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Promises and Treats: Mother Dairy Launches #MotherPromise Ice Cream Campaign

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When it comes to promises, some hold a higher level of commitment than others. And in India, one such promise is the “Mother Promise.” This promise is considered one of the most sincere commitments that someone can make, and it is one that Mother Dairy, the beloved milk and milk products company, is taking very seriously with its new #MotherPromise ice cream campaign.

The campaign, which features two television commercials, has been created with the aim of targeting consumers of all ages. Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the campaign is set to run for six weeks and has a quirky yet heartfelt message at its core: making a promise over an ice cream is a promise worth keeping.

Speaking about the new campaign, Manish Bandlish, managing director, Mother Dairy, said, “At Mother Dairy, we take pride in offering 100% milk-based ice creams made with best-in-class ingredients. We have always assured our consumers of a superior taste experience & unmatched quality from all our offerings, and we stand by it. For decades, our consumers have reciprocated this trust with love & conviction. The new campaign is our attempt to live up to our promise and further strengthen the trust in a way that even our consumers can stand by, similar to honouring the highest decree of assurance – a ‘Mother Promise’. Going forward, we will be integrating the campaign thought of ‘Mother Promise’ across various categories of our dairy portfolio.”

The first TV commercial in the campaign tells the story of an older sister and her younger brother on their way home from school. The sister asks the brother to keep a secret from their mother, but the brother mischievously prods her to tell the truth. To keep him quiet, the sister offers him a Mother Dairy Kulfi, but he demands other flavors too. Eventually, he agrees to keep the secret with the promise of a daily treat, which the sister agrees to with a “Mother Promise.” This commitment is reaffirmed by Mother Dairy’s promise to offer rich, creamy, and tasty kulfi to its customers.

The second TV commercial depicts a young couple in a distinct setup, with the guy sulking because he had to wait for his partner. She comes with a smile, holding Mother Dairy Cones, and uses each of the flavors to coax him out of his mood. During her persuasion, she promises to be on time, sweetly confronting her promise with a “Mother Promise.” This commitment is further reiterated by Mother Dairy’s promise to offer 100% milk-based ice creams to its customers.

According to Rohitash Srivastava, head of strategy and planning at Ogilvy India (North), “Mother Dairy has always been a nurturing brand with high product ethos and social commitment. We wanted to communicate these timeless values in a contemporary way.” And that is precisely what the #MotherPromise campaign does – it takes a long-standing Indian commitment and infuses it with modern sensibilities, showcasing the company’s dedication to providing its customers with the best ice creams made with the highest quality ingredients.

The #MotherPromise ice cream campaign is not just about selling ice creams; it’s about making a heartfelt promise and standing by it. It’s about nurturing relationships and building trust, just as a mother would. It’s a campaign that resonates with customers on a personal level, reminding them that promises made over ice creams are promises worth keeping. So the next time you indulge in a Mother Dairy ice cream, remember the #MotherPromise and enjoy your treat with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not just eating ice cream – you’re experiencing a promise fulfilled.

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