUT as a symbol of confidence and style. MyGlamm is conceived with a vision of self-expression and confidence—it’s not just a beauty brand; it’s a celebration of individuality and empowerment and who better than the King of Pouts, Karan Johar to bring this vision to life. MyGlamm POUT introduces a range of  glossy plumping lipsticks in 10 POUT worthy shades.”

Karan Johar’s Perspective

Filmmaker and producer, Karan Johar adds“For me, beauty is an expression of individuality and confidence. With POUT, I wanted to create a collection that empowers everyone to embrace their unique beauty and make a statement with their lips. I’m delighted to partner with MyGlamm to bring forth this collection promising high quality and trend-setting beauty products.”

Wrapping Up: MyGlamm POUT X Karan Johar

The collaboration between MyGlamm and Karan Johar marks a significant moment in the beauty industry. Beyond the launch of a stunning lipstick collection, the #WhenInDoubtPout campaign stands out as a powerful movement encouraging individuals to celebrate their inner beauty with confidence. MyGlamm POUT is not just about lipsticks; it’s a celebration of individuality and empowerment, perfectly encapsulated by the partnership with the iconic Karan Johar. As we witness the intersection of film and beauty, it becomes clear that MyGlamm POUT is set to make waves and redefine beauty standards for the modern, confident individual.

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