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How Brands celebrated the 74th Republic Day?

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Happy 74th Republic Day to all the masala readers“.

Republic day is the day to celebrate our constitution, a day to celebrate our victory and a day to shower ourselves in tricolor. This day came out to be special not only for civilians but also for the brands. Many brands came out saluting and celebrating the 74th republic day most creatively, you can witness.

Here’s the list of brands who came out with some of the amazing republic day campaigns.

1. Zomato

Zomato came up with a very wonderful way to celebrate republic day. Zomato launched an incredible republic day campaign, Respect All Uniform, where they celebrate the efforts of every person serving the country. The campaign is curated with a very beautiful and patriotic ad film, where the Zomato delivery guy is saluting every professional belonging to different sectors of life, including watchmen, maids, air hostesses, traffic police, and others. People loved this ad and appreciated Zomato for creating such a value-enriching campaign on the occasion of republic day.

2. TATA Tea Premium

TATA Tea Premium created a very iconic campaign for republic day with the help of technology. The brand came up with “DeshKiJhanki” where they were showcasing the beauty and diversity of India that too in 3D. Jhankis showcase the rich contributions of our states to ‘India at 75’ via an immersive Republic Day parade. The campaign allows users to enjoy a bewitching experience through 360-degree viewing. A unique and wholesome audio-visual experience of nationality and patriotism is very much loved and appreciated by the audience.

Visit for an immersive 360° experience and celebrate India’s 75 years of glory and pride.

3. Fevicol

Fevicol is one of the strongest adhesive brands not only as a product but also sticks us strong with its creativity game. This Republic Day, Fevicol came with a very unique way to showcase our constitution’s beauty. The creative had our constitution on one side with the tagline “Mazboot Desh” and on the side, it was a Fevicol image with the tagline “mazboot Furniture”. What an amazing level of marketing!

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4. Air India

A campaign where it asks all Indians to come up together as a team and strengthen the nation to fly higher and higher. Air India’s republic day campaign speaks a very beautiful narrative on how a young mind aims to host the flag higher and higher with her small hands but extra strong determination. Air India thread the concept of the sky, limitlessness, and togetherness in a very beautiful campaign, which has values, patriotism, love, and emotions. The icing on this campaign was the melodic voice of singer Shaan singing “jhanda uncha rahe hamara

5. Nilons

Nilons launched their republic day campaign where the audience witness a masterpiece that threaded food, diversity, and togetherness, all in one unifying campaign. This campaign shows how people in India are diverse when it comes to food choices but at the end of the, we are all one and bound together in one as a unity.

The campaign is created and conceptualized by Django Digital, celebrates the unity and diversity of India, and the spirit of togetherness it represents

6. Meesho

Meesho’s Republic Day campaign celestially showcased India as “The New Land Of Opportunity” with appealing animation and graphics as the source medium. Meesho proclaims India to be Our nation is a beautiful mix of cultures, languages, traditions, ideas, and history. It’s also the land of music, art, dance, handicrafts, tourism, farming, fisheries textiles and counting never ends.

Created and conceptualized by Hybrid, the campaign features quirky and wholesome animations by popular artists and illustrators like Ankur ChaudhryKhushboo Yadav, Rucha Pagar, and Raksha Mehta.

7. Cashkro

“Pick a flag if you love to go on trips”, “Pick a Flag if you ever order food”, how cool it would be if someone asks you to pick a flag (National flag) for every day-to-day thing we do. CashKro’s Republic Day campaign was somewhat similar to this only. CashKaro didn’t limit their campaign to a digital platform and came down all over to the street and carried a placard where there are such lines written, “If You love shopping pick a flag”, and then people who can relate to those lines, picks a flag from the bag besides. This was a very innovative way to give people a flag and let them re-learn the importance of it that they forgot about this fast lifestyle.

8. Croma

Croma came up with a very wonderful Republic Day campaign with the title “Constitution of Joy” which begins on January 19, 2023, and will continue till January 29, 2023. An emotional sketch inspired by the true story of Mr. K.R. Raamakrishnan from Chennai shows how technology can bring a whole nation together to fulfill the demand of one person. A very beautifully portrayed and even beautifully narrated campaign gives a very wholesome message to the whole world. With this campaign, Croma showed how they go the extra mile to bring a smile to your face.

9. Agency Masala

Agency Masala is also no less to showcase its creativity on this auspicious occasion of Republic Day. Our quirky Republic Day creative appeals to have a constitution for designers where clients cannot ask for changes more than 2 times. Here’s the pledge from our designers: –

I solemnly pledge.

Only changes in salary will be accepted multiple TIMES, not in projects.

Only for parties’ office time will extend, not for work.

Only I can say “We will get back to you later”, not HR.

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