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Sara Ali Khan becomes gangster in new Kurkure campaign

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Sara Ali Khan is putting guns to people’s heads, but it’s not for a movie – it’s all part of Kurkure’s daring new campaign. Kurkure has just unveiled its latest TVC campaign, introducing the innovative Kurkure Chaat Fills. In this adrenaline-pumping ad titled ‘Maal Andar Hai,’ consumers are guided by Bollywood celebrity and Kurkure’s brand ambassador, Sara Ali Khan. This TVC marks Sara’s grand television debut as the newest member of the Kurkure family.

Sara Ali Khan Becomes Gangster In New Kurkure Campaign
Sara Ali Khan Becomes Gangster In New Kurkure Campaign
Sara Ali Khan Becomes Gangster In New Kurkure Campaign

What Is The New Kurkure Campaign With Sara Ali Khan?

In this riveting TVC, Sara Ali Khan embraces an entirely new and unexpected role, stepping into the shoes of the sinister leader of a gang of misfits. The scene unfolds inside an eerie, abandoned warehouse, where she confronts one of her informants, Guddu. Guddu claims to possess vital information about the elusive ‘maal’ hidden within a cupboard. At first, Sara is skeptical of Guddu and his intel, but she demands that the cupboard be opened.

To her initial disappointment, the cupboard reveals not the treasure she expected but a packet of Kurkure Chaat Fills. Frustrated, she prepares to take drastic action. However, her demeanor swiftly transforms when she takes a bite of the Kurkure Chaat Fills, captivated by its explosive flavors. In that pivotal moment, Guddu’s life is spared, and Sara exclaims, ‘maal to je ke andar hai!’ This ad film showcases Sara Khan as the formidable leader of a gang, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as she encounters an unexpected twist.

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Kurkure New Flavour launch

Drawing inspiration from the rich and varied flavors of Indian street food, Kurkure Chaat Fills introduces two exciting variations: Papdi Chaat Twist and Bhel Chutney Twist. These delectable snacks capture the essence of chaat in a hassle-free, grab-and-go format, delivering a delightful and multi-textured snacking adventure to consumers.

What Do experts Have To Say About It?

Sara Ali Khan Becomes Gangster In New Kurkure Campaign
Aastha Bhasin

Aastha Bhasin, category lead, Kurkure, PepsiCo India said, “With Kurkure Chaat Fills, we have brought the authentic essence of Indian street food by infusing our global technology to the local palates. We have carved out a new product format that responds to the growing consumer demand for chaat-flavoured snacks. The combination of its crispy outer layer and burst of chaat flavours inside have inspired our unique “Maal Andar Hai” proposition. Our latest TVC featuring Bollywood ambassador, Sara Ali Khan, stays true to our humorous and chatpata andaz, and captures the essence of our newest offering perfectly. We are confident that our consumers will enjoy the film and our all-new Kurkure Chaat Fills, that is sure to satisfy their chatpata cravings!”

Vikram Pandey (Spiky), national creative director, Leo Burnett said, “When we started working on this campaign, we had a breakthrough moment when one of the team members came up with the line ‘Asli Maal Andar Hai’. A perfect way to highlight the distinctive new feature of the latest offering from Kurkure – a flavourful filling inside the Kurkure pellet. And keeping with the light-hearted quirky tonality that is associated with the brand, our film exemplifies this concept literally.”

Sara Ali Khan Becomes Gangster In New Kurkure Campaign

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In conclusion, Sara Ali Khan’s remarkable transformation into a gangster for Kurkure’s latest campaign has left audiences intrigued and captivated. The unexpected twist in her role within the campaign, combined with the introduction of Kurkure Chaat Fills, offers a thrilling and flavorful experience for viewers and snack enthusiasts alike. As Sara takes us on this exciting journey, it’s a reminder that advertising can be both entertaining and appetizing, bringing the vibrant world of Indian street food to our screens in a truly unique way. So, the next time you reach for a snack, consider the flavorful adventure of Kurkure Chaat Fills and the bold charisma of Sara Ali Khan.


Creative Agency: Leo Burnett 

Dheeraj Sinha – CEO & Chief Strategy Officer–South Asia 

Raj Deepak Das – CEO & Chief Creative Officer–South Asia 

Samir Gangahar – President-North 

Vikram Pandey – National Creative Director

Harsh Maheshwari – Executive Creative Director

Abhinandan Dey – Creative Director

Kohinoor Dutta – Creative Director

Shambhavi Pandey – Art Director

Mayur Bansal – Art Director

Tushti Chaturvedi – Copywriter

Neha Kapoor – Vice President

Digvijay Chatterjee – Brand Services Director

Shubham Aggarwal – Senior Brand Services Associate

Noor Samra – Senior Vice President

Ashish Mathew – Brand Strategy Director

Production House – Pack Films

Director – Vivek Kakkad

Producer – Leejude D’Souza

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