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Top 20 Christmas campaigns in India in 2023

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As the festive season unfolds its magic across the vibrant landscape of India, the air is filled with joy, warmth, and the enchantment of Christmas. Amidst the dazzling array of decorations and the melody of carols, one aspect stands out—the top Christmas campaigns of 2023 in India. In this blog, we delve into the heart of this festive spectacle, exploring the creativity, innovation, and sheer brilliance that define the most captivating yuletide initiative in the country. Join us on a journey through the campaign’s highlights, embracing the spirit of Christmas with every carefully curated detail. Unwrapping the magic, we invite you to discover why this campaign has become the hallmark of holiday celebrations, captivating hearts and spreading cheer nationwide.

Top Christmas Camapign in India in 2023TVC Edition

1. Zomato


Zomato, India’s food delivery giant, unwraps the magic of Christmas in its heartwarming campaign. The ad spins a tale of late-night deliveries and the anticipation akin to waiting for Santa Claus. Grown-ups and kids alike express disappointment until Zomato steps in, delivering not just meals but also Christmas cheer. From a teary-eyed shopkeeper to a hopeful child, the ad captures the diverse emotions of the season. Zomato’s message is clear: “Late deliveries can be painful, so we have to deliver on time.” Experience the enchantment of Christmas through Zomato’s lens, where every delivery is a celebration.

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2. Nutella

Nutella, Ferrero’s cherished hazelnut cocoa spread, is kindling festive warmth in its holiday campaign, enlisting Ranveer Singh for the heartwarming #nutellawithlove initiative. In a charming digital film, Ranveer adorns his Christmas tree, emphasizing the season’s spirit of doing something special for loved ones. As part of the campaign, he unveils plans to ‘spread the love’ with Nutella muffins for his family, inviting viewers to join in by creating delightful Nutella recipes from This collaboration not only adds star power but encourages everyone to embrace the joy of sharing love through delicious Nutella creations.

3. Ferrero India

Ferrero India, a division of the Ferrero Group, is poised to enchant the holiday season with twin Christmas campaigns featuring Hrithik Roshan for Ferrero Rocher and Sara Ali Khan with Ferrero Rocher Moments. These digital films encapsulate the magic and warmth of the festive season.

4. Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres unveils a touching Christmas campaign, weaving a poignant tale of a father and a little girl. In the emotional narrative, the girl, who has lost her mother, expresses her heartfelt wish to Santa to meet her again. The campaign beautifully captures the warmth of their relationship. In a heartwarming moment, the father takes the girl on a journey in his car, symbolizing a special connection. As they travel, the campaign unfolds, revealing a magical scene where the father guides the girl’s hand to show stars, fostering a sense of hope and wonder. Apollo Tyres’ emotional Christmas campaign is a celebration of love, family, and the magic of the season.

5. redBus

The online bus ticketing platform, redBus, pays homage to India’s multicultural tapestry and the unique celebration of Christmas in the country. The heartwarming film depicts a man and his granddaughter embarking on a journey to Kochi to partake in the Christmas festivities. This advertisement serves as an ode to India’s cultural diversity, emphasizing that Christmas transcends any specific community; rather, it is a joyous celebration for everyone. Through the poignant narrative, redBus celebrates the inclusive spirit of Christmas, beautifully illustrating how the holiday unites people across diverse backgrounds.

6. Licious

In a festive twist, Licious presents a compelling case for extending the Christmas celebration throughout December, leaving Santa Claus bewildered and arriving early. The ad unfolds with a family relishing a delectable Licious spread of Christmas delicacies for dinner. The narrative takes a delightful turn as Santa himself joins the feast, indulging in the festive delights alongside the joyous family. Licious captures the essence of an extended Christmas celebration, emphasizing that the joy of feasting and merriment can last all month long.

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7. Runwal Group

Embracing the festive spirit, Runwal Group unveils a heartwarming Christmas-themed ad film, narrating a enchanting tale of holiday magic. The narrative takes viewers on a delightful journey, emphasizing the significance of togetherness and cherishing joyful moments with family. This well-crafted campaign seamlessly reflects Runwal Group’s commitment to providing a comprehensive lifestyle through their projects. The film beautifully captures the warmth and love defining the holiday season, not just in decorations but in the heartfelt embrace of loved ones. With a promise of an all-encompassing lifestyle, Runwal Group’s Christmas campaign shines through in spreading joy and celebrating the magic that transcends mere decorations.

