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How Brands Sparked Patriotism on Republic Day 2024

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Republic Day 2024 stands as a momentous milestone for India, marking the 75th anniversary of its Constitution. Rooted in the principles of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity, this day holds immense patriotic significance. As the nation unites in celebration, leading brands are seizing the moment, weaving creativity into their ad initiatives to encapsulate the essence of this historic occasion. Join us as we delve into how these brands commemorated Republic Day 2024 with innovative campaigns that reflect the spirit of the nation’s foundational values.

Brands celebrating Republic Day 2024 in all flying colors

1. Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres crafted a compelling Republic Day ad showcasing their versatile tires crossing challenging terrains to symbolize protection for the country. The ad proudly declares Apollo as a partner of India’s defense forces, aligning with Bharat Forge Limited, BEML Limited, Ashok Leyland, and L&T Construction & Mining Machinery. Celebrating the nation’s strength and unity, Apollo extends warm Republic Day wishes to all

2. Bajaj Allianz Life

Bajaj’s #PlankForACES Republic Day campaign invites individuals across the nation to pay tribute to ISRO scientists, the real ACES of space exploration. The initiative urges people to unite and show admiration through a collective act of planking, acknowledging the brilliance that defines ISRO’s remarkable legacy in space missions. Join us in celebrating and expressing gratitude to the true architects of India’s space achievements.

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3. Godrej 

In Godrej’s Republic Day campaign, “Celebrating India’s Diamond Jubilee,” the brand resonates with pride, recognizing every achievement and global impact. Using the hashtag #HeereJaisaMazboot, Godrej salutes the nation’s strength and resilience. As India commemorates 75 years of empowerment, the campaign embodies a celebration of the country’s enduring spirit and its significant contributions on the global stage.

4. Vistara

Vistara’s #RepublicDay campaign unveils ‘Vistara’s Symphony,’ a mesmerizing soundtrack inspired by India’s diverse sounds and instruments. Immerse yourself in the cultural melodies on your next Vistara flight or click the link to experience the harmonious celebration.

5. Max Protein

Embark on a poignant journey with Max Protein’s ad campaign, where Mumbai Police officers share untold narratives beyond crime scenes. Uncover heartwarming tales fueling their resilience, portraying the invisible strength propelling these real-life heroes beyond the challenges of their noble duty. Join us in saluting the indomitable spirit of Mumbai’s finest.

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6. Steadfast Nutrition

Steadfast Nutrition’s “Thakna Nahi, Rukna Nahi” campaign, launched ahead of Republic Day, serves as a compelling call to combat urban fatigue with energy-boosting foods and supplements. Celebrating nation builders, the campaign showcases tangible performance enhancements achieved through Steadfast Nutrition products. Join the movement and embrace relentless energy for a stronger, resilient India.

7. IIFL Home Loan

IIFL Home Loans introduces Bharosa Bhau, the fearless companion in the journey from dreams to success! With the tagline “No fear when Bharosa Bhau is here! Ab Sapne #SaathHongeKaamyaab,” witness the trustworthy partner effectively reassuring millions of Indians with confidence and ease. Because when the one you trust the most believes in IIFL Home Loans, success is inevitable.

8. Axis Bank

Axis Bank invites you to discover your India in regular yet special, small yet significant, simple yet remarkable moments. Embrace the uniqueness of every experience and find the India that’s truly yours.

9. Kia India

Kai India celebrates a generation with a brilliant mind, honoring the great nation on its 75th Republic Day. Here’s to the continuous inspiration drawn from the nation. Wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day

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10. Zupee

Zupee, an online skill-based gaming platform, unveils “India Paasa Palat Raha Hai,” a film celebrating the country’s remarkable journey. The animated video showcases India’s triumphs, from Chandrayaan’s landing to Make in India successes and economic rise. Athletes claiming international medals underscore the nation’s technological prowess and transformation into an emerging superpower, instilling pride and optimism.

11. Pepperfry

Pepperfry, the online marketplace for furniture and home décor, pays tribute to 75 years of democratic India with a heartwarming visit to the Sahawas Old Age Home in Maharashtra. Celebrating the enduring spirit and love for the nation among the older generation, Pepperfry hosts a vibrant event featuring party games and music sessions. Embracing the mantra #75AndYoung, the company acknowledges the wisdom and everlasting enthusiasm of the “Evergreen Generation.”

