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Men of Platinum Unveils Surya Kumar Yadav in a Bold Avatar in Latest Campaign

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Platinum Guild International (PGI) India’s Men of Platinum embarks on a new chapter in their remarkable story, embracing the quintessential qualities of a genuine man. The brand proudly welcomes renowned cricketer “SKY” – Surya Kumar Yadav as their ambassador for their latest campaign. Suryakumar’s path resonates with the enduring and exceptional traits that platinum represents.

About the campaign of Men of Platinum featuring Surya Kumar Yadav

The campaign serves as a captivating portrayal of Suryakumar Yadav’s journey in the world of cricket, skillfully drawing parallels between the challenges of life and the dynamics of the sport.

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Source: Meet our Man of Platinum | Suryakumar Yadav

Every film in this series serves as a chapter, painting a vibrant picture of Suryakumar’s evolution, from his roots in Mumbai’s bustling streets to his shining triumphs on the international cricketing stage. With each unfolding chapter, the parallels between Suryakumar’s unyielding spirit and the unique attributes of platinum become more evident. They highlight his steadfast adherence to the core values of a true Man of Platinum: self-belief, courage, resilience, compassion, endurance, and authenticity.

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Film 1

A Minute with Men of Platinum X Suryakumar Yadav” is a dynamic series of succinct episodes, each meticulously spotlighting a distinctive facet. In a mere minute, each episode encapsulates the character traits that define a Man of Platinum. The journey commences with an inspirational episode, ‘A Minute on Self-Belief,’ a poignant testament to Suryakumar’s triumphant debut in the cricketing world.

Film 2

In the subsequent episode, ‘A Minute on Courage,’ we revisit a pivotal moment when Suryakumar Yadav confronted a severe injury, displaying remarkable strength and determination.

Film 3

In the episode titled ‘A Minute with Resilience,’ we delve into Suryakumar Yadav’s unwavering commitment to his craft. It showcases his relentless dedication as he tirelessly hones his skills day in and day out, relentlessly pursuing perfection. This episode paints a vivid picture of his unyielding work ethic, drawing a parallel between his determination and the enduring nature of platinum, both characterized by their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Film 4

In the episode titled ‘A Minute on Compassion,’ we are offered a touching glimpse into Suryakumar Yadav’s early cricketing days, particularly a significant moment involving the cricketing legend, the master blaster. This episode underscores the invaluable role of compassion in Suryakumar’s journey, showcasing how compassion and mentorship can shape the destiny of an aspiring cricketer.

Film 5

In ‘A Minute on Endurance,’ we explore a common value shared by Suryakumar Yadav and platinum – the remarkable ability to endure. This episode delves into the resilience and stamina that have been instrumental in Suryakumar’s cricketing journey, drawing a compelling parallel to the enduring qualities of the precious metal, platinum.

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Film 6

The series culminates with ‘A Minute on Staying True,’ mirroring how platinum retains its form over time. Suryakumar Yadav, in a similar vein, has remained authentic to his game and true to himself, solidifying his position not only in the realm of cricket but also in the hearts of millions of admirers.

This new campaign strategically coincides with the upcoming cricket and festive season, aiming to capitalize on the heightened excitement during this period. It is designed to quench the curiosity of cricket enthusiasts who are eager to uncover the untold aspects of Yadav’s journey. Each video offers an intriguing glimpse into the exceptional qualities that have molded Suryakumar Yadav’s life, sharing engaging anecdotes and stories that parallel the brand’s narrative and the essence of the precious metal itself.

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What is Men Of Platinum

Men of Platinum represents a unique approach to showcasing precious jewelry, particularly platinum. Instead of relying on conventional 30-second commercials, this brand has chosen to create a six-episode miniseries and a campaign around it. Each episode revolves around a core value that the brand embodies, featuring a piece of platinum jewelry, emphasizing style, and discussing the attributes that give value to platinum. This innovative approach offers viewers a glimpse into the personality behind the cricket jersey and shares captivating cricketing anecdotes to keep fans engaged.

Men of Platinum represents a contemporary perspective on success, emphasizing the importance of adhering to one’s values. It capitalizes on the combination of cricket’s popularity, the rise of a cricketing icon, and engaging content that places both the brand and platinum as a precious jewelry metal at the forefront. In today’s world, men prioritize stature over mere status, meaning over material wealth, and personal greatness over traditional markers of success. Success is now defined by individuals whose values endure through time and adversity, and Men of Platinum aims to embody this modern narrative of success.

Why Surya Kumar Yadav is the best choice for Men of Platinum

Surya Kumar Yadav is the ideal choice for Men of Platinum because his journey epitomizes the values of authenticity and endurance, qualities that are as rare as the precious metal itself. Despite facing numerous challenges, SKY’s unwavering perseverance earned him a coveted spot on the Indian cricket squad, and he captured the hearts of millions of people along the way.

SKY’s story mirrors the essence of platinum, and this campaign beautifully highlights the parallel between the exceptional qualities that make platinum unique and the sought-after traits embodied by individuals like Yadav. His journey symbolizes aspiration in today’s world, making it relatable to our audience. The values he stands for resonate with the brand’s identity, breathing life into it.

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By leveraging the nation’s deep love for cricket and its admiration for cricketing icons like Surya Kumar Yadav, this campaign strengthens the brand’s connection with the audience, creating a powerful bond that extends beyond the realm of sports.

What do experts have to say about this partnership?

Sujala Martis

Speaking on the association and the new campaign series, Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International India said, “Capitalizing on the upcoming cricket season and the festive spirit, we’ve launched a new campaign for Men of Platinum with cricket star Suryakumar Yadav. Our goal is to blend the thrill of cricket and values of the brand, emphasizing the rare traits that define real men of character and precious platinum. Today platinum jewellery is seen as a modern success symbol, representing men with success stories that stand on values that are rare & tough to abide by. Perfectly embodying these traits, Suryakumar Yadav is the shining star of our campaign.”

Surya Kumar Yadav shared his thoughts on being a part of the new Men of Platinum campaign, as he stated, “I am excited to come on board and be a part of this season’s campaign for the new collection. Platinum is a metal that always endures and never fades, thus making it truly rare.”


In essence, Men of Platinum has ushered in a new era of showcasing precious jewelry, transcending the boundaries of conventional advertising. Through a captivating miniseries and a campaign rooted in values, it has not only presented platinum jewelry in a stylish light but also shared the story of individuals like Suryakumar Yadav, whose journey embodies the enduring qualities of platinum itself. This approach resonates with a modern audience that values authenticity and meaning, and it places Men of Platinum at the intersection of cricketing passion and the evolving definition of success.

By choosing to tell stories of individuals who stand by their values and champion authenticity, Men of Platinum has elevated its brand to represent more than just jewelry. It has become a symbol of character, a reflection of enduring excellence, and a testament to the evolving aspirations of contemporary men. Through this unique campaign, Men of Platinum has not only captured the essence of precious jewelry but also redefined it, aligning it with the values that truly matter in today’s world.

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