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Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebranding

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Hold on tight, because Twitter just pulled off a surprising move – it changed its name to “X”! Yep, you heard that right! And Twitter rebranding- this unexpected twist has got everyone talking, especially brands on social media.

At first, many brands were confused by the sudden change. Twitter has been around for so long, and now it’s “X”? What does that even mean? But as the dust settled, some brands saw an opportunity in this switcheroo.

Some savvy brands saw the chance to get creative with their social media game. They jumped on the “X” bandwagon, using it as a fresh start to connect with their audience in cool new ways. So get ready to explore how brands reacted to Twitter’s name change.

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Brands’ reactions On Twitter rebranding

1. Dominos India

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin


3. Godrej Professional

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

4. Make My Trip

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

5. Netflix India

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

6. Ajio

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7. Jeevansathi

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin


Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

9. DBS Bank India

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

10. Swiggy Instamart

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

11. Swiggy

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

12. Ixigo

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

13. Croma

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

14. Burger King India

Reactions of Brands On Twitter Rebrandin

15. Snapdeal

16. Tinder India

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Why Did Twitter Undergo A Rebranding As “X,” And What’s The Platform’s Future Direction?

According to Elon Musk, Twitter’s name change to “X” marks a significant shift in the platform’s vision and purpose. The new logo, a white X against a pitch-black backdrop, represents Musk’s ambitions to transform Twitter into an all-encompassing platform, what he refers to as an “everything app.” Musk believes that the name “Twitter” made sense when the platform was limited to 140 characters, akin to birds tweeting back and forth. However, with the expanded possibilities of posting “almost anything,” the name no longer aligns with the platform’s capabilities.

Taking over Twitter in October 2022, Musk wasted no time in implementing sweeping changes, from staff reductions to introducing a subscription model for the coveted verified badge. He even playfully changed the logo to that of a dog named Shiba Inu after acquiring the platform. Now, with the rebranding as “X,” Musk is signaling a new era for Twitter.

The move has been perceived as risky, as it reverts decades of branding that had been established around the iconic blue bird logo. Nonetheless, Elon Musk seems resolute in his quest to reinvent the platform and position it for a more diverse and dynamic user experience.

As Linda Yaccarino takes over as CEO, the rebranding stands as the most significant development under her leadership. Yaccarino’s plans include introducing a video ads service, enticing back advertisers who departed after Musk’s acquisition, pursuing more celebrities to engage with the platform, and expanding the company’s headcount.

With the enigmatic “X” now at the forefront of Twitter’s identity, the platform seems ready to embark on a new chapter, embracing change and aiming for greater heights in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

Let’s Wrap Brands’ Reactions On Twitter Rebranding

And that’s a wrap, folks! We’ve journeyed through the ups and downs of Twitter’s name change to “X” and explored how brands reacted to this surprising twist on social media.

From the initial confusion to the exciting opportunities, brands have shown their ability to adapt and make the most of this unexpected change. Some embraced it wholeheartedly, using it as a chance to refresh their social media presence and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways. Others capitalized on the buzz around the name change, using trending hashtags and clever posts to join the conversation and get noticed by a broader audience.

However, we also saw that not all brands found it easy to incorporate the new name into their marketing strategies. Rebranding can be challenging, and some brands struggled to maintain their identity while embracing the “X.”

But one thing is sure: change is inevitable, especially in the ever-evolving world of social media. Twitter’s name change indicates a potential shift in the platform’s direction, and brands that remain adaptable and responsive to these changes will be better positioned to thrive in the digital landscape.

As we say goodbye to the old Twitter and welcome the enigmatic “X” with open arms, let’s remember that the digital world is full of surprises. So, whether you’re a brand, a user, or just a curious observer, stay tuned for more exciting transformations in the world of social media.

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