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Oscars 2023: India Shines Bright with Historic Wins and Memorable Moments

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Oscars 2023 is here, and so is the buzz of gossip, but this year, it’s all about celebrating the remarkable achievements of Indian talent on the global stage. The Oscars 2023 brought an explosion of glamour, emotions, and Indian pride. The prestigious event witnessed some truly breathtaking moments, leaving the audience spellbound. But the biggest moment of the night was when SS Rajamouli’s period action blockbuster ‘RRR‘ took home an Oscar for its Original Song “Naatu Naatu” leaving everyone in awe.

That’s not enough, the director-producer duo of Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga made history by bringing India its first Oscars for 2023. Their Netflix documentary movie β€˜The Elephant Whisperers’ won the award for ‘Best Documentary Short Film’ at the 95th Academy Awards, making the nation proud. Adding to the excitement and prestige of the event, Deepika Padukone becomes the third Indian ever to grace the Oscars stage as a presenter.

So. Let’s delve into the most exciting highlights and cherished memories of the Oscars 2023, as we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of Indian talent on this prestigious global platform.

1. Naatu Naatu created history

India, it’s time to celebrate and go ‘Naatu Naatu’. In a historic moment, SS Rajamouli’s RRR has become the first Indian feature film to win an Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, United States. The film’s enchanting ‘Naatu Naatu’ soundtrack by MM Keeravani has been honored with the Best Original Song Award, making this a proud moment for the Indian film industry and a true triumph for Indian music on the global stage.

Adding to the glorious moment, ‘Naatu Naatu’ has also become the first-ever song from an Indian movie to win an Oscar. At the 95th Academy Awards, the track’s singers Rahul Sipligunj and Kaala Bhairava gave a spectacular performance that left the audience in awe. The performance was so mesmerizing that it even earned them a standing ovation at the ceremony. It’s a moment of immense pride and honor for Indian music and cinema, and a true testimony to the talent and creativity of our artists.

Here are some iconic moments of how ‘Naatu Naatu’ celebrated its historic win at the Oscars 2023.

2. Guneet Monga’s “The Elephant Whisperer” bags oscar 2023

India has achieved a momentous milestone by winning its first Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards. The prestigious award was conferred to Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga’s Netflix documentary ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ in the Best Documentary Short Film category. During the acceptance speech, the director expressed her gratitude to the Academy, producer Guneet Monga, and her family, dedicating the win to her motherland, India. It’s an exceptional achievement that has put Indian cinema on the global map and is a testament to the immense talent and hard work of our filmmakers.

The heartwarming and inspiring 41-minute short film, directed by Kartiki Gonsalves and produced by Achin Jain and Guneet Monga, follows the journey of a family from Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai Tiger Reserve who adopt two orphaned baby elephants. It’s a beautiful story that captures the essence of compassion, love, and the special bond between animals and humans. Experience the magic of nature with ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ – the heartwarming documentary short film that showcases the beautiful relationship between a family from Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and two orphaned baby elephants.

Guneet said, ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ is “the story of people, who have been generationally working with elephants and they’re so aware of the needs of the jungle.

She added, “In the film, there is a beautiful scene which speaks of taking from the Jungle but only to the extent that is needed, and the jungles have enough for everyone. But it is up to us if we take what we need or we hoard. The needs of humans are endless, it is upon us to draw the line and give the respect that animals deserve.”

Guneet Monga, who co-produced ‘The Elephant Whisperers’, had earlier worked as an executive producer on ‘Period. End of Sentence’, which won the Best Documentary Short Film at the 2019 Academy Awards.

3. Deepika Padukone, a diva so divine

Deepika Padukone made history as the third Indian celebrity to present at the prestigious Oscars 2023. She was the only Indian to present an award this year, marking a significant moment for the Indian film industry. Deepika Padukone was one of the presenters at the 95th Academy Awards and made a special announcement for the song ‘Naatu Naatu’, which won the Best Original Song Award, becoming the first-ever Indian song to win an Oscar. Padukone’s announcement added to the excitement of the historic win, making it a moment of immense pride for the Indian film industry. She made a stunning appearance at the Oscars 2023 in an off-the-shoulder black Louis Vuitton gown. Her red-carpet look was nothing short of old-Hollywood glamour and left the audience in awe. At the 95th Academy Awards, the stunning Deepika Padukone made heads turn with her breathtaking appearance on the red carpet. Dressed in a striking black ensemble, the actress looked every bit glamorous and stole the limelight with her mesmerizing avatar.

Just have a look at the most beautiful and stunning creature of god 😍

The Oscars may have ended, but the celebration is far from over. Our heroes have made us proud on a global level, and you know what that means…it’s party time. And as expected, brands have wasted no time in jumping on the congratulatory bandwagon. It’s time to pop the champagne and give our winners the royal treatment they deserve.

Check out here how brands are celebrating this victory:

1. Netflix
2. Spotify
3. Voot
4. Dunzo
5. Google India
6. Zomato
7. MTV Beats
8. Short Tales
9. Durex India
10. Swiggy
11. Tide India
12. Josh App
13. Agency Masala

Agency Masala can’t stop grooving on “Naatu Naatu” since the big Oscar win, and therefore we couldn’t resist giving a shoutout to our amazing stars who made us all proud on the global stage of Oscars 2023. From us to them, a big thank you for bringing honor to home

Share your favorite moment from Oscars 2023, below, and let’s groove to the beats of “Naatu Naatu Naatu Naatu” until the next big event arrives.

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