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How to Deal with Negative Comments on Instagram

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Instagram is like a stage, full of performances. You get appreciation and applause, and sometimes you might get standing ovations too, but where there is praise, there is a curse. Social media can also let you go through adverse form of reactions, which can be harsh, rude, vulgar, smutty, and audacious.

A world of negativity can be poured on you just through a screen, by an anonymous name and face where you are unaware of the person, their identity or anything through which you can stop them. But you can surely learn some methods to deal with them so that they won’t harm you in any ways.

Here are few ways to deal with Negative Comments on Instagram

1. Target your audience

Not everybody is your target audience, some are there only to create unnecessary crowds and chaos. For that, you need to filter your target audience. For instance, if you have a dance page on Instagram, then your target audience will be people who love dance, and who understand dance. For that, use hashtags like #dance, #dancelovers #danceindia, etc.

Use correct keywords that are relevant to your IG page so that people who actually want to engage with your content will attract to your page rather than unnecessary trollers.

2. Never ignore negative comments

People always think that ignoring negative comments is the best way to cope with them. But it’s the biggest mistake you can do to deal with negative comments. If you stop or block the negative comments at the earliest step, then it’ll be easy for you to attract only an engaging troop rather than a bunch of trollers who are only there to bark at you unnecessarily.

Ignoring can also be a hint of motivation to the troller and they can find fun in poking and mocking you for no reason. Therefore, it is great to stop the negative comments as early as it begins before they take a bigger ride of toxicity.

3. Analyse the type of negative comment

Sometimes negative comments could not be in a trolling manner, but they could be serious and reactive. Often, a negative comment can be a productive criticism, that, if taken positively can be used to enhance your content. If your certain audience is always supportive and applauding, but some of your content is not so appreciated by them, then at that point you need to know their point of view and try to understand what kind of content they love the most and what triggers or not so appreciated to them.

When social media becomes a place where you start to share your negative thoughts or you become negative from other people’s posts, remove yourself before you ruin your reputation”.

4. Be more interactive in comment sections

Sometimes it’s good to interact with your audience in comment sections. You get to know what they like, what kind of content they prefer more, and what they don’t like. Sometimes negative comments don’t come from trollers, but it is just the reaction of your audience who have full faith in you, and they want you to improve that part.

Try to ensure your audience is in the comment section on serving quality content as the comment section is the only place where you can interact with your audience directly. Instead of digging for misunderstanding from negative comments, try to talk with your audience and resolve your peace of mind.

5. Block Words, Phrases and emojis on Instagram

Instagram also hates trollers and negative comments; therefore, Instagram has provided you with a feature where you can ban certain word, phrase, or even emoji that you hate or don’t like to be used by your viewers on Instagram. Visit this YouTube link to learn how can you go to settings and apply the ban on certain words.

6. Witty Replies

Do you know that sometimes half of the problem can be solved only by the way you deliver your words? Your trollers should also know whom they are beefing with. That you can show by smart and witty replies. A negative comment comes from an empty mind, and it can be flushed down by smart, witty, and cookie-cutter replies.

For example, when someone comments,” You are so fake”, Just reply to them, “less than your IG account”. Don’t slay only with your content but nail the hell out of your trollers as well.

7. Never delete negative comments

It’s a rule of social media, “Never delete a negative comment before addressing it to the world”. A negative comment can be very bad, embarrassing, vulgar, or even heart throbbing, but never delete them because they are like a mirror to the trollers to reflect their reality, and also it could be a lesson for somebody else who’s facing the same problem on the internet.

Pop singer Madilyn Bailey came out with the most creative way to address her trollers by creating a song out of the hate comments she received on her social media. You can too come up with something like this to address your haters, such as, you can post their IG profile on your Instagram story, you can do a fun roast session with trolls, or something like that which can be fun, quirky, witty, and can get your trollers on their knee.

Every content creator has to go through negative comments. It’s like “Elaichi to your Biryani”, It might taste bad, but it would also be spice less if it won’t be there. So, enjoy the journey of your Biryani and throw out disturbing Elaichi whenever it annoys you.

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