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Lay’s Gourmet Goes Royal with Saif Ali Khan as Brand Ambassador

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Lay’s Gourmet, the premium range of slow-cooked kettle chips from Lay’s, has announced Saif Ali Khan as its brand ambassador, aiming to magnify the exquisite taste and finesse of the product. The brand emphasizes the superior snacking experience it offers through its royal flavors and carefully selected, high-quality potatoes cooked to golden curls and seasoned with lip-smacking flavors and aromas.

The TV commercial is conceptualized by Leo Burnett and showcases Saif walking through a luxuriously decorated corridor to meet journalists Aditi and Anjali, who are waiting to interview him. The grandeur of Saif’s home leaves the journalists awestruck, and they discuss the possibility of the house having multiple chandeliers in each room, a legion of butlers at his service, and even a lion as his companion. Oddly enough, the things that they imagine suddenly start emerging around Saif, leaving him confused. Aditi intervenes, reminding Anjali that Saif’s exquisite taste should not be judged solely by his opulence. Intrigued, Anjali wants to learn more about his extraordinary taste, and at that moment, he surprises them by placing packs of Lay’s Gourmet on the table, giving them a glimpse of his fine taste. Anjali, excitedly exclaims, “Chips! Oh, I love chips.” But Aditi corrects her, saying, “These are not chips, Anjali. They are Lay’s Gourmet.”

Agency: Leo Burnett

Director: Vivek Kakkad

Production House: The Pack

Shailja Joshi, Director-Marketing, Potato Chips Category, PepsiCo India, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Saif once again as a member of the Lay’s family, this time as the face of our range of slow-cooked premium kettle chips, Lay’s Gourmet. His impeccable taste and refined choices in life make him the perfect partner to showcase the crafted experience of Lay’s Gourmet.”

Saif Ali Khan, a celebrated actor and face of fine taste, expressed his excitement, “My previous association with Lay’s was for many years and is very memorable to me. I am equally thrilled to rejoin the family as the first-ever brand ambassador for Lay’s Gourmet. These aren’t just chips, they’re the perfect accompaniment for moments of finesse. I am sure that the audiences will appreciate the exceptional taste and quality of Lay’s Gourmet chips, just as much as I do.”

Rajdeepak Das, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, South Asia, Leo Burnett, remarked, “Crafted from fine ingredients, each chip is a testament to the pursuit of the best flavor and experience. And who better than the Nawab of Pataudi himself, Saif Ali Khan, who embodies the spirit of quality and sophistication, to bring alive the experience of Lay’s Gourmet.”

Lay’s Gourmet’s partnership with Saif Ali Khan aims to highlight the crafted experience of the premium range of chips. The brand’s emphasis on quality and finesse over opulence aligns with the character of true royalty, as Saif embodies the spirit of quality and sophistication. The TVC launch will be followed by a robust 360-surround plan, and Saif will continue to be a pivotal part of future Lay’s Gourmet campaigns.

From “Pal banaye magical” to ” It’s not cooked, it’s crafted”, Saif has a long association with the brand.

Have a look at some of the Lay’s campaigns with Saif

Overall, the partnership between Lay’s Gourmet and Saif Ali Khan is a perfect match, emphasizing the premium quality and finesse of the product. Saif’s personality and refined choices in life make him an excellent choice as the face of Lay’s Gourmet, and his association with the brand will help it reach new heights of success.

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