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15 Best Christmas Ads by Brands That Touched Our Hearts

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The holiday season is a time for brands to shine, and Christmas commercials are a powerful tool for capturing hearts and minds. These ads have the ability to create lasting emotional connections with consumers, and they can play a significant role in shaping brand perception and driving sales. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most successful and best Christmas ads of all time, analyzing what makes them so effective and how they’ve contributed to their brands’ overall success. We’ll also provide insights for marketers on how to create their own memorable Christmas campaigns.

So, if you’re looking to tap into the power of the holiday season and create marketing that truly resonates with your audience, read on. We’ll show you how to craft Christmas ads that not only touch hearts but also drive business results.

What Makes Christmas Ads Memorable?

Before we unwrap the treasures of Indian Christmas ads, let’s explore what makes these advertisements memorable. Christmas ads have the power to evoke emotions, capture cultural nuances, and leave a lasting impact. Brands leverage this festive canvas to connect with audiences on a personal level, creating an emotional bond that extends beyond the holiday season.

Top Heartwarming Christmas Ads

1. Coca-Cola

This Christmas ad of Coca-Cola is truly heartwarming. It tells the touching story of a man trying to bake his mom’s special Christmas pie by following her old recipe. Throughout the process, his mom appears to guide and support him, making the whole experience emotional.

Even though the pie doesn’t turn out perfectly, the man’s mom looks at him with pride. However, in a surprising twist, we discover that the mom is not really there; she’s a memory. After sharing the pie with friends, the man raises his Coke to a photo of his late mom, and the words “Christmas always finds its way” appear on the screen.

This ad tugs at the heartstrings by capturing the essence of Christmas and the power of cherished memories. It reminds us that, even in the absence of loved ones, the spirit of Christmas endures, bringing people together in a special way. The simple yet profound message and the emotional storytelling make it one of the best Christmas ads, resonating with the magic of the season.

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2. Swiggy

Swiggy’s Christmas ad is truly special, shining a spotlight on their 200+ female delivery partners. In a heartwarming online video, they celebrate the achievements of these women who work hard to deliver food.

The ad takes us through a day in the life of a female delivery executive, from getting ready for work to ensuring timely food deliveries. It cleverly redefines the concept of “Santa Claus,” acknowledging that these women, much like our beloved Santa, juggle both personal and professional responsibilities to make sure food reaches people on time.

This ad stands out as one of the best Christmas ads because it goes beyond the traditional holiday themes. It highlights the dedication and hard work of these female delivery partners, giving a new perspective to the meaning of spreading joy during the festive season. It’s not just a celebration of Christmas but also a tribute to the unsung heroes making it special for others.

3. Faasos

Faasos, the speedy service takeaway restaurant, nailed the Christmas spirit with their #WhatifWishesComeTrue campaign. Instead of a simple giveaway, they launched a thoughtful marketing effort to surprise people worldwide with Christmas gifts.

The campaign, unveiled through a heartwarming video, encouraged people to share their childhood wishes. The response on Twitter and Facebook was overwhelming, with Faasos receiving numerous entries. The result? A truly Merry Christmas for many lucky participants.

What makes this one of the best Christmas ads is its genuine effort to connect with people’s nostalgic desires and turn them into delightful surprises. Faasos went beyond just promoting their brand, spreading joy and making dreams come true, capturing the true essence of Christmas campaigns by brands.

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4. Pepsi – Best Christmas Ad of Beverage Brand

Pepsi took a bold and unexpected turn with its Christmas ad featuring the controversial drink “Pilk” – a mix of Pepsi and milk that gained viral attention on TikTok and Instagram. The ad, starring Lindsay Lohan, embraces the unconventional trend rather than shying away from it.

In a refreshing departure from the usual sentimental holiday campaigns, Pepsi chose to ride the wave of internet virality. The simplicity of the ad, coupled with the surprising choice of showcasing the “dirty soda,” has sparked widespread conversations. It stands out as one of the best Christmas ads for its daring and unconventional approach, proving that sometimes a little quirkiness can make a big impact during the festive season.

