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Some of the finest Christmas campaigns of 2022

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Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh! What fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh, hey!

Merry Christmas to all of you. Finally, that time of year has come when everything is covered in Red and white, and everyone is surrounded by gifts, cakes, pastries, Santa, and cozy winter falls. Christmas is not only a great celebration opportunity but also an amazing opportunity for marketing and advertisements. This was proved by a lot of brands, who took Christmas as an amazing opportunity to showcase their marketing game and serve us some of the finest Christmas campaigns of 2022.

Here’s the list of Best Christmas Campaigns in 2022.

1. Disney, The Gift

Disney has always come up with some of the most emotionally moving campaigns of all time. This Christmas, Disney came up with a Christmas special campaign, The Gift. The Gift is an animated short movie, that reflects family togetherness. It goes with the tagline “From our Family to Yours”. It is a story that shows the arrival of a new family member, a baby, increasing the happiness and celebrations of the family. What other better way to show Christmas with family togetherness? Disney always uses family love and bond to enrich their campaigns, as they did this time, and with no surprise, this ad was highly appreciated and loved by viewers.

2. Bumble

Bumble‘s social media game is always top-notch and on point. Whatever event comes, bumble is ready with another satiric, internet-burning post. And the same happened this Christmas. Yesterday, Bumble posted a very new and unique version of the jingle bell, which goes like this,

Single bells, Single bells, Single all the way.

But I’m looking to change that,

So, I’m sending you a hey.

Well, it’s not just a new version of jingle bells, but can also be a very quick and effective pick-up line. So, all the singles out there, if you are looking for a way to slide into someone’s dm, bumble got you a very cute pickup line this Christmas.

3. Fevikwik India

Ad Agency: – SchBang

Fevikwik doesn’t fix objects only, but it also fixes its viewer’s mood with its insanely quirky campaigns and posts on social media. This Christmas, Fevikwik came up with a quirky and highly relatable version of My Money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds, which goes like this,

Fixing old Christmas Decorations instead of buying new ones, because our money don’t jingle, jingle.

A lot of viewers can relate to this post and find this funny but quite a last-minute hack as well. Some of the comments this post got were like “Fevikwik is the last-minute resort!!! The coolest brand ever🙌🙌🙌”

4. Zomato

Zomato has always crowned their employees, especially the delivery person, as the most important and precious people. And this Christmas, they posted a creative that shows their delivery guy as Santa Clause and how they keep spreading happiness door-to-door. In the creative we can see two children saying, “who said Santa don’t exist !” and in the next slide, we can see a Zomato delivery guy with a package.

We can’t deny the fact that delivery guys are no less than Santa and they never disappoint us whatever the circumstances are. Zomato took Christmas as a huge chance to honour their delivery guys and it was highly appreciated by the audience.

5. Coca-Cola, Magic of Christmas

Ad Agency: – Weiden+Kennedy

Coca-cola was running a campaign, named Real Magic where they were covering Coca-Cola in the most real forms of life. The same campaign extended to Christmas named “Magic of Christmas”. The ad was created as a short movie where we can see the protagonist cooking a Christmas meal for his friends assuming his grandma is there helping him. The theme of this ad was traditions may change, but the magic always remains.

6. Emirates

Emirates came up with a very a unique way of celebrating Christmas as well as promoting their flights. Emirates emitted their airline as Santa’s sleigh, and it is carried by reindeer. In the reel, Emirates Airlines can be seen with a Santa Cap riding by the reindeers. It went immediately viral as the audience find it a very engaging campaign with the use of technology. Emirates has always been actively participating in every festival and the Christmas campaign proved again that it’s time for Emirates to give a hike to their marketing team.

7. Nutella in collab with Vikas Khanna

Nutella collaborated with Chef Vikas Khanna this Diwali and since then Nutella has been serving us the yummiest and most delicious campaigns. This Christmas, Chef Vikas Khanna and Nutella came up with a Christmas special Banana cake where Chef can be seen giving the full recipe. People like this series and praise it a lot. Many tried this recipe and flooded comment sections with tons of love and hearts.

8. Make My Trip

Since every brand is levelling up its marketing strategy, then how can Make My Trip could not in be in this race? MakeMyTrip used Christmas to promote its destination plans for 2023. Make my trip is offering special discounts for your 2023 which can be best advertised via Christmas occasion. So, if you’re a wanderlust and looking for a good package full of fun and discounts, surely visit the MakeMyTrip website.

9. Realme

Realme came up with their new generation phone Realme 10 pro + 5G and no other time of year was best to launch this product other than Christmas week. Realme launched its Realme 10 pro + 5G on December 8th and gifted everybody with this curvaceous phone with advanced features.

Brands contributed a huge part in making your Christmas a great one, whether it’s through entertainment, idea, business, or any form. Brands have already set the bar of creativity so high that for 2023, we are expecting and ready to welcome a lot of new ideas, creativity, and innovation.

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