8. Archies

Archies launches the heartwarming #ArchiesJoyfulGiving Christmas campaign, inviting followers to share cherished gift memories, fostering joy and community connection. The week-long celebration, from December 16 to 25, unfolds daily surprises, adding anticipation and excitement to the festive countdown. Executive Director Varun Moolchandani expresses excitement, highlighting that Archies is a keeper of memories, celebrating the enduring impact of thoughtful gestures. The campaign is a tribute to the spirit of giving. Followers engaging in the campaign stand a chance to win exciting Archies gifts, deepening the brand’s connection with its loyal community. #ArchiesJoyfulGiving promises not just products but a celebration of cherished memories during the holiday season. One of the best Christmas Campaigns in India

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9. Being Human

In the heartwarming “Mera Birthday, Meri Christmas” campaign, Salman Khan transforms into a benevolent Santa, offering a generous 60% discount in celebration of his birthday and Christmas. Beyond the festivities, Salman unveils the expansion of the Being Human franchise beyond India, now reaching Canada, Dubai, and Bangladesh. This initiative showcases Salman’s commitment to making a global impact through the Being Human brand. The campaign not only spreads holiday cheer with significant discounts but also highlights the philanthropic efforts and the global growth of the Being Human franchise, embodying the spirit of giving during the festive season.

10. Swiggy

Swiggy brings the Christmas cheer with a hilarious sketch! In this festive and funny scenario, Swiggy enlists Santa Claus as an expert consultant in their office, guiding the team on delivering customer favorites promptly. The sketch showcases Santa’s expertise in ensuring on-time deliveries, adding a whimsical touch to the Swiggy team’s mission. With laughter and Christmas spirit, Swiggy’s sketch not only entertains but also highlights the commitment to delivering customer favorites swiftly during the holiday season. Get ready to jingle all the way with Swiggy’s delightful and humorous take on perfect deliveries this Christmas

11. Blinkit

Blinkit adds a festive touch to its delivery service this Christmas, featuring its delivery personnel as Santa Claus in a heartwarming campaign. In this imaginative and delightful portrayal, Blinkit’s delivery guys don the iconic red suit, embodying the spirit of Santa as they bring joy and packages to doorsteps. The campaign not only captures the essence of Christmas magic but also emphasizes the reliability and festive spirit of Blinkit’s delivery service. This innovative twist on the holiday season showcases Blinkit’s commitment to making every delivery a special and memorable experience during this joyful time of the year.

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12. Netflix India

Netflix India has unveiled a festive treat for viewers with a list of Christmas movies offering a perfect way to celebrate the season. Making it one of the best Christmas campaigns in India, the list promises to captivate audiences with holiday cheer, heartwarming narratives, and perhaps a sprinkle of magic. As Netflix continues to be a go-to platform for diverse and entertaining content, these Christmas movies adds to the streaming service’s repertoire of seasonal delights. Whether it’s a heartwarming family film, a romantic tale, or a feel-good comedy, Netflix’s Christmas movies are poised to bring joy and entertainment to audiences, making it a must-watch this holiday season.

13. Pantaloonsfashion

Pantaloons Fashion unveils a captivating CGI Christmas campaign to announce its exciting holiday sale. The campaign, characterized by innovative CGI elements, introduces a visually stunning and engaging narrative. As part of the festive celebration, Pantaloons Sale is now live, offering up to 60% off on a wide array of fashion, home decor, accessories, and more. The combination of cutting-edge CGI technology and irresistible discounts creates a dynamic and visually appealing experience, inviting shoppers to indulge in the joy of holiday shopping with Pantaloons Fashion.

14. Air India

Air India extends warm wishes for a Merry Christmas, hoping that Santa brings you a bagful of new experiences, travel stories, and cherished memories. May your holiday season be filled with joy, adventure, and the magic of creating wonderful moments. Safe and happy travels

15. SpiceJet

SpiceJet’s throwback video, capturing the essence of their flying experience during the holidays, resonates as a heartwarming Christmas campaign in India. This nostalgic journey serves to evoke the spirit of Christmas travel, connecting with customers on a sentimental level. By utilizing the keywords “Christmas campaign India,” SpiceJet’s initiative not only stirs feelings of nostalgia but also taps into the excitement and warmth associated with festive journeys, making it a memorable and joyous celebration of the holiday season.