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5. Disney

Disney’s final installment of the “From our family to yours” Christmas campaign of 2020 wraps up the trilogy with heartwarming magic. The animated film follows Nicole’s daughter, capturing her worries about her mom’s pregnancy during the festive season.

In a touching moment, Nicole gives birth, and her daughter selflessly gifts her cherished Mickey Mouse to the new baby sister. The ad embodies the classic Disney warmth, delivering a familiar and comforting feel expected from a Christmas campaign.

What makes it one of the best Christmas ads is its ability to evoke emotions and highlight the importance of family bonds. The storyline, coupled with Disney’s signature style, creates a memorable and heartening experience, making it a standout piece in the festive ad landscape.

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6. Amazon

Amazon’s 2022 Christmas ad delivers a heartwarming tale of a father’s love for his daughter. The story revolves around the daughter’s affection for a small snow globe, which she carries everywhere, even to bed. To make her smile, the father goes above and beyond, surprising her with a life-size replica inside a greenhouse, featuring artificial snow, a snowman, and a log cabin.

Accompanied by J.R. Jone’s touching song “You Hold Me Up,” the ad captures the lengths someone would go to bring joy to a loved one. Its simplicity, coupled with the powerful message of love and dedication, makes it one of the best Christmas ads. The emotional resonance and the beautifully crafted surprise make it a standout in the festive advertising landscape.

7. Etsy

Etsy, the global online marketplace known for unique items, teamed up with Pinterest in 2018 for a clever Christmas campaign. They introduced the ‘Etsy Gift Finder’ on Pinterest, making gift hunting easier. Users added details on a virtual tag, clicked “find my gifts,” and were directed to Etsy for unique present ideas.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Etsy continued its Christmas cheer with a well-rounded ad. The ad conveyed a sense of warmth and celebration, providing a bright spot during challenging times. Etsy’s innovative approach and commitment to spreading joy during the festive season make it one of the best Christmas ads.

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IKEA, the go-to for DIY furnishing, usually relies on its products to generate Christmas buzz. However, in a departure from their usual approach, they launched their first Christmas ad on YouTube. Unlike traditional ads, this one takes a humorous angle, showcasing the reality of families not being fully prepared for holiday entertainment.

The ad cleverly doubles as a product showcase, highlighting how Ikea can help deck up homes for the festive season. Its funny and relatable take on Christmas resonates with audiences, making it one of the best Christmas ads. Ikea’s innovative approach, blending humor with product promotion, sets it apart in the festive advertising scene.

9. KitKat

In 2015, KitKat embraced its iconic tagline, “Have a Break, Have a KitKat,” in a bold Christmas campaign. The simplicity of the campaign, featuring a straightforward voice-over, urged people to take a genuine break during the holiday season.

This campaign was a refreshing departure from the usual festive hype, encouraging a real pause amid the Christmas hustle. While maintaining the essence of the holiday, KitKat cleverly weaved its brand message into the narrative, emphasizing the importance of a genuine break. This unique approach set KitKat’s 2015 Christmas campaign apart, making it a memorable and effective contribution to the holiday advertising landscape.

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10. McDonald’s- Best Christmas Ad of Fast-Food Brand

McDonald’s Christmas campaign, #NotSoSecretSanta, kicked off with strategically placed vibrant red and yellow billboards gracing cities across the landscape.

15 Best Christmas Ads by Brands That Touched Our Hearts

On social media, the brand asked users to tag friends who needed Christmas cheer. Friends and family tagged would win goodies.  

McDonald’s did spread the holiday spirit by showering participants in the #ChristmasGiveaway with loads of Christmas vibes and goodies.

15 Best Christmas Ads by Brands That Touched Our Hearts

11. Microsoft- – Best Christmas Ad of Tech Brand

In 2018, Microsoft, the tech giant, brilliantly integrated its products and their benefits into a heartwarming Christmas ad on YouTube. The campaign beautifully captures the essence of friendship, celebration, skills, and XBOX gaming during the holiday season.

