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Licious Decemmmber Campaign Kicks Off Early Christmas Celebrations

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December, often hailed as a month of anticipation and celebration, takes on a whole new flavor this year with Licious’ unconventional and mouthwatering takeover – ‘Licious Decemmmber.’ Breaking away from the conventional Christmas and New Year narrative, Licious brings forth a month-long celebration that encourages everyone to indulge in the delightful ‘mmmmm’ of savoring juicy, mouthwatering Chicken Wings and fresh Seer Steak. The advertising campaign perfectly captures this idea by showcasing the unexpected appearance of Santa Claus in the middle of December. The campaign emphasizes the message ‘Don’t hesitate, just rejoice,’ encouraging people to embrace the festive spirit without delay.

A Quirky Kickoff – ‘Licious Decemmmber’

The brand’s latest advertising effort sets the stage with a quirky and heartwarming film that captures the essence of ‘Licious Decemmmber.’

The film begins with a family enjoying their dinner when suddenly, their meaty enjoyment is interrupted by the unexpected entrance of someone crashing through the roof. As the surprised family members turn to see what’s going on, Santa, looking a bit messy, dusts off his suit and wonders aloud if it’s already Christmas. The boy at the dining table calmly explains that it’s not Christmas but rather Decemmmber. In response, the father, with a fork full of crispy prawns, suggests, “Why wait? Let’s celebrate now.” Santa agrees, joining the family at the table and even sitting on the grandfather’s lap.

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The campaign and tempting offerings are so delicious that even Santa couldn’t resist. In another film released earlier in the month, a different family is shown engaged in a countdown. They happily look at each other while getting ready to eat dinner, and although one might assume it’s a countdown to New Year’s Eve, it turns out to be a countdown for the arrival of Decemmmber. When the countdown reaches 3, 2, 1, the family members cheerfully shout, “1st of Decemmmmber!” as they dig into a spread of meat and seafood delicacies on the dining table.

Santosh Hegde’s views

Talking about Licious’ takeover of the month and rebranding it to ‘Licious Decemmmber’, Santosh Hegde, vice president, brand – Licious, said, “The festivities have to kick-in only closer to Christmas and New Year is a myth really. And ‘Licious Decemmmber’ is just the myth buster you needed to ring in celebrations marked with Licious’ extensive offerings. This month-long campaign presents many an exciting opportunities for our consumers to dig into yummmy delicacies across raw & fresh and ready to cook categories. Along with the fun film, our Insta page is also abuzz with fun engagements bound to make it the most flavourful month of the year. So – don’t wait, just celebrate – with your loved family & friends and give in to sheer indulgence & bliss this ‘Licious Decemmmber’!”

Join the Flavorful Festivities

As ‘Licious Decemmmber’ takes center stage, the brand invites everyone to join the flavorful festivities. The campaign isn’t just about food; it’s about embracing the feeling that December brings. With fun engagements on their Insta page and an array of offerings spanning raw & fresh and ready-to-cook categories, Licious ensures that this December isn’t just another month – it’s a feeling, a celebration, and a culinary adventure waiting to unfold.

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Conclusion: Celebrate the Unconventional

In a world where traditions often dictate the timing of celebrations, Licious challenges the norm with ‘Licious Decemmmber.’ So, don’t wait for the conventional holiday season; instead, revel in the joy of early Christmas celebrations and make this ‘Licious Decemmmber’ a month to remember. Indulge, savor, and celebrate the magic of unconventional festivities with Licious. After all, when it comes to flavor, there’s no need to wait – just celebrate!

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