16. Amul India

Amul India embraces the CGI trend in its latest Christmas campaign, featuring the iconic Amul girl who comes to life in a computer-generated animation. The famous Amul girl wishes you a Merry Christmas in this innovative CGI ad, combining tradition with technology to spread festive joy. Experience the magic of the season with Amul’s heartwarming and digitally animated Christmas greetings.

17. Google Pixel

Google India infuses a festive spirit into the ongoing Google vs. Apple rivalry through the #BestPhonesForever series. In its eleventh installment, the series unveils a special Christmas campaign, showcasing the spirited and playful interactions between an iPhone and a Google Pixel 8 smartphone. This holiday-themed ad injects humor and innovation into the competitive narrative, creating a memorable and engaging chapter in the tech showdown. Google’s Christmas campaign not only highlights the capabilities of the Pixel 8 but also adds a delightful and festive spin to the competitive spirit between Google and Apple in the Indian market. One of the best Christmas Campaigns in India

18. Realme India

Realme India captures the essence of Christmas with a poignant message: “It’s the moment right before and after the click that becomes the cherished memories.” The brand invites you to witness the Christmas chronicles from the camera-eye-view, emphasizing the significance of capturing and cherishing special moments during the festive season. Realme encourages users to embrace the spirit of the holidays and create lasting memories through the lens of their cameras.

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19. Myntra

Myntra steps into the Christmas campaign arena with an enchanting CGI campaign. Infusing the festive spirit with innovative CGI elements, Myntra’s campaign promises a visually captivating and immersive experience. As the holiday season unfolds, Myntra invites customers to explore the magic of Christmas shopping with a unique blend of technology and style. Stay tuned for a Christmas campaign that combines the joy of the season with cutting-edge CGI creativity, as Myntra brings forth a delightful shopping experience for all.

20. Akasa Air

Akasa Air embraces the festive spirit with the arrival of Christmas in their heartwarming Christmas campaign. The airline’s Christmas-themed campaign captures the joyous essence of the season, signaling the beginning of Christmas celebrations with special arrivals. As Akasa Air gears up for the holiday season, passengers can expect a delightful journey filled with the warmth and charm of Christmas.


As the final notes of carols fade and twinkling lights dim, one thing remains clear: India 2023 Christmas campaigns painted a vibrant tapestry of emotions, each thread woven with creativity, hope, and the enduring spirit of the season. From Zomato’s heartwarming deliveries to Google Pixel’s playful tech rivalry, these campaigns reminded us that Christmas magic lies not just in presents and decorations, but in the moments we share, the memories we create, and the joy we spread. So, carry the festive spirit beyond December, let the spark of these campaigns ignite your own, and remember, the true gift of Christmas is the magic we bring to each other’s lives.


Q: What were the main themes?

A: Family, hope & joy, local traditions, and humor emerged as key themes.

Q: Which campaigns were most popular?

A: Zomato’s late-night deliveries, Nutella baking, Apollo Tyres’ emotional story, and Swiggy’s Santa delivery expert resonated well.

Q: Any innovative campaign ideas?

A: Blinkit’s delivery Santa crew, Archie’s gift memory sharing, McDonald’s app for Christmas treats, and Google Pixel’s festive tech-rivalry stood out.

Q: What about brands like Netflix and airlines?

A: Netflix offers a new Christmas movie, while Air India and SpiceJet send heartwarming wishes and evoke holiday travel nostalgia.

Q: Did any campaign focus on charity or giving back?

A: Salman Khan’s “Mera Birthday, Meri Christmas” campaign offers discounts and highlights his Being Human charity’s global expansion.

Q: How can I learn more about these campaigns?

A: The blog includes links to videos and social media platforms, and you can also search for specific brands and campaigns online.

Q: Did any campaign promote sustainability or eco-friendly practices?

A: While not a major focus, some campaigns like Runwal Group’s ad hinted at creating a comprehensive lifestyle, potentially including sustainable practices.

Q: Any campaigns specifically targeting younger audiences?

A: Google Pixel’s tech-rivalry series with a Christmas twist might appeal to tech-savvy youth, while Swiggy’s humorous delivery skit and Realme’s “moments right before the click” message likely resonate with younger generations.

Q: Where can I find more inspiring festive campaigns from around the world?

A: You can search for “best Christmas campaigns in the world” online, explore social media trends like #christmasads, or check platforms like YouTube for various international campaign compilations.

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