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Top CA Influencers to Follow In 2023

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In the dynamic finance and accounting world, CA Influencers have emerged as leading figures in India. Chartered Accountants (CAs) who leverage social media platforms to share their expertise, insights, and practical advice have become influential voices in the industry.

On this auspicious occasion of CA Day, we not only celebrate the remarkable contributions of Chartered Accountants (CAs) but also take a moment to appreciate the influential figures among them. These CA influencers have made significant strides in the finance industry, sharing their expertise, insights, and knowledge with a wide audience. In this blog, we pay tribute to these exceptional individuals who have dedicated themselves to shaping the financial landscape of India. Join us as we highlight and appreciate the top CA influencers who continue to inspire and educate professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike.

Top CA Influencers to Follow In India

1. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Rachna Ranade Phadke is a prominent CA influencer with 10+ years of auditing experience. She has taught over 10,000 students in classrooms and 1 lakh+ students through online courses. Rachna’s valuable insights have been featured on CNBC-TV18’s “Smart Money” show. Her workshops on ‘Forensic Auditing’ have made a positive impact on ICAI members. She is a recognized entrepreneur and a respected figure in the CA community.

2. CA Anamika Rana

Anamika Rana is an experienced CA influencer with a remarkable career journey of 5+ years in the field. Having worked with Big-4 accounting firms, she has established herself as a trusted expert in the finance industry. Anamika shares valuable insights on value investing and finance, catering to a wide audience of CA professionals and enthusiasts. She also possesses knowledge and expertise in the crypto market, attracting a dedicated following. With her diverse background, including roles at Deloitte as a Senior Audit Assistant and as a self-employed spiritual mentor, Anamika exemplifies the multi-faceted nature of CA influencers.

3. CA Sarthak Ahuja

Sarthak, a highly acclaimed CA influencer, boasts an impressive career with 10 years of experience in the field. His notable achievements include winning the prestigious ISB Young Leader Award in 2017 and being a Gold Medalist with the 1st rank at the Indian School of Business. With a growing follower count of 116k on Instagram, Sarthak has captivated a financially-savvy audience. His expertise in CS, CA, and CMA courses positions him as an exceptional finance advisor. Sarthak shares his profound knowledge in various critical finance areas, such as indirect taxes and GST, simplifying complex concepts for his target audience of startups, small businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

4. CA Mahalakshmi C

Mahalakshmi C, a CA influencer specializing in start-ups and venture capital, brings a unique perspective to the finance industry. With her experience working in venture capital, akin to the popular show “Shark Tank,” Mahalakshmi delves into the world of start-ups, providing valuable insights on topics such as venture capital, fundraising, and the start-up ecosystem. Her expertise in this niche field makes her a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs and aspiring start-up founders. Mahalakshmi’s content revolves around the dynamic landscape of start-ups and the intricacies of venture capital, offering practical knowledge and guidance for those navigating this competitive arena.

5. CA Twinkle Jain

Twinkle Jain is a talented CA influencer with 3 years of experience in accounting and finance. Known for her captivating content, she provides valuable insights and tips to her dedicated audience. Twinkle collaborates with other CA influencers to deliver high-value informative content, amplifying her impact in the finance community. Her expertise and authenticity have earned her recognition, with her content reaching millions of views. Twinkle Jain is a standout CA influencer, sharing her knowledge and engaging with her audience to inspire and educate in the realm of finance.

6. CA Bhagyashree Thakkar

CA Bhagyashree Thakkar is a prominent finance influencer, recognized for her expertise in the field. With a focus on making finance easy and accessible, she shares valuable insights and tips with her audience. Her contributions have earned her the prestigious title of CA 40 under 40 business leaders, highlighting her influence and impact in the finance industry. Bhagyashree’s content resonates with her followers, offering a simplified approach to finance-related topics. As a CA influencer, she continues to inspire and educate her audience, making finance an easy and breezy subject to navigate.

7. CA Mukander Beniwal

CA Mukander Beniwal, an accomplished CA influencer, has a diverse background serving various entities in the field of Audit, Accounting, Taxation, and Compliance. With valuable experience in internal, statutory, and concurrent audits, as well as taxation and ROC matters, he brings comprehensive knowledge to his audience. With a growing following, Mukander attracts meaningful collaborations with finance brands, solidifying his position as a sought-after CA influencer.

8. CA Kushal Lodha

Kushal Lodha is a highly accomplished CA influencer, consistently ranking among the top in various CA exams. With a strong online presence, he shares his extensive knowledge and study success strategies, helping aspiring CA students crack their exams. Currently working as a Finance Leadership Associate at the Aditya Birla Group, Kushal holds prestigious qualifications such as cleared CFA exams and ACCA affiliation. As a rank 2 educator on Unacademy and host of the podcast “Konversation with Kushal,” he continues to inspire and empower a large community of CA students and professionals.

9. CA Vikas Gill

CA Vikas Gill is a digital creator specializing in finance and tax. As a Chartered Accountant, he shares valuable insights and financial hacks to help his audience learn and navigate the world of finance and taxation. With his expertise, Vikas simplifies complex financial concepts in under 1 minute, making it accessible and easy to understand for his followers. Follow him to stay updated on the latest financial and tax-related information and enhance your financial knowledge.

10. CA Harsh Gupta

CA Harsh Gupta is a digital creator and finance influencer. With a background as a Chartered Accountant from a renowned Big 4 firm, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his content. Harsh’s mission is to make finance, taxes, and investing easy to understand for his audience. He simplifies complex financial concepts, providing practical tips and insights to help individuals manage their finances effectively. As a trusted CA influencer, Harsh Gupta empowers his followers to make informed financial decisions and navigate the world of finance with confidence.

11. CA Swaraj Jain

Swaraj Jain, a CA, CWM, and MBA, is not just a finfluencer but also an educator who is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom. Through his content, Swaraj Jain raises awareness about the importance of finance and imparts valuable knowledge to his audience. He educates individuals on various aspects of finance, such as budgeting, investing, wealth management, and financial planning, guiding them toward a path of financial independence. With his expertise and dedication, Swaraj Jain empowers people to make informed financial decisions, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure their financial future.

12. CA Anshul Gupta

CA Anshul Gupta is a finance professional, and a Chartered Accountant with a background in banking. With his expertise, he helps individuals become smarter with their money. Anshul Gupta provides valuable insights and tips on managing finances, budgeting, investing, and making informed financial decisions. Through his content, he empowers his audience to improve their financial literacy and achieve their financial goals. Whether it’s maximizing savings, optimizing investments, or understanding the nuances of personal finance, CA Anshul Gupta serves as a trusted guide to help individuals navigate the world of money and make smarter financial choices.

CA Influencers: Empowering Financial Success

In the realm of finance, Chartered Accountants (CAs) have emerged as influential figures who empower individuals to achieve financial success. These CA influencers, including Rachna Phadke Ranade, Vinod Gupta, Parveen Sharma, Pankaj Garg, Raja Natarajan, Pranav Chandak, Neeraj Arora, Swaraj Jain, and many others, have leveraged their expertise to educate and guide others in areas such as taxation, auditing, accounting, and financial planning. Through their online presence, they share valuable insights, tips, and strategies, enabling individuals to make informed financial decisions, manage their wealth effectively, and work towards financial independence. By following these CA influencers, individuals can gain the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the complex world of finance and pave their way toward a brighter financial future.

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