12. Snapbuy

Snapbuy captures attention with a compelling monologue, addressing corruption and persistent habits. The video concludes with a poetic invitation, urging people to adopt new habits of saving and contribute to building a new India.

13. Hisense India

Hisense India reflects on the journey from watching parades as kids to witnessing India’s soaring achievements. Embracing a blend of traditions and groundbreaking innovations, we look forward to the future. Cheers to celebrating the nation’s progress and the spirit of Republic Day

14. Air India

Air India presents a visually stunning Republic Day ad, soaring above states and countries, capturing the essence of boundless possibilities. With the tagline “Together we soar,” it becomes an ode to a nation that continually rises. Celebrating the 75th Republic Day, Air India embraces the spirit of unity and progress, proudly proclaiming, “Desh Ka Naam #HarAasmaan.”

15. Goldmedal India

Goldmedal India debuts a captivating CGI ad for Republic Day, amplifying the spirit of unity in diversity. Join the celebration and groove to this unique rhythm that defines us as a nation. Wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day!

16. Zomato

Zomato pledges on Republic Day to safely deliver food to all 1.4 billion people in the country, reaffirming its commitment to providing safe and reliable food delivery services.

17. Hyundai India

Hyundai India paints their office in tricolor this Republic Day, creating a visual symphony of patriotism. Hyundai extends warm wishes to all for a Happy Republic Day

18. Cycle India

Cycle India initiates a parade of dhoop bati and agarbati, extending heartfelt wishes for a Happy Republic Day and they wish “We send our warmest regards and prayers for our beloved nation on this auspicious day! 🙏💫 May the fragrance of hope permeate far and wide, infusing every heart with dreams, unity, and perseverance for India’s peace, progress, and prosperity.”

19. Blinkit

Blinkit paints a canvas of patriotism with a beautiful animated video, making sure that every hand proudly holds the tricolor on this Republic Day. Let the colors of unity, diversity, and pride shine bright. Happy Republic Day

20. Aashirvaad Svasti Milk

Aashirvaad Svasti Milk unveils a beautiful video, highlighting the diverse flavors from every state in India. Sip on the pride of purity this Republic Day with Aashirvaad Svasti Milk. Cheers to the spirit of unity and goodness in every drop

21. Uber India

Uber India presents a poignant animated video, depicting the passage of time and the evolution of Republic Day celebrations, yet highlighting the unwavering love and patriotism for our country. They affirm, “Saal badal gaye, raaste badal gaye par jazbaat? Wahi hai. 🇮🇳” #HappyRepublicDay 🥹✨

22. IndiGo

IndiGo proudly illustrates its extensive reach, covering every state from beach to land, sea to sky. Wishing everyone a proud and happy Republic Day

23. Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital celebrates Republic Day by acknowledging that, no matter how you express it, the pride and patriotism always remain unchanged. Reliance Digital wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day

24. BMW India

BMW India delivers a cinematic joy, offering a premium experience of Republic Day, mirroring the elegance of their brand. The showcase reflects India’s progress in 75 years. Here’s to India, 75 years on the road to progress.

25. Godrej Secure

Godrej Secure, witnessing India’s journey from 1950 to 2024, stands as a constant guardian. #GodrejSecuritySolutions has evolved alongside, securing the nation’s strides with trust and innovation. This Republic Day, celebrate the spirit of security and progress. Jai Hind

26. Hathi Edible Oils

Hathi Edible Oils takes us on a visual journey this Republic Day, showcasing the making of the Constitution. Through a series of motion images, the video captures the essence of our honorable leaders who crafted this significant document. They express, “Woh kitaab jismien chhupi hai pure Hindustan ki gantantra hone ki kahani jo likhi gayi thi aaj hi ke din!” Hathi Mustard Oil extends warm wishes for a Happy Republic Day to the entire nation.


As we conclude our exploration of how brands commemorated Republic Day 2024, it becomes evident that these campaigns went beyond mere marketing. They resonated with the spirit of the 75th anniversary, weaving narratives of strength, unity, and patriotism. From tireless efforts in defense to soaring high in the skies, each brand showcased a unique facet of India’s journey. Whether through captivating soundtracks, heartfelt narratives, or calls to combat urban fatigue, these initiatives reflected a deep connection to the nation’s values. As we applaud these brands for their creativity and commitment, let’s carry the essence of Republic Day forward, celebrating the diverse tapestry that is India.

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