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Pidilite Industries Rolls Out a New Ad Film for Motomax Insta Shine

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Pidilite Industries, a leading manufacturer known for its innovative solutions, has recently rolled out an exciting addition to its Motomax portfolio – the Insta Shine. The launch is accompanied by a captivating digital campaign crafted by Sideways, promising a revolution in the realm of DIY vehicle polishing.

A Shining Introduction to Motomax Insta Shine

Motomax, a well-established name catering to both the four-wheeler and two-wheeler segments in India, has consistently offered top-notch grooming and maintenance products for vehicles. The spotlight now falls on their newest creation – Insta Shine. So, this easy-to-use and pocket-friendly DIY vehicle polish is poised to transform how vehicle enthusiasts care for their bikes.

Sideways Crafts a Humorous Tale for Motomax Insta Shine

The heart of the campaign lies in a relatable and humorous digital film. It opens with a classic scenario: a boy intrigued by a girl and eager to make a lasting impression. However, the twist comes when he decides to showcase his smartness by using Motomax Insta Shine to polish his bike, gleaming with confidence, “Smart toh hu main, yeh kya, iska papa bhi aayenge.” The bike instantly transforms, catching the attention of the girl, who eventually requests a ride. The narrative unfolds with a delightful touch, introducing Motomax Insta Shine and culminating with the tagline: “Bike Chamkao Instantly.”

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Manish Dubey’s views

Manish Dubey, chief marketing officer, of Pidilite Industries, said, “Motomax Insta Shine is not just about giving your vehicle a quick shine; it’s about adding a touch of shine to your everyday life. This communication reflects the essence of our brand – providing effective solutions for vehicle care and maintenance. We believe it will resonate with our audience and reinforce Motomax Insta Shine as a go-to choice for auto-care.”

Abhijit Avasthi’s perspective

Commenting on the TVC, Abhijit Avasthi, founder, of Sideways, says, “We’ve always enjoyed crafting fun narratives for our Pidilite films. With Insta Shine, we wanted to demonstrate the instant shine functionality, but still do so in our signature, humorous way.”

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Digital Film Takes Center Stage

The digital film, now live on prominent digital and social media platforms, ensures widespread visibility. The narrative effectively conveys the message that every bike deserves to shine instantly. The tagline, “Bike Chamkao Instantly,” encapsulates the core promise of Motomax Insta Shine.


In conclusion, Pidilite Industries’ latest ad film for Motomax Insta Shine is not just about polishing bikes; it’s about creating moments that shine in everyday life. With humor and innovation at its core, the campaign aims to capture the hearts of audiences and reinforce Motomax Insta Shine as the go-to choice for auto-care enthusiasts. Get ready to witness a shining transformation on the streets as Motomax Insta Shine takes center stage in the world of vehicle grooming and maintenance.


Client: Pidilite Industries Limited
Brand: Motomax
Team: Manish DubeyRajiv SubramanianAyush Popli

Agency – Sideways Consulting
Leadership Team: Abhijit AvasthiSonali Sehgal

Creative Lead: Sameer SojwalNilay Moonje

Creative Team: Vaibhav PatilPrashant SinhaKshipra DubeyDeepika Narvekar

Account Management: Nandita DasNeal KalianiwalaPurusharth Desai

Strategy: Zahid HussainNija Nair

Production House – Bubblewrap Films
Director: Mayank Yadav
Producer: Ketaki Guhagarkar Surve

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