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Happy Birthday to the King of Colas – Salman Khan

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Today marks a special day as we celebrate the birthday of one of the most beloved actors of our generation – ‘Chulbul Pandey’ a.k.a Salman Khan. For more than two decades, Salman has entertained us with his incredible talent, charisma, and charm. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood and has a huge fan following. 

Additionally throughout his career, he has been associated with some of the most popular beverage brands. From Thums Up and Appy Fizz to Mountain Dew and Limca, he is literally taken over the cola brands. So, on his special day, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic soft drinks he has endorsed so far, and raise a toast to the king of colas – Salman Khan!

Campa Cola 

This first advertisement of Campa Cola featuring Salman Khan was released in 1983. It was the first time when Salman Khan faced the camera. And any guesses about his age? He was just 15 years old. The ad features a young Salman Khan, who is seen partying and enjoying the refreshing taste of Campa Cola with his friends on the boat. The ad was shot in the Andaman Islands. This ad focuses on highlighting the refreshing taste of Campa Cola, with Salman Khan and his friends enjoying the drink in between the party. The ad boosted the popularity of Campa Cola and helped the brand become a household name.


This was the first-ever ad of Salman Khan that was aired on the national television channel- Doordarshan, in 1985. In this Salman Khan is seen playing football and wearing a yellow and green jersey featuring the brand colours. In the video, Salman is seen sporting long locks, which reminds us of the good old ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ days. Isn’t it?

Mountain Dew

We all know, Salman Khan is known for his charisma and star power. Hence, in 2010, Mountain Dew collaborated with Salman Khan. He was the first brand ambassador for the brand. Mountain Dew has a strong presence in the Indian market and its famous slogan line, “Darr ke aage jeet hai” (victory lies beyond fear) has been a hit with the Indian population. The slogan is an apt choice for Salman Khan as the brand ambassador for Mountain Dew. After a successful 1 and half year of partnership, Mountain Dew and Salman Khan ended their association in April 2012.

Thums Up

Salman Khan has been associated with Thums up since 2002. He was the face of the popular soft drink brand’s advertising campaigns for seven years, until 2009. He was once again signed on by Thumsup in 2012 as a brand ambassador and remained the brand ambassador until 2016. Salman was the perfect face for this brand as he resonates with the brand’s core values like masculinity, thrill, adventure, and excitement.

Appy Fizz

In 2018, Salman Khan joined Appy Fizz as their brand ambassador. The beverage company Parle Agro has chosen Salman for this role due to his stylish, macho, and magnetic attitude. The brand believed that this association will definitely boost Appy Fizz’s marketing and brand awareness. Salman’s image and star power attracted a large number of potential customers to the brand. His presence in the brand’s #FeelTheFizz campaign increased the reach of the advertisements to the targeted audience.


In 2019, Salman was roped in by Pepsico, a food and beverage giant. And due to his persona, he was the ideal person for the brand. Salman Khan’s endorsement of Pepsico is a strategic marketing move that has been beneficial for both parties. Pepsico has used its association with Salman Khan to reach more people in India. His popularity and positive attitude have helped create an emotional connection with customers, increasing the reach of Pepsico’s products and brands. Salman is still the brand ambassador of Pepsi, representing the brand since 2019.

To conclude, Salman Khan’s journey with beverage brand endorsements has been incredibly successful. He has been associated with several leading beverage brands, both in India and abroad, and his endorsements have helped to increase the visibility and popularity of these products. His charming personality and strong fan base have also contributed to the success of these beverage brands. Khan is an ideal spokesperson for beverage brands and has been able to create a strong connection with consumers through his endorsements.

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