What makes it one of the best Christmas ads is Microsoft’s inclusive and sensitive approach. They’ve not only showcased their products but also highlighted the emotions and experiences tied to Christmas. It’s a well-designed campaign that seamlessly weaves technology into the festive spirit, making it both relatable and impactful.

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12. Uber Eats

Uber Eats struck a chord with their 2019 Christmas ad by tapping into the emotional side of the season. Beyond just highlighting their service’s availability during the holidays, the campaign beautifully captured the essence of Christmas emotions.

What makes it one of the best Christmas ads is the effective collaboration with like-minded brands. The ad featuring carolers served as a gentle reminder to consider ordering from Uber Eats during the festive season, blending festive spirit with practicality. The emotional resonance and clever marketing make it a standout Christmas campaign, striking a balance between sentiment and service.

13. Air Canada

Air Canada’s #ACGiftofHome Christmas campaign has become a timeless favorite, resonating with the heartfelt desire to be home for the holidays. The airline took a unique approach, generously flying Canadians living in London back home for Christmas. The campaign kicked off with Air Canada pilots surprising people at the Maple Leaf bar in London with free tickets.

The objective was crystal clear – create a social media holiday campaign and harness user-generated content (UGC). They urged those traveling home for the holidays to share their stories using the #ACGiftofHome hashtag. The campaign has excelled on multiple fronts, from flawless execution to fostering customer loyalty, generating a buzz on social media, and establishing a recognizable brand identity.

15 Best Christmas Ads by Brands That Touched Our Hearts
15 Best Christmas Ads by Brands That Touched Our Hearts

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14. Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar, the Indian retail chain, initiated the #BanoKisiKaSanta Campaign in 2017, centered around the spirit of giving during the festive season. This enduring campaign encourages consumers to play the role of Santa not only for their loved ones but also for those less privileged.

Starting from 2018, the brand has been actively urging consumers to embrace the role of Santa by gifting underprivileged children during the Christmas season. It’s a heartwarming initiative that continues to spread joy and the essence of generosity every holiday season.

15. Cadbury Dairy Milk

The iconic brand, synonymous with joyous celebrations, has crafted a touching Christmas campaign. They’ve curated Instagram posts from everyday individuals, sharing moments of happiness. While these posts may not have garnered widespread attention, the campaign emphasizes that every joyous moment holds inherent value.

The central theme of the campaign is beautifully encapsulated in the phrase, “Be a part of someone else’s Happiness. Go on.” This simple yet powerful idea encourages people to contribute to the joy of others, reinforcing the notion that even seemingly small moments of happiness are significant and worth sharing.

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Wrapping up: Best Christmas Ads

This ad is a celebration of the Christmas spirit and all that it means to be together with loved ones.

These are just a few of the many great Christmas ads that have been created by Indian brands. These ads are a reminder that the true meaning of Christmas is about love, family, and giving to others.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Merry Christmas!

FAQs on Best Christmas Ads

Q: What makes a Christmas ad memorable?

A: Memorable Christmas ads often combine emotional storytelling, relatable themes, and a touch of creativity that resonates with viewers long after the holiday season.

Q: How do Indian brands incorporate cultural elements into their Christmas ads?

A: Indian brands often infuse cultural elements such as traditional festivals, family values, and regional customs to create ads that connect with the diverse audience.

Q: Are there any common themes in Indian Christmas ads?

A: Common themes include family, togetherness, joy, and the spirit of giving, reflecting the cultural values associated with the festive season.

Q: How do these ads contribute to brand image and consumer perception?

A: Christmas ads contribute positively to brand image by showcasing a brand’s values, creativity, and emotional connect, thereby influencing consumer perception.

Q: What role does storytelling play in the success of Christmas ads?

A: Storytelling is pivotal in Christmas ads as it creates an emotional connection, making the brand and its message more memorable and relatable to the audience.

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