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RING Launches ‘Sapno Ko RING Karo’ Campaign Empowering India’s Aspiring Youth

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In a bid to captivate the attention of millennials and Gen Z, RING, the consumer-first digital payment app, has recently launched its latest marketing campaign, “Sapno ko RING karo.” The campaign revolves around an energetic and slice-of-life video that aims to resonate with the younger generation through a catchy rap. By showcasing the multifaceted personalities of today’s youth, who are breaking norms while striving for financial independence, RING seeks to empower them to make quick financial decisions and pursue their dreams.


The Power of “Sapno ko RING karo”

The “Sapno ko RING karo” campaign is designed to create a positive perception of credit in India, fostering independence among the country’s ambitious population. The campaign sets the context right from the start with its opening message: “The story of the young, the restless, the dreamers, and the doers.” The video then takes viewers on a neon aesthetic journey accompanied by a Hindi rap tempo, interspersed with short recreations of real success stories from Gen Z and Millennials across various backgrounds.

Six inspiring stories unfold within the video, featuring individuals such as a chemical engineer with aspirations of becoming a writer, a college dropout pursuing a career as a chef, a call-center agent, a techie who doubles as a travel blogger, a nurse who expresses herself through rap, and someone who is still exploring their path. Each segment aims to strike a chord with viewers by adopting an affectionate yet relatable tone, allowing them to connect deeply with these individuals and their journeys.

Embracing Risk and Chasing Dreams

Based on RING’s borrower profile, it is evident that Gen Z and Millennials are not risk-averse. They have embraced credit positively to fulfill their needs and desires. The “Sapno ko RING karo” campaign encourages this generation to trust in their own skills and passions, urging them to step off the beaten path and pursue their dreams fearlessly. The campaign’s opening line, “We Dream, We Believe, We Hustle,” resonates deeply with the young aspirational class, inspiring them to chase their aspirations relentlessly.

Shwetha Iyer on the ‘Sapno ko RING karo’ Campaign’s Purpose

Shwetha Iyer, RING’s Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing, expressed her excitement about the new campaign, “Sapno ko RING karo.” She emphasized RING’s commitment to understanding its customers deeply and capturing the aspirations of the young and restless. As fintech in India has made credit more accessible, especially to millennials who contribute to nearly 50% of digital lending transactions, RING wanted to bring heartwarming stories to life through a relatable and slice-of-life approach depicted in an edgy manner.

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RING’s Dedication to Empowering India’s Aspiring Youth

Since its establishment in 2022, RING has prioritized engagement with its users. The campaign represents another step in their ongoing commitment to connect, empower, and encourage the aspirational youth of India. Through this campaign, RING aims to become a catalyst for the dreams and ambitions of the younger generation, providing them with the necessary tools and financial support to embark on their journey towards success.

In conclusion, RING’s “Sapno ko RING karo” campaign showcases the vibrant spirit of India’s youth and their determination to break free from societal norms. By empowering them and providing them with the means to make informed financial decisions, RING is playing a crucial role in shaping the future of India’s aspiring youth.

As the campaign gains momentum, it is expected to make a lasting impression on its core target audience. Building upon the success of RING’s previous campaign, “Desh ka Aina – Life in her pocket,” which celebrated Women’s Day, “Sapno ko RING karo” further solidifies the brand’s position as a champion of individuality, independence, and dreams.

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