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Shattering Stereotypes: Dabur Amla’s Message to Women

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The power of a woman is unparalleled. Throughout history, women have been a source of inspiration, standing strong and fighting for what is right. But often, society paints them in a negative light and puts unnecessary labels on them. Dabur Amla, an iconic hair oil brand with 80+ years of legacy, has launched a powerful campaign to challenge these stereotypes. 

The campaign, #StrongHairStrongerYou, reminds women that their hair is a measure of their strength and not a judgement of their character. It is a celebration of female power and resilience, encouraging women to embrace their true selves and not get bogged down by what the outside world might have to say about them.

The campaign, created and conceptualized by Dabur Amla and Schbang, shines a light on the societal labelling of women based on their hairstyle. Why is a clean, sleek hairstyle considered the trait of a bossy woman and not a classy one? Dabur Amla roped in Priya Malik, Actor and poet, to put focus on the societal labelling that paints women in a negative light.

The campaign encourages viewers to look beyond the stereotypes and opens a healthy dialogue to reinforce the women in their lives positively. Dabur Amla wants to empower women to be confident in their own skin and to be strong, backed by solid and beautiful hair. 

Ankur Kumar, GM-Marketing, Hair Care from Dabur, said, “Dabur Amla has been a trusted hair oil brand with 80+ years of legacy. It has always been fuelled by a mission to empower women to be confident about themselves backed by strong and beautiful hair. Through this campaign, we have taken this conversation forward encouraging women to own and embrace their true selves through strong hair and a strong spirit and not get bogged down by what the outside world might have to say about them”

Ayush Rathod, Associate Vice President from Schbang said, “The role of women in the evolving dynamics of the world, make campaigns like these the need of the hour. Leveraging Dabur Amla’s core value of ‘strength’, it was a fulfilling experience to extract a meaningful conversation out of it that drives a behavioural shift in the society and empowers the women of today and tomorrow. Lastly, It’s heartening to see a legacy brand like Dabur Amla evolving with time and reinforcing its commanding voice in the hair oil category with Schbang”

This campaign by Dabur Amla celebrates the strength and resilience of women and sets an example for brands to create campaigns that challenge stereotypes and create positive conversations. Its message to women is clear – be strong, be confident and be proud of who you are. So, let’s continue to be inspired by the power of women and push boundaries to create a more inclusive and empowering world.

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