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Sara Ali Khan celebrates Raksha Bandhan with Ferrero Rocher Moments

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In a delightful confluence, the enchanting Sara Ali Khan rejoins hands with Ferrero Rocher Moments for a Raksha Bandhan campaign, #MaketheMmmmomentPerfect campaign. As Raksha Bandhan epitomizes sibling love, Sara’s endearing bond with her brother Ibrahim, beautifully expressed with Ferrero Rocher Moments, adds an extra layer of sweetness to this delightful celebration. The campaign beautifully portrays Khan’s love for the brand, with heartwarming gestures and savoring every bite in blissful ‘mmmmoments’.”

Sara Ali Khan celebrates Raksha Bandhan with Ferrero Rocher Moments
Source: Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan, Ferrero Rocher, And perfect Raksha Bandhan campaign

The campaign’s digital film beautifully captures the essence of sibling love, emphasizing the joy of creating cherished memories together. It showcases the special bond between two siblings, actress Sara Ali Khan and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan. The film opens with Sara Ali Khan searching for her phone charger in her room. Little does she know that her brother has playfully hidden it and left a surprise for her. When the actress finally discovers her charger, she also finds a box of Ferrero Rocher Moments alongside a note that reads, “Happy Raksha Bandhan, Behna! – Love, Ibrahim.” This heartwarming gesture swiftly melts her irritation, replacing it with a smile of affection. In response, Sara shares, “These little things are also the reason I love him. He knows how to make Raksha Bandhan unforgettable with Ferrero Rocher Moments.”

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The film further unfolds to showcase Sara’s delightful experience with the Ferrero Rocher Moments T16 pack. The camera captures close-up shots of her savoring the treat, the rich taste perfectly mirroring the joyful moment. Accompanied by a soothing voiceover of “Mmmmmmm,” the film masterfully conveys the exquisite indulgence of the Ferrero Rocher Moments.

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What Do Experts Have To Say About This Collab?

Sara Ali Khan celebrates Raksha Bandhan with Ferrero Rocher Moments

Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head, Pralines, Ferrero India, said, “Our renewed association with Sara Ali Khan holds special significance for Ferrero Rocher Moments as her effervescent personality and endearing charm perfectly resonates with Ferrero Rocher Moments brand personality of creating magical moments for its esteemed customers. Our Raksha Bandhan digital film perfectly captures the essence of this special occasion with the talented Sara Ali Khan, where love, affection, and mischief intertwine to create unforgettable moments. This Raksha Bandhan, let us embrace the joy of giving and receiving, and create memories that will forever linger as we make the Mmmoment perfect with Ferrero Rocher Moments.”


In a world as sweet as a Ferrero Rocher Moment, Bollywood star Sara Ali Khan celebrated Raksha Bandhan with a delightful twist. Through playful sibling antics, hidden phone chargers, and the enchanting touch of Ferrero Rocher Moments, Sara’s brother Ibrahim added an extra layer of sweetness to the occasion. As the story unfolded, irritation turned into affectionate “Awwws,” beautifully capturing their heartwarming bond. This campaign not only celebrated their playful connection but also embodied the joy of indulging in Ferrero Rocher Moments. With every “Mmmmmmm,” the film perfectly captured the spirit of Raksha Bandhan – a blend of family affection and delightful indulgence that made this celebration, where Sara Ali Khan celebrated Raksha Bandhan with Ferrero Rocher Moments, truly unforgettable.

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