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Lavna Locks Ropes In Urvashi Rautela & Dayanand Shetty As Brand Ambassadors

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In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize door access in India, Lavna Locks proudly announces its association with Bollywood sensation Urvashi Rautela and renowned actor Dayanand Shetty as their esteemed brand ambassadors. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in Lavna’s mission to deliver innovative, secure, and convenient smart lock solutions for households and commercial spaces across the nation.

Visionary Beginnings: Lavna Locks’ Mission To Transform Door Access

Founded in 2021 by visionary entrepreneurs Vishal Jain and Sanat Jain, Lavna Locks swiftly garnered widespread recognition in 21 major states throughout India. The inception of Lavna was fueled by a profound understanding of the limitations of conventional physical keys, driving the founders to pioneer a revolutionary shift in door access with cutting-edge smart locks that are effortlessly operable with a simple touch of a finger.

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Urvashi Rautela & Dayanand Shetty – A Perfect Match For Lavna Locks

Urvashi Rautela and Dayanand Shetty’s appointment as brand ambassadors perfectly complements Lavna’s vision, aligning with the company’s drive to fuse security with technology, and simplify the lives of their valued customers. Both celebrities are renowned for their affinity towards modern technology and smart gadgets, making them ideal representatives to resonate with Lavna’s unwavering commitment to creating secure, streamlined living spaces.

Urvashi Rautela And Dayanand Shetty expressed On Lavna Locks

“I’m proud to be associated with Lavna Locks since they have a wide scope of providing convenience to every doorstep through their Smart door locks,” expressed Urvashi Rautela. “I personally relate to the brand as I prefer smart gadgets at my home. Moreover, after meeting with the Lavna team and knowing about the brand in-depth, I can tell you that they are so indulged and focused about their business and products.”

Dayanand Shetty, commenting on the collaboration, stated, “I’ve had a long-time association with doors, and knowing that a brand is so focused on door safety and convenience, I personally got interested. I got related to the brand when I used their Smart Door Lock personally, and the usability was phenomenal. Working with the LAVNA team was an experience to be remembered for a lifetime,” said the actor.

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Hassle-Free Experience: Lavna’s Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Lavna Locks effectively addresses common misconceptions about lock failures and battery drainage by offering innovative features such as an external power port, enabling connection to a power bank, and a mechanical key for seamless backup. Lavna goes the extra mile by providing prompt installation services and comprehensive step-by-step video guides, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful experience for all users.

Founder’s Enthusiasm: Vishal Jain’s Excitement For The New Partnership

Founder of Lavna, Vishal Jain, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Having Urvashi Rautela & Dayanand Shetty as our brand ambassadors is a perfect match. Their love for smart gadgets and commitment to modern living align perfectly with our mission at Lavna Locks. We are confident that this partnership will bolster our presence and propel us towards achieving 300% sales growth in the near future.”

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A Promising Partnership: Urvashi Rautela & Dayanand Shetty Championing Lavna Locks

With the addition of Urvashi Rautela & Dayanand Shetty as their brand ambassadors, Lavna Locks cements its position as India’s premier provider of state-of-the-art smart lock solutions and is poised for even greater success as it continues to expand its reach.

The partnership with Urvashi Rautela and Dayanand Shetty further reinforces Lavna Locks’ dedication to delivering cutting-edge security solutions that redefine the way we access our homes and spaces. As technology continues to evolve, the brand stands at the forefront of innovation, providing secure and convenient door access solutions for a modern and connected world.

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