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Ranveer Singh and Britannia NutriChoice Encourage Positive Choices in #FeelTheFit Campaign

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In an exciting collaboration that’s setting trends and breaking norms, Bollywood’s charismatic actor Ranveer Singh has teamed up with Britannia NutriChoice for their latest FeelTheFit campaign. This campaign aims to redefine the way we perceive fitness and motivate individuals to embrace their health and wellness journey, one small choice at a time. The campaign showcases the idea that every effort, no matter how modest, contributes to an individual’s positive journey toward better living.

The Creative Vision behind #FeelTheFit

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bengaluru, the #FeelTheFit campaign is a breath of fresh air in the fitness advertising arena. Unlike traditional campaigns that often focus solely on the end result, this campaign shifts the spotlight to the beginning of the journey. It emphasizes that every fitness journey commences with a choice – the choice to make a positive change, no matter how small it might seem. This choice, though seemingly minor, instantly boosts the feeling of being healthier and fitter.

#FeelTheFit Campaign

Two films of the campaign show Ranveer Singh flexing it in the office and at a bus stop and feeling high on his fitness. As he starts to interact with someone, it is revealed that it is not him but someone who simply feels like him – thanks to Britannia NutriChoice.

“The #FeelTheFit campaign is designed to motivate individuals to keep up with their overall health and wellness journey by recognising that every effort, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. The campaign seeks to shift the conversation from being only about the single end goal to focusing on the positive feeling every time one makes a good choice,” informed an official statement.

Film 1:

Film 2:

Ranveer Singh: The Face of Empowerment in #FeelTheFit Campaign

Ranveer Singh, a dynamic and trendsetting figure in the entertainment industry, is the perfect fit for this campaign. As the face of FeelTheFit campaign, Singh embodies the campaign’s message of embracing multiple paths to achieve fitness. He believes that any step taken toward a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s hitting the gym or making smarter dietary choices, is a commendable achievement. Ranveer Singh expressed his enthusiasm for being a part of the Britannia NutriChoice family and aligning with a brand that empowers consumers to embark on a journey toward better living.

In Singh’s own words, “One can choose multiple paths to achieve fitness, and any choice that leads towards that goal is a good choice. Thrilled to be a part of FeelTheFit campaign, which seeks to inspire consumers in making a good choice that makes them feel fit from within.”

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Amit Doshi’s Perspective

Feel the Fit Campaign

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries, said, “In the contemporary world today, fitness is a state of mind, which transcends the appearance of a person. With this in mind, we have launched the #FeelTheFit campaign to celebrate every big and small effort that a person takes towards this journey – be it going to the gym or eating right. The idea behind the campaign is to motivate consumers to opt for a good choice, no matter what the scale of that choice is.”

Arpan Bhattacharyya’s Creative Vision

Feel the Fit Campaign

Arpan Bhattacharyya, Executive Director and Head of Creative (Copy), Lowe Lintas Bengaluru, said, “Most ads about fitness focus on the end result. We wanted to focus on the beginning. Because be it the first meal of a complete diet or the first day of a workout regime – every fitness journey begins with a small choice. Making that small choice makes us feel better and fitter, instantly. That’s what we wanted to celebrate with this campaign. Because a fitness journey well begun is half the job done.”

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Ranveer Singh X Britannia NutriChoice: Embracing Every Step

The #FeelTheFit campaign is all about acknowledging and celebrating every single step taken toward better health. It’s a reminder that no effort is too insignificant, and every choice contributes to the overall journey. With Ranveer Singh as the guiding star, this campaign is set to inspire countless individuals to prioritize their health, make positive choices, and experience the rewarding sensation of feeling fit from within. So, let’s embrace every small choice and feel the transformative power of fitness, one step at a time.

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