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Wipro Lighting Launched A Diwali Campaign #SurprisinglyHuman

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As the festival of lights, Diwali, approaches, Experience Commerce, a division of the Cheil Digital Network and the digital agency partnering with Wipro Lighting, has revealed the brand’s newest Diwali campaign. This initiative showcases two engaging digital films as part of their continuous #surprisinglyhuman campaign, designed to spotlight the cutting-edge features of Wipro Lighting’s Smart Products.

Harmony of Tradition and Technology

At the core of the campaign lies the harmonious intersection of tradition and technology. Wipro Lighting demonstrates that their Smart Products are designed with a profound understanding of human emotions, reinforcing the brand’s trust and resonance in the Indian market. The campaign promises a touch of brilliance that elevates everyday life during the Diwali celebrations.

#SurprisinglyHuman: A Diwali Journey with Wipro Lighting

The campaign unfolds through two captivating digital films released on prominent platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Managed by Experience Commerce, these films capture the essence of Wipro Lighting’s commitment to infusing innovation into daily life and the festive spirit of Diwali.

Film 1: Transforming Ordinary to Smart with Wipro Smart Plug

In the first film, a heartwarming moment unfolds as a young boy surprises his father by effortlessly transforming an ordinary device into a smart one using the Wipro Smart Plug. This showcases the practical and accessible nature of Wipro Lighting’s Smart Products, making them an integral part of modern households.

Film 2: Dazzling Celebrations with Smart Bulbs

The second film takes us into the realm of remarkable decorations as the young boy dazzles his eccentric grandfather with the brilliance of Smart Bulbs. Capable of painting the world with a palette of 16 million colors, these bulbs set the stage for a visually stunning and technologically advanced Diwali celebration.

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Jayaganesan Kandan’s perspective

Jayaganesan Kandan, marketing head at Wipro Lighting says, “Wipro consistently leads in innovation, combining intelligence with a touch of humanity to cater to evolving consumer preferences. Our latest Diwali campaign underscores the enduring core values of love and celebration within our human experience, even as technology advances. We commend Experience Commerce for their exceptional in-house capabilities and brand understanding, enabling us to swiftly produce engaging Diwali content that resonates with families during the pre-Diwali buildup.”

Virindersingh Villkhoo’s views

Virindersingh Villkhoo, ECD at Experience Commerce, applauds Wipro Lighting for consistently leading in innovation. He says, “Wipro Smart Products – be it the Smart Plug or the Smart Bulb or even the Smart Doorbell, are designed to make your home smarter and your life easier. And these have been the products that have got the most enthusiastic response from our audience on digital over a couple of years. Hence, we felt it is vital to showcase how our audiences can practically use these smart products in their homes during the festive season and beyond. And that’s how these 2 slice-of-life films were conceived, with relatable characters and endearing moments. Thanks to the confidence Wipro Lighting had in our team and some incredible hardwork, we were able to turn these films around from paper to reality in just over a week.”

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Conclusion: Light Up Your Diwali with Wipro Lighting

In conclusion, Wipro Lighting’s Diwali campaign not only showcases the technological prowess of their Smart Products but also celebrates the enduring values of love and celebration. As we approach the festival of Diwali, Wipro Lighting invites you to illuminate your homes with a touch of brilliance and experience the magic of #surprisinglyhuman moments.

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