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Top Dad Influencers to Follow in India

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Being a parent is one of life’s most rewarding yet challenging experiences. In today’s digital age, many dads in India have taken to social media to share their parenting journeys, offering invaluable advice, relatable experiences, and a sense of community for fellow fathers. These dad influencers have amassed a dedicated following by creating engaging content that resonates with modern-day parents. If you’re a dad seeking inspiration, camaraderie, or simply a good laugh, here are some of the top dad influencers in India that you should follow.

Top Dad Influencers of India

1. Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta, an engineer turned successful author, is one of the top dad influencers in India. As a prominent dad Instagram influencer, he shares his co-parenting journey, demonstrating his dedication as a father. He is a loving father to his two beautiful daughters, Rayna and Varya, frequently posting adorable photos and creating engaging reels with them.

Durjoy seamlessly balances his work and family life, promoting a co-parenting lifestyle. He openly acknowledges the challenges of parenting but cherishes every moment of it.

As one of the leading dad creators, he enjoys making content with his daughters, and his followers love watching these charming videos. Durjoy’s presence also extends to YouTube, making him one of the notable dad YouTube influencers in the parenting community.

2. Shashank Shetty

Shashank Shetty is undoubtedly one of the rising dad influencers in India today. As a young dad himself, Shashank shares informative videos on parenting, family values, nutrition, and other aspects of daily parenting. He is a father to a toddler son, and his content often focuses on topics such as baby-led weaning, toddler nutrition, and other parenting hacks relevant to young children.

Parenting a toddler can be quite challenging, and many parents often feel clueless about which baby products to choose for their child. To assist other parents like himself, Shashank has curated a list of products he uses for his own son. His platform’s content resonates well with new fathers and parents alike. Given the quality of his content, Shashank has emerged as one of the notable dad creators, being featured by Huggies India, Edamama, and The Mom Co. Additionally, he has participated in several influencer marketing campaigns for toy and children’s brands.

3. Parikshit Jobanputra

Parikshit is one of the best dad influencers on Instagram, renowned for sharing educational videos on parenting. As a member of the American Psychology Association, he also conducts various seminars on parenting and child psychology.

Parikshit shares numerous valuable videos on topics such as reducing your child’s screen time and encouraging obedience, offering practical advice for today’s parents.

Through his incredible work, he influences modern dads to enhance their parenting skills. As one of the top dad influencers, Parikshit stands out among dad creators, making a significant impact as both a dad Instagram influencer and a dad YouTube influencer.

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4. Ramneek Singh

Ramneek Singh is a prominent content creator and dad influencer with a massive following across various social media platforms. Along with his family, he creates recreational, inspirational, and educational videos for both YouTube and Instagram. Ramneek and his family manage several YouTube channels, amassing a combined follower count of 35 million. His Instagram page, boasting 1.7 million followers, is considered one of the best dad Instagram accounts.

As a full-time content creator, Ramneek, along with his wife and kids, posts a diverse range of content on social media. Their content covers themes such as motivation, parenting hacks, travel stories, and more. With thousands of views and comments on their videos, Ramneek’s work is widely appreciated by both his audience and the media.

5. Aditya Tiwari

Standing out amongst top dad influencers and dad creators, Aditya Tiwari isn’t just a social media star. This mountaineer and Youngest National Award winner is a true social reformer. Back in 2016, at the young age of 27, Aditya took a groundbreaking step by becoming a single adoptive father to a son with Down Syndrome. Hailing from Pune, his journey wasn’t easy – Aditya faced a long legal battle to adopt his son Binny.

Since then, Aditya has evolved into a versatile advocate. He promotes awareness about Down Syndrome through different mediums, such as being a prominent dad influencer on Instagram and YouTube. He also provides valuable guidance to parents of special needs children. Acknowledged for his outstanding contributions, Aditya has received multiple awards and is a compelling TEDx speaker.

In a country like India, where mental health discussions are often discouraged, dad influencers like Aditya bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to parenting conversations. His story is an inspiration, and we definitely need more dad creators like him on social media platforms!

6. Sandeep Bangera

Sandeep Bangera isn’t just a successful entrepreneur; he’s also a pro dad to his 8-year-old daughter, Cookie. A true star among dad creators, Sandeep loves sharing heartwarming moments with his fans on Instagram. He’s a hands-on dad who embraces all his daddy duties, finding joy in spending quality time with his loved ones.

But Sandeep goes beyond adorable content. He’s a valuable resource for new parents, offering practical parenting tips on his platforms. Think of him as a dad influencer who understands the joys and challenges of fatherhood equally. Sandeep’s dedication to his daughter and his willingness to share his experience make him an inspiration to dads everywhere. He’s a shining example of how to navigate modern fatherhood, proving that dads can be nurturing and involved without shying away from the responsibilities.

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7. Sarb Randhawa

Sarb isn’t your typical dad. This full-time father proudly wears the title of “doting daddy” to his daughter. He shatters stereotypes by actively defying the idea that parenting is anything less than a full-time job. Sarb embraces his role as a dad influencer, sharing his experiences through frequent posts on platforms like Instagram.

But Sarb goes beyond cute pictures. He’s a content creator who uses his platform and even blogs to advocate for full-time dads.

His message? Dads can (and should!) be just as physically and emotionally present for their children. Sarb’s dedication to fatherhood and his willingness to share his journey online make him a valuable addition to the world of dad influencers and dad creators. He’s an inspiration to fathers everywhere, proving that active involvement and emotional connection are key aspects of modern fatherhood.

8. Munjal Purohit

Winning hearts across social media, Munjal Purohit isn’t just a dad – he’s a top male parenting influencer in India. This proud father to his daughter, Niyati (affectionately known as Neo), is a shining star among dad creators on platforms like Instagram.

He shares heartwarming reels showcasing his adorable “daddy moments” with Neo. But his content goes beyond cuteness. Munjal Purohit is a strong advocate for co-parenting, working alongside his wife to raise their daughter and inspire other parents to embrace a collaborative approach.

Looking for a relatable dad influencer to promote your brand? Munjal Purohit might be the perfect fit. He connects with audiences through genuine moments and a positive message about active fatherhood.

9. Daddy and Reyna

This Indian dad on Instagram shares his experiences with his daughter Reyna on the account daddyandreyna, featuring adorable pictures and inspiring life events. As one of the top dad influencers, he once shared a true story about how he, not his wife, changes diapers at night. If this isn’t breaking stereotypes, then what is?

To further impress you, he posted a video of himself massaging his daughter, because why should mothers have all the fun? After all, fathering is as normal as mothering. As one of the prominent dad creators and a notable dad Instagram influencer, he beautifully showcases the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood.

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10. Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal

Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal, along with his son Avraj, forms a truly inspiring father-kid duo. As one of the top dad influencers, he shares his parenting experiences on I.M.FATHER, motivating fathers everywhere. Sandeep emphasizes the importance of spending time with children, believing that “kids don’t need things…kids need parents.” Through his engaging content, he encourages parents to prioritize quality time with their kids, making him a standout among dad creators.

Wrapping up: Dad Influencers of India

These dad influencers in India have not only built a strong online presence but have also created a sense of community for fathers across the country. By sharing their experiences, offering advice, and celebrating the highs and lows of parenthood, they have become valuable sources of inspiration and support for dads everywhere. So, if you’re a dad seeking camaraderie, laughter, or just a reminder that you’re not alone in this incredible journey, be sure to follow these top dad influencers in India.

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