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Meme Marketing – Is it here to stay?

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Memes are all over the internet. It’s no surprise that people adore them because they’re funny, entertaining, and simple to grasp. But what does it really mean? A meme is a photograph or video that symbolizes a specific audience’s thoughts and feelings. 

Memes and social media are a perfect fit as both are used for connecting people online. Memes are a technique of conveying a culturally relevant notion via social media, whereas social media is a medium of communication. The majority of memes are captioned photos with humorous captions. There are, however, a lot of video memes also that have gone viral. According to studies, the average person spends more than two hours every day on social media, where they are continually bombarded with content, including memes. Advertisers would be silly not to take advantage of this massive, ever-changing market.

Why one should use memes?

Memes have the power to tap into a common emotion: laughter. When a customer comes across a great meme, they want to share it right away on social media. As a result, a chain reaction occurs. A humorous meme is shared by one person, then by a friend, and so on. The meme went global in a matter of minutes. People enjoy laughing and much more so when they can share their laughter with their companions. Memes can be so incredibly relatable that people can’t help but share them.

Digital marketing is all about connecting with customers, and more precisely, your target group. Memes are an excellent way to contact such people. Memes have the ability to approach an audience on a more engaging or even more personal level than sponsored content. According to marketing studies, memes have the ability to outperform ordinary photographs or videos on social media in terms of engagement. For example, on Chipotle Mexican Grill’s social media, a study was undertaken to discover which had a greater reach and interaction, memes or normal material. According to the findings, meme posts reached nearly two million more individuals than regular material, resulting in a 33 percent higher effective rate.

Here are some brands that are killing it with meme marketing:


We won’t go into detail regarding covid-19, but suffice it to say that during the lockdown, Netflix doubled its predicted number of new customers. This was due in part to legendary plays like Tiger King and Love is Blind, but it was also due to their extraordinary social media efforts. Netflix, which has 8.2 million Twitter followers, used humour to spoof the year 2020 while simultaneously promoting the blockbuster series You. It’s a nice touch.

PC: Twitter


Skittles is all about engaging in witty conversation. Their requests for organic content and responses are typically straightforward, yet the conversation continues. This proves that massive marketing initiatives aren’t always necessary to increase engagement. It’s all about interacting, and Skittles is known for keeping things as light as possible.

PC: Twitter

Taco Bell

It stands to reason that a fast food restaurant known for satisfying late-night cravings would embrace fun banter and foolish wisecracks on its social media profiles. The company’s smart one-liners, brilliant photo updates, and amusing comebacks are sure to make you smile on Twitter, where Taco Bell truly shines.


Zopa’s mission as an innovative peer-to-peer lending startup is to keep people informed about financial solutions, loans, and investments. They cater to millennials, so their content must be engaging and educational in order to keep the attention of Digital Natives. Zopa distinguishes itself as an industry leader equipped to handle crucial problems in an understandable manner by using amusing images, figures, and questions. Who said finance had to be uninteresting?

PC: Twitter

Critics may argue that meme marketing is just a passing fad that will fade from marketers’ minds as quickly as it appeared, but we can assure you that this is not the case. Memes are like a great wine; as time passes, they improve and evolve. Memes’ popularity on social media has not waned since their conception; still, advertisers and marketers are only scratching the surface when it comes to using them to promote their companies.

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