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Fashion Trend In 2022: Fall Special

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The fall season has arrived and with the season change, the fever of fashion is getting high in everybody around. Fall gives you the full opportunity of showcasing your fashion game as rows of parties, festivals, and events are lined up. So, to upgrade your fashion game, we have come up with the top trendy Fashion in 2022: Fall special.

1. Voguish Layering

Remember, as a kid when our mother used to layer us with tons and tons of clothes over and over and we used to find it uncool and uncomfortable? Well to your surprise that uncool layering has become one of the gigantic fashion statements in the 2022 fall season.

Layering with scarf and accessories

It’s a chilly winter evening, and you are styled up in black trousers, white sleeky boots, a black tank top layered with a leather jacket, and an oversized coat.

Layering can not only be done in a party or casual look, but you can even achieve an office- formal look with layering just by styling it up with khaki pants, formal shirt, leather jacket and long beige color coat.

Funky Layering

Layering in the right color combination, texture, fabric, style, and correct sequence can make you look classy, chic, and voguish. Layering varies from season to season and so does its way of styling. Spring layering consists of bright colors with lightweight fabrics but on the other hand, fall layering consists of a dark and grudge aesthetic with heavy fabrics and woolen.

Paris Fashion Week 2022 ignited the trend of layering back to the era and since then it has experimented in tons of different ways. A beige color woolen sweatshirt layered with a dark color long coat or short puffer jacket with a neutral color scarf is the most sophisticated layering to have a boss lady look. Similarly, you can have casual look by layering it with a thin turtleneck or camisole layered with a hoodie. All it needs is one innovative idea to layer with style and look voguish.

2. Jacket over Dress

The “Jackets can only be worn over jeans or pants” phenomena has gone by now and people have started experimenting wearing jackets/coats over skirts and dresses as well, which is proving to be a top-notch fashion statement and been practicing on gigantically among Youth.

A sweet little date in winter can be even cuter when you style it up with a cute floral dress, black boots, and a puffer jacket over it.

Grudge Look

Get a grudge and rock look by styling your hot red maxi dress with a long puffer jacket, carrying a small little bag edging it with black boots.

Long Coat over Floral Dress

Wearing a Floral dress with boots or heel, carrying a cute bag but still feel something is missing in your fall look! Well to enhance your fall fashion, try puffer jacket/long coat/cardigan on your cute dress and see your fashion turning into much edgy, fashionable, classy and chic look.

3. Knitted Sweater and Grandma Tales

Grandma corseting sweaters for us when we were kids was one of the best childhoods but as we were growing up, we left knitted sweaters behind and moved to machine-made jackets and coats to stay in touch with fashion and trends. But as it is said, fashion keeps getting forth and back with time so, with all love of our grandmas and mums, knitted sweater fashion has come back to fashion, and that too in a unanimous manner.

”A knitted Sweater will warm your body and comfort your soul.”

A knitted Sweater is not something that upgrades your aesthetic but it’s an aesthetic in itself. The simplest way to look cool, smart, and comfortable in the fall is to wear a knitted sweater with ripped or baggy jeans and go with one of the most go-to look.

Bella Hadid in Cardigan

Oversized sweaters are highly in demand, even international model Bella Hadid is seen wearing knitted sweaters on the streets and runway. There are lots of ways you can style up knitted sweaters, such as you can carry them as an off-shoulder sweater for fun and casual meet up. You can also wear them with skirts or palazzo and can even make them edgy by layering them with scarf or shrug.

4. Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur was dragged into Fashion by international stars like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande, and since it become an extremely trendy fall fashion. Faux Fur Coat is a symbol of richness, class, and luxury. It’s a symbol of power and gives instant boost to your fashion game.

“She Doesn’t wear fur because she is cold, she wears fur because she is Glamorous”.

Faux Fur Coat with Leather Pant

Wanna Look Luxury instantly? Grab your Faux Fur coat and a leather pant and there you go with a luxury and classy look.

Faux Fur with Boots

Faux Fur Coat goes with a party night dress, it goes with the daytime street look, you can uplift your boss look by pairing it with leather pants or you can also wear Faux fur Coat as a dress itself. It is tremendously in demand and has emerged on the list of trendiest fall fashion 2022. Faux Fur Coat best part is, whenever you wear it, it makes you feel like in a music video, instant ego boost.

5. Cardigan Arrest

Cardigan fashion is an ever-green fashion that can never go out of style. Cardigans are the most basic yet super comfy and stylish to give you a chic look. Cardigans can experiment at various levels. If you want a casual look, wear a cardigan with basic jeans or denim. If you want a dinner date, wear a cute little dress style it up with boots, and wear a pretty cardigan over it and you are all dinner date ready. Want to get the office ready with a cardigan! NO issue, wear your formal and carry it with beautiful warm black or neutral color cardigan. You just say, and there you are cardigan arrest.

“It was a cold November day and she had dressed herself up in layers of cardigans and covered the whole lot with her old tweed coat, the one she might have used for feeding the chickens in.”
― Barbara Pym

Cardigans are like a soft hug in this chilling and freezing winters

There are lots of ways you can style up cardigans, to know more click on the link below.

Fashion reflects your personality and class, and the more the human gathering, the more opportunity you get to showcase your personality via fashion, and the fall season is the best season to encourage your fashion game and slay all the parties and festivals.

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