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Californian Skincare Brand Biossance Enters India With Sephora

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California-based skincare brand Biossance has officially debuted in the Indian market, thanks to a partnership with Sephora, the renowned beauty retail platform. Founded in 2016 by Amyris, a biotech company funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Biossance is known for its clean beauty approach, utilizing biotechnology to create effective, sustainable, and safe skincare products. With a mission to provide skincare enthusiasts with a no-compromise approach, Biossance has blacklisted over 2,000 potentially harmful ingredients from its formulations. Its hero ingredient, Squalane oil, is a powerhouse element that penetrates 20 times deeper than other moisturizing oils, making it a game-changer in the skincare industry.

Biossance: The Launch Offer

To celebrate its arrival in India, Biossance has introduced a captivating launch offer. With every purchase of Biossance products, customers will receive a travel-sized Squalene with Vitamin C Rose Oil worth Rs 2,920. This enticing offer is an excellent way for Indian customers to experience the brand’s unique and effective formulations.

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Biossance: The Product Range

Biossance has brought an exciting lineup of 14 products across multiple skincare categories to the Indian market. The brand’s product range includes lip balms, cleansers, face serums, firming oils, moisturizers, eye gels, hand creams, toners, face oils, eye creams, cleansing oils, and facial masks. Whether you’re a skincare aficionado or a beginner, Biossance offers a comprehensive range to cater to diverse skin needs.

Biossance’s Clean Beauty Philosophy

At the core of Biossance’s philosophy is the commitment to clean beauty. By harnessing biotechnology, the brand aims to deliver high-quality skincare products that are effective and safe for both users and the environment. With a stringent approach to formulation, Biossance ensures that its products do not contain harmful or toxic ingredients, providing customers with peace of mind when incorporating their products into their skincare routines.

Californian Skincare Brand Biossance Enters India With Sephora

The Hero Ingredient: Squalane Oil

One of Biossance’s standout ingredients is Squalane oil, which sets the brand apart from others in the market. Squalane oil is known for its remarkable ability to penetrate 20 times deeper than other moisturizing oils, making it highly effective in nourishing the skin. Additionally, this weightless and non-comedogenic oil allows other skincare actives to work 40 times harder, improving overall results. Not only does Squalane oil provide deep hydration, but it also supports a healthy skin barrier and microbiome, promoting a radiant and youthful complexion.

Biossance: Parent Company And Other Brands

Biossance is a part of Amyris, a biotech company founded in 2003. Amyris boasts an impressive portfolio of 11 brands under its umbrella, including JVN for hair care, Rose Inc for beauty, Pipette for sustainable personal care, and Menolabs for women’s health products.

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Sephora – the Ideal Platform

Biossance’s entry into the Indian market has been made possible through its partnership with Sephora. Sephora, a global beauty chain known for offering an extensive selection of classic and emerging brands in makeup, skincare, fragrance, body care, and hair care, provides the perfect platform for Biossance to reach its target audience in India. Sephora’s dedication to bringing global beauty brands to India aligns seamlessly with Biossance’s mission to cater to skincare enthusiasts with high-quality and innovative products.

Let’s Wrap Up Biossance’s Debut In Indian Market

As Biossance brings its clean beauty ethos and revolutionary skincare formulations to India, skincare enthusiasts can now experience the benefits of Squalane oil and other carefully curated ingredients. With its exclusive launch offer and a wide range of products, Biossance promises to elevate the skincare experience for Indian consumers. Whether you’re new to skincare or a seasoned enthusiast, Biossance’s entry into the Indian market is undoubtedly an exciting development that will leave a lasting impact on the country’s skincare industry.

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